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  1. About $600 (or a little more) right now. Which isn't exactly "nothing", but a sad joke compared to what I used to earn a few years back. This isn't about Shutterstock only (although doing such to us right in the middle of a frickin' pandemic wasn't exactly nice), but the entire business model going down the drain. (A development definitely fueled by Shutterstock's decisions as an industry leader.) But I'm out of this, anyway.
  2. We're even digging our own graves with them.
  3. Templates sell in different formats - such as PSDs and vector templates. AS approved me as a contributor to this category some time ago (You still need to submit those directly to their team.), but I decided that I didn't want to compete against my own products elsewhere and didn't upload anything. A couple of weeks ago I contacted them again asking whether I was still "in" - apparently I wasn't. And currently there's a waiting list for people to apply for being allowed to submit to this category. As for the commissions, I don't have any clue. They didn't even tell me what I was supposed
  4. This "main competitor" just started selling image bundles through their template section, though. That's the next threat our industry will be facing, IMHO. Single images have already been devalued, more complex products and collections will be next. Sorry to say that, but AS isn't "all good" at all, either.
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