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  1. Hooray! Celebration thread☺

    Congrats, Roman! Well deserved! And of course congrats to the proud grandparents as well!!!
  2. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    Missing keywords here, too. Not even ONE of my (former) bestsellers - which used to sell several times each day - was downloaded during the past few days. Less than 50% of what I usually sell on Mondays and Tuesdays, earnings even worse. I really HOPE that this is actually a glitch and that it gets sorted out soon. Everything else would be a catastrophy.
  3. *off topic* and probably not too much of a comfort, but your port is excellent, Steve. Such a bummer that you get hit so hard now.
  4. I mean HOW the HECK does Shutterstock interpret the word "popular"? If this refers to an image's life time sales, something with roughly 31,700 sales should be pretty so, shouldn't it? But "popular" also doesn't seem to mean sales within a recent period, as mine still were selling until ... now. Looks like the whole world has a different understanding of popularity than them. The last and only hope I actually have is that this might be an alternating algorithm.
  5. I think it isn't even about "new" and "old" regarding the latest tweaks to the algorithm, but looks like especially (former) top sellers are getting "punished". I know this doesn't sound logical (and I don't understand it either), but I checked about 15 of my own images which all used to be on the first, second or third page for a particular keyword combo. They're ALL gone, although they're from different years. And by "gone" I don't mean a couple of pages further down, but NOWHERE at all, at least not on the first 50 pages. And such basically over night. The more popular they were, the deeper they're buried now. Plus, those aren't images which simply "stayed where they were" because of their initial/previous success, but they still used to sell several times each single day during the past months and weeks. Not anymore. This is an absolute nightmare. And I simply don't get what they think they'll achieve this way.
  6. Thanks, guys! @Susan! So nice to read from you! How are you doing? Just recently I thought of you, because I came across your awesome "jump" triptych on Insta. I absolutely adore your wildlife shots! Cute new logo, too, BTW. @Wilm: Another 20k would be a dream, but I guess they'll remain one. Because - on a less "bright" note - *all* my former bestsellers were (just) buried by the latest change of Shutterstock's algorithm. The one I was talking about here used to be on page two or three of my specific reference search - until about two weeks ago. Today I checked it again and it was gone - I gave up searching on page 50 (!). Same for my second and third best performer. The more "popular" the image - in the usual meaning of the word - the deeper it's buried now. I really don't get the logic behind this. According to that I guess my No.1 won't even reach another 20 Dollars.
  7. Thanks @all! @mark designers This snake butterfly of yours ...! *Oooooh shit!* What the heck do those eat? GOATS???! If I'd ever get across such an animal, I'd most likely drop my cam and run! *g No phobia on my end, really. I mean neither regarding flying critters nor insects in general - but this ... "thing" is kinda HUGE! What a mysterious and fascinating planet our world actually is ...
  8. Alex! Thank you so much for your nice compliments! New York was such a wonderful, exciting and inspiring experience - I still remember each single minute of my stay. Great times, indeed - and fun ones!
  9. Awww, thanks everyone! @Laurin: I've always felt honored to be part of this with YOU instead! I used to read your advices long before I even *dared* commenting on the forums. @lovemydesigns: I knew someone would ask. *g From today's point of view it isn't "spectacular" by any means, though. Back then, there were still a lot of niches (real ones!) to be covered, as vectors were comparatively new to microstock. I was simply in the right place at the right time. @Diana: VICE VERSA! Each time I come across your work somewhere, I instantly know it's yours. I absolutely love your concepts, your colors, everything - that's perfection! @zsooofija: Those were the days! I still miss the old illustrators forum ... Thanks again, guys!
  10. This past weekend, my best selling vector smoothly closed in on a total of $20,000. That's quite an amount for one single file - and although Shutterstock's official list of their 100 top performing images doesn't exist anymore, I'm almost sure it would (still) be on it. Therefore I think it's just about time for a big "thank you": To Shutterstock as a company, but also to all the nice and generous people I had the pleasure to meet along my way (both here in Germany and in NY). In order to name just a few of them: Jon, of course, but also Scott Braut, Anthony Correia, Meagan Kirkpatrick and - last but definitely not least - Joshua Black, who will always be a dear friend. Thanks to all my fellow colleagues as well - for your friendship, support, honesty and a lot of great conversations. You guys really rock! Anja
  11. My cow is missing... help needed.

    Awwww! In this case I'll keep my fingers crossed for Hermien!
  12. My cow is missing... help needed.

    Where did you get this from, Maxal? *LMAO*
  13. I cant upload my vector.

    Hi there, in order to upload a vector file, you have to submit both an eps and a corresponding jpg image with the same file name (except the extension of course). Most likely that's why the upload doesn't get completed. (And secondly "Angela Merkel" is misspelled. ) Hope, this helps!
  14. Working in Inkscape and Gimp

    I don't work with Inkscape myself and therefore can't help much regarding the technical issues, but if it's because of the high costs of a CC subscription: What about Affinity Designer instead? It doesn't require a subscription, isn't expensive and from what I heard seems to be a *really* good alternative to Illustrator - and to be able to generate basically each and every file format you need. I still work with an old version of Ai, because I don't want to get into their sub "trap" either and as soon as I don't get along with my version anymore, I'll test Affinity for sure. Just an idea.
  15. Problem with uploading seamless patterns

    Maybe only the first inspection is done by a bot and if you re-submit (and mark as re-submission?) the image goes to a human inspector instead? (I mean, in this special case it's pretty simple to find out, whether or not a pattern is tiling. At least for a human. Just draw a shape and fill it - doesn't take more than a second and certainly not longer than hitting the "reject" button.) I didn't try that with mine, I simply re-uploaded it without "seamless" in the description and keywords. And this isn't the first time this happened to someone - there was already a thread on exactly the same issue. Seems to be something general now. One thing at least is for sure: You need to expand the pattern. Has always been like that, because (I think) unexpanded patterns can cause problems in programs other than Illustrator, even if the pattern is saved to the patterns palette. The "not seamless" rejection's for actually seamless ones is rather new, though. But there are another couple of, say "hints", that the first review is done by a machine - e.g. if there's something in an image, which could *potentially* be a trademark (even if it's a short sample text instead) the review time's significantly longer. That's why I think there's kind of a superficial automated check and if it comes up with an uncertain result or a potential issue, it gets passed over to a real human being. Just a theory, of course.