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  1. Many thanks. I used your input and added the other percentage tiers with the minimum payouts:
  2. How does a portfolio with this huge amount of very similar "patterns" as new accepted images goes in accordance to the new guidelines? https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Sazhnieva+Oksana?page=3&section=1&sort=newest&image_type=vector&search_source=base_gallery
  3. Sorry, this is no "improvement". I am now only able to see the rejections of the past 3 weeks? And your accaptenctance/rejection mails show no file number? So if a rejection is older than three weeks, I have no way of referring to it? Taken the current long response time for mails from the contributor support three weeks have gone when asked for specific rejection reasons. Please lift the limit of three weeks and make it "lifetime".
  4. Yes, the files can be sen in the FTP directory. It seems that there is a problem processing the FTP files...
  5. Same here. Uploaded files via FTP on Tuesday, not to be seen in the upload page yet...
  6. Jon Oringer himself just posted on Facebook as a comment: "I just found 2 of the spammers you guys mentioned and fixed the issue" So things might change finally. Source: https://www.facebook.com/anja.kaiser.526/posts/1458841984130755?comment_id=1459093234105630
  7. Hello, I just read the annoncement that Shutterstock and Facebook will cooperate, offering images to Facebook ad customers: https://www.facebook.com/facebookforbusiness/news/shutterstock-multiple-image-upload-page-manager I do not find any information about the licencing fees however. How does it work in detail? For every image the ad customer displays in one ad, we get - a "25-a-day" download - a On-Demand download - a Single download - something else - nothing? Thanks in advance, Robert
  8. Same here. I uploaded files yesterday and they still appear in the FTP folder from Shutterstock and do not get transfered, so I cannot edit them to be submitted.
  9. It still does not work for me here (Win7/Firefox).
  10. Hallo, es gibt jetzt ein neues deutsches Stockfotografie-Forum, welches sich mit den Themen Microstock, Macrostock und den Verkauf von Bildern beschäftigt: http://stockfotografie-forum.de Viel Spaß beim Lesen und Diskutieren, Robert
  11. I really love the new Catalog Manager as well. However, it seems as it does not renew itself to show the latest files? I have almost 5000 files online, but the Catalog manager only shows me 4200 to sort. I assume the missing 800 are images I added the last weeks and some hundert videos. By the way: It would be great to add video support as well. Best regards, Robert
  12. Hello, I have noticed, that the new Content Editor does NOT recognize it when I enter multi word keywords via IPTC. So for example if I have "one person" as keyword in the IPTC keyword field, it gets imported as "one" "person", thus screwing up the search results". According to the introductional video this should not happen. I enter my keywords with Adobe Bridge. P.S. In my IPTC keywords, the multi word keywords have no comma or semicolon in between, it would look like: "man; happy; thumbs up; one person; caucasian" Best regards, Robert
  13. Hello, when I want to upload images, I get the notice "Submitter Guidelines have changed. Click here to review". However, the link goes to the full guidelines. Is there a page where the OLD and the NEW guidelines are compared, so I can see easily, what EXACTLY has changed? Or is there a list of the stuff that is new. I don't remember every detail of the old guidelines, so it would be great to know that is different now. Thanks in advance, Robert
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