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  1. AKaiser

    The situation is getting sadder

    I don't think you went too far with this one, Diana. I know exactly what you mean - because I used to belong to the ones complaining all the time myself. As always, changes are hard to accept and scary, especially if your main job/earnings are concerned. For many of us who got *early* into this business, SS was an easy way to earn pretty well and make a living - and I mean REALLY EASY. We started focussing on SS (or several agencies) and almost forgot about everything else surrounding us and our small stock world for a while - simply because we could afford to. I think it's time to let go now, though. I don't mean necessarily quitting SS or the stock business altogether, but noticing again how much larger the world of photography or design actually is. In an older thread you once wrote that we shouldn't see ourselves as "stock contributors", but rather as graphic designers (or photographers) instead and should try to do the best job we're capable of as such. IMO this hits the nail on its head. On the other hand, I think adapting to the market as it is now is much easier for us graphic design people than it is for a photographer, simply because our way of working differs significantly from theirs. We're basically "visual problem solvers" and used to constantly check out new techniques. Not talking about professionalism or "better" skills here at all - all of the excellent photographers in here actually have my deepest respect! - but perhaps a "broader spectrum" we can make use of if it comes to creating a complete product, which doesn't solely consist of one photo or illustration. Learning completely new things already *is* part of our daily job, while a photographer may have to actively *decide* e.g. to venture out and try their hands on layouting or creating complex smart objects in order to complete their photography and transform it into something new. It's worth trying, though! I also know some super successful photogs who did exactly that. Some of you may e.g. remember Sandra Cunningham? In the early days she used to be something like a Shutterstock star - she did excellent composites and stills. Then she started specializing in book covers and macro stock. Looking at her cover photos you can feel that she literally breathes graphic/cover design, although she doesn't even have to do that part herself. Or all those photographers who started doing social media templates. Styled stock, of course ... However, things certainly don't get easier, but I honestly believe there are still niches to be found and things to be created, which someone actually needs.
  2. AKaiser

    The situation is getting sadder

    Definitely. Listen to Diana! She knows what she's talking about.
  3. AKaiser

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Yep. Absolutely.
  4. AKaiser

    Devil Eyes

    Have a good night, Pamela!
  5. AKaiser

    Devil Eyes

  6. AKaiser

    Devil Eyes

    I think I see it, Simone. I just thought you wanted to show its chin. Wait a second ...
  7. AKaiser

    Devil Eyes

    Guess, the buddha AND the pyramids (!) were eaten by the spider ... Must be an ENORMOUS creature!
  8. AKaiser

    Devil Eyes

    Like that?
  9. @Simone Hogan That's exactly what I thought, too. Looks like Sirio tried to speed up the uploading process without realizing (or thinking about) how the search actually works. This whole thing isn't thought out at all. @Sirio Carnevalino Apparently, your port has been re-enabled. I think that means you've just been given a second chance. So, make the very best out of it - and if you need a helping hand or some advice, just get back to us here at the forums (This is a super helpful community, you just have to ask!) or to Shutterstock's support team. However, working under pressure doesn't always return good results.
  10. This indeed looks like a cheating attempt, but even as such it's kind of a bad joke. I mean, assuming that more buyers search for photos of Moscow than of Buxtehude, adding "Moscow" as a keyword might look like a good idea from a "cheater's perspective" (although I honestly doubt anyone looking for Moscow would buy the Buxtehude one just because it pops up), but what I really don't get here is that some of the images don't have ANY RELEVANT keywords at all! This one e.g.: or this one: The only relevant tag for the second one is "basket" - that's all. Not even "basketball" or "sports". In other words, it's completely invisible to those buyers who actually ARE looking for its exact subject. How is this supposed to work? Plain stupid in my book.
  11. AKaiser

    $1.50 Video Sale?!?!?!?!

    That's a darn good comparison, Ulrich. There are *way* too many people in between earning a living based on *our* contents right now. I'm absolutely fine with my agencies getting their share, but not with their partners' partners, all of those API sites which pass their own business risks on to us (by never having to buy an EL, but a meager sub only in case *they* sell one of their prints on whatever kind of cheap product), sites looking like warez ones basically sub-licensing our work and entire agencies being built on what we create by our own business partners - like this "Premier" thing. I mean, we don't even know how - or even *if*! - we get compensated for sales on there, as there's no way to have a look at it, if you aren't a "member"! I'm still waiting for an explanation regarding that. Time to check out new ways to market our products ourselves, I guess.
  12. AKaiser

    $1.50 Video Sale?!?!?!?!

    So true, Laurin. And this applies to *everything* being sold on this site.
  13. AKaiser

    I would love to Know how

    This dates back to the days when Shutterstock established local contributor groups and meetings - *before* they got rid of their entire staff. (Can't help it. I never asked anyone to call me a "community leader" or keep calling me such, although the program doesn't exist anymore.) Back then, when actual photographers were around who didn't make fun of the entire industry. That's fine with me, tho, as this whole thing has indeed become a joke. Just ignore me and go on doing ... whatever you're doing here.
  14. AKaiser

    I would love to Know how

    Hahaaaaa! I've been waiting for this to happen for quite a while! Finally! GREAT performance, Lindsey, really!
  15. AKaiser

    As if they close the tap

    An alternating search algorithm I guess. There are days I sell *loads* of old stuff (from around 2010 or 2011) and then periods in which only newer stuff gets sales and my former best sellers don't get any hits at all. For me it's unpredictable which one applies when or how long, tho.