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  1. It's the Empire State, actually, but other than that this is how I think about this industry's future, too.
  2. Sorry, wasn't in here over the weekend. Yes, it is. Just six days, so he'll be back soon. He asked me to deliver greetings to everyone in here in the meantime. "GREETINGS FROM WILM!!!" ;)
  3. I'll do for sure. He's a friend of mine.
  4. This is disgusting. As simple as that.
  5. They just banned @Wilm Ihlenfeld from posting to the forums for "hijacking other peoples' threads to share his negative views about Shutterstock". This is ... just ridiculous. I don't know *any* person in this world being more factual and objective than Wilm. Censorship at its best. *yikes*
  6. It takes about two days (dependent on how many images you have), until they're not searchable anymore, but as soon as your port's deactivated customers can't buy them anymore. They can still find them, but get an error message once they try to buy.
  7. Why do you guys even bother arguing about who's worse? Cases of copyright infringement happen in each single country of the world. This isn't about where those people are located, but about Shutterstock not protecting their contributors' work, although they (apparently) were notified more than once. Far too many operators of such websites get away with what they're doing - no matter where. Europe, Russia or the US.
  8. Nobody can. Looks like a "mysterious" group of people flagged this post as "abusive" (or, as a Facebook employee tries to put it, it's a "mistake" of FB's algorithm which happened, because the word "boycott" in the comments section below the text in question triggered such) and FB banned it from being shared.
  9. You may call it "gossip" - up to you. But it still isn't ok to publicly lay out information that was given to you in private. You might have gotten those numbers directly from me as well, BTW. You'd just have to ask. Wilm's a friend of mine and we frankly talk about our earnings. Thanks to you, he now felt he had to apologize, just because you didn't mind publicly sharing his private message. And yes, he's right: I roughly sold 800,000 images through Shutterstock.
  10. Are you drunk? Gosh ... Just take a nap and you'll be fine tomorrow. Hopefully.
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