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  1. Very nice work but needs a better scan. Did you scan this on the coloured doc setting? If so you should reconsider re-scanning it on the colour photo setting. Maybe some colour correction would be a good idea afterwords too. Yes I know it has a texture but your scan didn't capture it correctly. The current scan for some reason makes it look like a photo filter.
  2. I can see where this is going. Every one jumps on the POD band wagon and then that gets spoiled too. Its like every one goes to one side of the rescue boat and then it sinks. ☚ī¸
  3. Beautiful stuff! Too bad you aren't making these into calendars and selling them in https://www.lulu.com
  4. And you'll be back to one tomorrow. Sorry. 🤷
  5. You should probably change all your passwords. Cause if they can change one, they can change many or all. Make them good this time and all different on each account you have. Use all kinds of numbers, letters in both capital and regular and symbols. Save to a paper source and or thumb drive. Make sure you use double authentication too if available. Use this to keep an eye on breaches. Fire Fox monitor or what ever. There are many I'm sure.
  6. On my mothers side we have her cousin a genius Sheldon type. Just found out recently because he died a few months ago. His info is in Wikipedia. But anyways, over all aren't you guys worried about scammers using this detailed info some how? If it was me I wouldn't be so detailed in sharing your family history with the world. Also where was this cool info regarding my cousin when I was a little girl when my former BFF use to brag about his great grandfather, being this cool WW1 warrior riding on some pure white war horse? ugh.....
  7. Pretty much. Maybe if enough people complain abut this language glitch, something might get done? Key word is Maybe. 🙄🙃
  8. You have to understand that some people just don't understand constructive criticism. Out-right criticism just creates destruction "stepped on toes." To do useful constructive criticism takes time to a learn this skill. Some people take longer to learn it, some people by personality and life experience never do. Just a fact of life. 🤷
  9. Its a bit complicated. Something SS really should fix but they probably could care less I guess. Here's how I figured it out. 🙄 Right here near your avatar, click on your image port so it goes to your port and personal info not your forum port and info. Like a client would see. You may have to try two times.🙄 In the corner of your port page there is the words menu. Click on it, and choose Enterprise. It will bring up a page, probably for the client too. On the top of the page it says English or what ever language, go though the list and choose you desired language. 😌 Yeah its like a
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