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  1. Hi guys! I just sold an old one -- wait a minute, all my images are old ones!
  2. Hey, congratulations Susan! Definitely well-deserved!
  3. I wish there was a thumbs-up symbol so that I could agree with you that I don't want a thumbs up symbol. Wait, I mean...
  4. Holy crap, for a minute there I thought Perry had actually posted something here. Then I noticed the date of the OP. Tho' I do wonder if he ever took any shots with those vehicles.
  5. Sorry, I may have over-reated there. As mentioned above, use the initials of the site.
  6. Yes, Intercourse is a nice place ;-) But there are plenty more "nice" places to live in the US, including: Climax, New York Bumpass, Virginia Blue Ball, Ohio Erect, North Carolina Horneytown, North Carolina Hookersville, West Virginia and of course, Ninety Six, South Carolina
  7. Condolences Barry, it's really hard to do. It's amazing how much a pet becomes part of our lives. We talk to them as though they understand us, we treat them, spoil them -- and of course they give it all back to us. Our Molly is right around 17 too, and she's not doing real well either. I'm really trying not to think about it.
  8. Wisconsin, we have Usingers, Johnsonville, "OldWisconsin" Patrick Cudhay, Oscar Meyer, and some more, plus little stores in the rural towns, that make their own. I could weigh 50 pounds more, with the cheese and sausage offerings around here. In Wisconsin they have Brat Frys on weekends to make money for charities, churches. Not uncommon to see a cardboard sign on the highway "Brat Fry" (you don't grill bratwurst, you fry them) Pretzel bread, brown mustard, and sauerkraut. That's a Wisconsin Sausage. Thanks for the tip. Shoot More Sausage! Johnsonville's Brats with Beer are my fa
  9. Google is one of the problems, so try Start Page for your searches instead: https://startpage.com/
  10. I will NEVER understand South Africa's love of guns. Or Mexico's. Or Brazil's. On a country-by-country list of firearm-related homicides per 100,000 the US comes in 14th (Source). The international media often focuses on US problems, but it's really a worldwide problem. While I was looking for numbers, I also found that a lot of the lists that show the US at the top are "among wealthy nations" or "developed countries". Apparently murders in poorer countries don't matter for some reason. Another method for skewing the figures is to just show total number, without taking into ac
  11. Very cool banners. I'm so glad someone else posted their work! I've got a stupid question if you have a minute: when you add "sample text" or "your text here" is it part of the file for the client to remove themselves or do you submit two files, one with the text and a blank one for download? Thanks again for posting! ~Sharon Since these are vectors, it is quite easy for the user to remove the text. Also, I often upload a high-res jpeg of each illustration, and in those I don't include the Sample Text.
  12. Anita, this thread is from 2007, that spammer just picked it up to sell his crap.
  13. For once, they have a lightbox topic that I have art for. Of course, mine aren't actually included in the lightbox. So I say eff 'em, I'm pimping them here.
  14. Got it off the news yesterday. CNN Create a vacuum and no pressure buildup. Funny ABC said LA to SF in 35 mins, so it looks like CNN was exaggerating as even the link you posted said the same 35 min LA to SF. Begs even more questions, can you imagine how much power it would take to create a vacuum in a tunnel some 400 miles long (LA to SF)? and how would the capsule exit the vacuum, without losing all the vacuum? Massive doors at each end? Air locks? all which would slow the journey down. It would take days to remove the air out of a tube that long. Then you have the problem o
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