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  1. wow, I've seen steaming crocks full of a lot of things but this is by far the worst of it. got here in 2008, and have seen a lot of changes, yet didn't think i'd see something so ridiculous and repulsive towards the community you really should be cultivating, yet here we find ourselves. some 'cleverly designed' kind of treadmill where we are the mice, to be constantly vying for your approvals in our efforts, as if we're to drive our own sales in order for our content to be a fraction of what it has been. what a joke. thats what your percentage used to be for. now you want a lions share for providing the marketplace only. nope. not how this is meant to work. I wonder if your servers will hold up with all the requests to pull portfolios, such as I will be doing and I imagine others will be too. so long SS. get your heads checked, collectively.
  2. how much ram does your computer have? 4k exporting can be an intensive process, and if it's consistently failing, then i'm wondering if your computer could be lacking the juice to complete it entirely? also, likely of less importance, but what is your GPU? i should add, i don't know anything about shortcut software.
  3. the sad thing is, i'd bet if SS does anything about this particular case, it will be because of the misuse of their intellectual property (their logo and wordmark) and not really anything to do with the use of ours.
  4. things like MOV and MP4 are considered 'wrappers' certain computers or software may not like to open certain wrappers. Like .MOV is natively supported in mac os, but I think you need some extra pieces to make them open on windows. that i am not sure though because i haven't used windows in ages. the codec and compression settings are what decides the quality of the footage contained inside the wrapper. Codecs are things like ProRes, H264, H265. And then similar to picture styles for your JPEGs, there can be styles applied to the footage, so it can be hard to compare things like color and sharpness of one camera to another if you don't know what settings it is recording on. not to make your life more complicated, or anything. good luck.
  5. great images, not just this one i quoted. do you live at or near 'the lake' as the locals call it? that's where i was when i first decided to dabble in landscape photography and stock in general, so i recognize every spot you've shown here so far. as for shooting into the sun, I love it. the only thing i don't like is when i forget to clean my lenses properly. sun sure does do a great job of showing off whatever dust or debris is hanging out on your lens. here's a few against the sun, and because i'm feeling reminiscent, almost all from Lake Louise area. (about ten years old all of these) at the park at the ski hill.. you've gotta love snow for being a giant fill reflector, otherwise he'd be a dark, not-quite silhouette here. a group we had for sunrise on the "devil's thumb" a scramble up one of the easier peaks in the area, can't remember the name, whatever lake is before you hit lake oesa in the ohara area. Victoria maybe? a totem in banff
  6. thats scary actually. never seen it, and hope i never do.. my guess is a response from SS will start a little something like this; "in an effort to drive contributor success we've decided to....."
  7. Cool thread and lots of great stuff to watch here. I've had a channel for a while, great outlet to mess around with editing, and combine what would normally be short , one-off, stock footage clips. Not super happy they took the monetization away from us last month though. Here's a sort of aerial demo reel I made this week and my most viewed video is at 50k hits for a how-to of making wooden panel mounted photo prints.
  8. the KB can be independent of the megapixels of the image. megapixels (millions of pixels) is measured by taking the picture size let's say 1920x1080 = 2,073,600, so 2.1 MP you could have two 1920x1080 pictures, one of sharply in focus foliage (lots of detail), and that could be a megabyte let's say, and you could have a picture the same size of a white background with a single black circle in it and it would be maybe 100kb. (just guessing, the exact numbers aren't important). both pics are 2.1 megapix, but they're two different file sizes in bytes because of the data contained in them. things like noise reduction usually make files smaller. the other reason why a file may be smaller is you've dropped your quality, in my LR5 it's a scale of 1-100. If you have it at a low setting your image will be more compressed (less details retained) than if you had it at 95-100. one thing i learned early on with digital cameras is that you can check a file's sharpness on the 'info' pane of your camera display. let's say two images of the same scene, one says 12.1MB and one says 10.1MB. it's more likely that the 12.1MB image is sharper than the 10.1MB. and things like noise from high ISO make the MB go up. so if your camera says you can do 1200 photos on your memory card at ISO 100 it may say you can only do 1000 photos at ISO 3200. not exactly what you were asking, but somewhat related to illustrating the point on file sizes.
  9. your best bet is probably appealing to reason with them, i wouldn't count on SS doing anything. "i see you have a free site you're trying to build, however, one of your website practices is considered unethical in that you're hotlinking directly to an image which you don't have a license to use. I am the owner of that image as you'll find it in my shutterstock portfolio found here [link]. I can provide you a low resolution version for this website, to use at a nominal fee. If you don't want to use that photo might I suggest one that is more ethical to use while possibly reading up on the rights of content creators such as ourselves, so you don't find yourself in this situation again... thanks" and then send them some links to unsplash peaches images, or google images search with 'labelled for reuse with modification' turned on, or to flickr, in the CC0 section. there's bound to be a free peach somewhere. good luck.
  10. they didn't actually screen shot anything, what they're doing is linking to the URL of the shutterstock thumb image. (try right clicking on the image at that page and select open in new tab or whatever your browser calls it) you'll see that image still lives on a shutterstock server. is there anything you can do about it? i don't know.
  11. the first bar is for march of last year.. before that, almost every month sat around that much with an overall upward trend, now you can see my new normal which i am far less happy about. haha.
  12. I rarely send black and white, but this one, from about 2010 used to be one of my hot sellers. selfie with a little goggle reflection replacement. had a look in my port and found more than i thought I would have in here. Here's two more just because I felt like sharing; Lake Huron in dead of winter and a century old barn with some flares. i love b&w i just rarely send for stock.
  13. whenever I am not able to fly my drone for a real estate shoot, I'll supplement with a gopro on a pole and get at least a somewhat elevated perspective, so I like to put the camera up high, trigger it. move to next location, trigger it, etc. without being able to trigger manually from 20 ft below, I have to put it onto time lapse mode so it's just constantly taking pictures while its up, so i have way more culling to do than I'd like.
  14. I treated myself to a hero 6 black this week actually, and super happy so far. My last gopro was the 3 black, so that was forever ago. the 6 shoots raw stills which is amazing for me. haven't seriously tested the video out yet, but i like all the framerate and resolution options, and not having to scroll a bunch of screens to get there, touch screen for the win. i did have issues with pairing to my phone. of course, trying it out to pair at home went smooth, and then when I am trying to use it on-site to pair it - no such luck, i had to set it to time-lapse photo and then "spray and pray" that i caught the angle i needed. lol. if they make an updated dedicated remote like they bundled with my hero 3, i'd buy that instead of using through your phone. i used to use the 3 black for video at weddings and then it eventually got replaced with other cameras in my kit, but the 6 will come with me to some weddings this year for sure.
  15. Hey Ali, I like what you've done there, clean, simple and to the point. If you're happy to continue building something like that, then I say go for it. I stepped up to the plate since all I heard was crickets when Laurin first mentioned it. We can even direct people to that portrait intake form I set up and then I'll just give you access to view the dropbox where the submitted portraits go, thoughts?
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