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  1. AKaiser

    Sales are missing

    Yep. That's the main problem - they don't seem to care anymore and the site's more or less abandoned.
  2. Lots of them used to, actually.
  3. AKaiser


    This is incredibly sad - but I totally understand you, Rudy. I'll miss you, too. And a lot.
  4. AKaiser

    Unstoppable circle of theft

    Calm down, Rudy. It's just like ... some guys are new to this. They don't know what the industry was about when *we* joined. Sad enough, but it doesn't make too much sense to take such attacks personally. You know who you are. Regarding experience and skills. And there're still (enough!) people around who know this, too.
  5. AKaiser

    The Time Has Come to Go

    Oh, I *do* know people who successfully left! (Most of them left quietly, though.) Do you remember Barry?! He was absolutely addicted to the forums and used to be around no matter what time it was - writing like a maniac and commenting on basically *everything*. If HE is able to leave, everyone can.
  6. AKaiser

    The Time Has Come to Go

    Apparently, you haven't been around when all of this used to actually work out for everyone - both us contributors and Shutterstock.
  7. AKaiser

    The Time Has Come to Go

    Same here. Can't even tell you how much I've learnt from Laurin over the years. I'm rather a "quiet reader", too, if it comes to topics I (yet) don't feel experienced enough in to qualify for a comment - or even a question -, but I've actually read *hundreds* of his photography tips and critiques during the past years and I consider him the best teacher I ever had regarding this. Apart from that, I couldn't agree more with what he said in his original post. It's simply sad what's happening in this industry and especially with Shutterstock. They could have influenced the development to the better, but they decided to take the other route instead.
  8. AKaiser

    The Time Has Come to Go

    Exactly that. Laurin basically taught me everything I know about photography. You'll be missed, Laurin! Love, Anja
  9. AKaiser

    Removing Watermarks from Image Search Results

    Yes, it probably will. I guess, the photogs on Unsplash just think this is a good means to promote themselves in order to get custom jobs. Can't judge this approach, but it sure adds to the downwards spiral regarding the worth of (digital) visual content.
  10. AKaiser

    Removing Watermarks from Image Search Results

    The latest custom job I did was a book cover for a (more or less) hobbyist writer who doesn't like the covers his publishing company usually does. So, not too much money to be made. As he was on a budget, I was, too. I did the entire cover using pictures from Unsplash. (Sorry, guys!) What I'd just like to say: We "microstock people" aren't the only ones having issues. It's about the entire creative industry instead. Graphic designers, book and magazine publishers, the news people ... everyone. And all disadvantages are getting passed on to the next one down in the pecking order. It's not just us. That's a global thing.
  11. AKaiser

    The situation is getting sadder

    I don't think you went too far with this one, Diana. I know exactly what you mean - because I used to belong to the ones complaining all the time myself. As always, changes are hard to accept and scary, especially if your main job/earnings are concerned. For many of us who got *early* into this business, SS was an easy way to earn pretty well and make a living - and I mean REALLY EASY. We started focussing on SS (or several agencies) and almost forgot about everything else surrounding us and our small stock world for a while - simply because we could afford to. I think it's time to let go now, though. I don't mean necessarily quitting SS or the stock business altogether, but noticing again how much larger the world of photography or design actually is. In an older thread you once wrote that we shouldn't see ourselves as "stock contributors", but rather as graphic designers (or photographers) instead and should try to do the best job we're capable of as such. IMO this hits the nail on its head. On the other hand, I think adapting to the market as it is now is much easier for us graphic design people than it is for a photographer, simply because our way of working differs significantly from theirs. We're basically "visual problem solvers" and used to constantly checking out new techniques. Not talking about professionalism or "better" skills here at all - all of the excellent photographers in here actually have my deepest respect! - but perhaps a "broader spectrum" we can make use of if it comes to creating a complete product, which doesn't solely consist of one photo or illustration. Learning completely new things already *is* part of our daily job, while a photographer may have to actively *decide* e.g. to venture out and try their hands on layouting or creating complex smart objects in order to complete their photography and transform it into something new. It's worth trying, though! I also know some super successful photogs who did exactly that. Some of you may e.g. remember Sandra Cunningham? In the early days she used to be something like a Shutterstock star - she did excellent composites and stills. Then she started specializing in book covers and macro stock. Looking at her cover photos you can feel that she literally breathes graphic/cover design, although she doesn't even have to do that part herself. Or all those photographers who started doing social media templates. Styled stock, of course ... However, things certainly don't get easier, but I honestly believe there are still niches to be found and things to be created, which someone actually needs.
  12. AKaiser

    The situation is getting sadder

    Definitely. Listen to Diana! She knows what she's talking about.
  13. AKaiser

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Yep. Absolutely.
  14. AKaiser

    Devil Eyes

    Have a good night, Pamela!
  15. AKaiser

    Devil Eyes