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  1. So many either did not read the new chart or don't understand it. You will be earning .10 no matter what level you are. Look at chart. And if you ever get up the ladder at all you will be put back to the bottom on Jan. 1. You are getting nowhere on SS.
  2. They can't take the time to answer any questions but they have time to scan the forums and remove what they don't like.
  3. What it means that if you clawed you way up to a higher level they will put you right smack on the bottom of levels to one again in January.
  4. I also got this today. I stopped uploading in June and deleted my images one by one in July.
  5. Check out the Stock Coalition on FB.....this was organized in June and making progress.
  6. and remember Oringer's twitter: "get to work or go elsewhere"......such a caring attitude. They are all thieves.
  7. This has been going on since June 1 and is not going to change. Us lucky photographers get a big .10 for our work! Took my images down in June as did a LOT of other photographers, video, and graphic designers. And should you claw yourself up the ladder it doesn't much matter...photogs still getting .10 a majority of the time and come January 1 they put you right back down to the bottom at Level 1.
  8. Nobody will answer you. The problem is using AI instead of actual people. If there is a picture of a bird lets say, in 3 totally different poses, views, close up, not, etc. you will get duplicate because AI see's the bird in all three. It's been a joke and continues to be. Besides that you will get a big .10 for what is accepted. Worth your time?
  9. A lot has been going on that you appear to be unaware of. First of all a lot and I mean a lot of contributors have already either removed or disabled their accounts months ago. The response gotten from Oringer was get to work or go elsewhere. Yes, he said that on Twitter. SS will not be going back to prices that were-they just don't care. If you are interested check out the Stock Coalition on Facebook-it will bring you up to date to what is happening. I also don't understand why people keep their ports open here (unless it is their only income until they switch companies). It is a downright insult to pay .10 for the quality of images in some of these ports. Pride people! And if you worm your way up the scale you will still mostly get .10 a download as has been proven by many previous posts. Then along comes January and you are plopped right back to the bottom of the earnings pile.
  10. The answer is simple .... delete your images.
  11. They have the right for 90 days after you disable. If you don't want the images sold you need to delete them. If you or anyone else has no plans to go back to SS then delete your images.
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