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  1. AKaiser

    Dunning Kruger Effect

    I guess that's just because "we old-timers" (... and here we go again! *g) know Laurin as a most helpful person - and a great photographer, obviously, - who used to actually put many of us (me included) onto the right track. I think this is something you guys should be perfectly able to sort out on your own, though. I'm rather like "over and out" from this point on. I'm not even here ...!
  2. AKaiser

    Dunning Kruger Effect

    *ooops* In this case *I* am sorry Elijah! I actually misunderstood you then - and I didn't intend to "force you" to get personal by any means. Sometimes I'm rather ... slow. I guess I'd better shut up now.
  3. AKaiser

    Dunning Kruger Effect

    Do I? I don't think so. I'm one of those "nasty" old-timers, too. I was around in those "glorious days" of microstock (and I miss them!) - but I actually think we can learn from each other, nonetheless. Unless we start a "battle" against each other putting people into pre-defined categories. There are masters of their art in each generation as well as people looking for a few bucks to be easily made.
  4. AKaiser

    Dunning Kruger Effect

    Sure. An "oldtimers vs. newbies" thing's definitely going to help all of us ... 😶 Seriously?
  5. AKaiser

    Download my photo...??

    Theoretically, you can. (You'd have to open a separate buyer's account then.) But as far as I know it isn't allowed to buy one's own contents, as this influences the search algorithm.
  6. AKaiser

    potentially objectionable... ???

    Ah, ok! You're right, I didn't notice that - my bad. Just thought so, because Heide knew what the flyer was about.
  7. AKaiser

    potentially objectionable... ???

    That's why I said "... If this actually applies to a person, ..." Heide probably had to ask for a release, so I guess they chatted a little. So, IF she was there in order to e.g. support immigrants' rights in Germany (= the appropriate context), why not refer to it then? *Of course* you need to know whether a person actually is or isn't whatever you describe them as. (In a city like Munich you'd need less than five minutes to understand that you can't base *any* presumption on skin color at all! )
  8. AKaiser

    potentially objectionable... ???

    But neither of both is objectionable, I'd think? This simply says that someone doesn't live anymore where they used to live. So, if this actually applies to a person ... Would probably be the same as taking a photo of me in Italy and describing me as a "tourist".
  9. AKaiser

    potentially objectionable... ???

    A few years back the word "colored" was unacceptable here altogether and already got deleted during the uploading process. I remember I once tried to keyword an illustration (without any person in it at all) and was simply looking for the right expression to tell it wasn't black and white, but "colorized" - like in the word "coloring book". Theses political correctness things are really difficult for non native speakers at times, especially as they seem to change all the time. In the US at least.
  10. AKaiser


    Comments like "Here we go again.", "FML" and such resulting in "LOL"s and general laughter aren't "the truth" nor plain honesty - IMO. We all know why this keeps happening and is being said, but the OP doesn't. If there's someone complaining about the total absence of QC in here, it's me for sure. We won't change that, though. All we can do is decide on how to deal with this fact and the newbies who indeed get mislead. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to plead for a little bit of empathy. This simply isn't their fault.
  11. AKaiser


    I hope so, as the OP doesn't deserve it!
  12. AKaiser


    This place starts feeling hostile somehow, at times. And Germans are even known for being quite blunt ...
  13. AKaiser


    Gosh, ... you're being mean guys. Really. ? I know, everyone's tired and bored by the same question(s) being asked over and over again, but there isn't such as a "crowd" of new contributors expecting "money for nothing" - they're individuals who were probably told the very same "make money by contributing images collecting dust on your hard drive" story *we* were told when we started out doing this. There's just one tiny difference: Ten or fifteen years ago those "crappy" images actually sold while they don't anymore today. (And I swear my own first steps into photography didn't look much better than Chediel's! I simply had gathered enough experiences within the industry to be smart enough *not* to show them to anyone or even upload them. Even my first vectors were ..., well, I guess you get the idea.) Step back and pretend this were the first time you had an inside look at a stock agency. Chediel hasn't yet said anything about his expectations or willingness to learn - he just asked for help! *This* isn't a reply (or "welcome" for that matter) I'd expect, if I were him. @Chediel: Take your time and do your homework! Get yourself as many tutorials on photography as you can find, do a research on each topic you just covered (in here and in other agencies or photo communities) and then compare your work to the most popular images on that topic. Analyze what other photographers did better than you and then start from there and try to improve. If you're *really* willing to learn this craft, you will.
  14. AKaiser

    Zero (0) sales this month

    +1 And what I really don't get: Isn't this about *skills* for you at all?? For me, personally, it is. I actually want to get better at what I do and as soon as I'm able to create "original and technically perfect" photos, I don't see why I should go for snapshots instead. Unless you really think you'll earn better by submitting more/faster at the cost of quality - what I honestly doubt. I think, the best way's to find the right balance between offering the best quality you're able to offer (and trying to improve!) and keeping your costs (both regarding time and money) low enough to keep your business profitable. Or in other words: How much more time can it take to make a good photo instead of a bad one? Not that much, I'd say - IF you're good enough. With your attitude you most likely won't get there, though, because you won't learn without thinking about what to shoot and how.