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  1. And that's why many people don't submit anymore and or closed their port. Because people are sick of jumping though hoops for peanuts. And yeah you can't even buy a glass of lemonade with what you get not to mention a lemon its self. As for me trying out a few other things for side income/supplemental. Might be a good idea I would think? πŸ˜‰
  2. Oh and the T in my user name is T for Tigress. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ΊπŸ―πŸ…
  3. There's one for pigeons. And Wednesday , November 11 National Chocolate Day 2020 in Sweden
  4. The motto for this place should be work harder not smarter. πŸ™„
  5. Don't you guys think that eventually all of these stock sites will consider going to the dark side with all the contributors rushing over there now? You know, monkey see monkey do.
  6. And it ain't even January. HummmπŸ™„
  7. A lot are waiting for a payout before they disable their account.
  8. Sad! Guess its time to leave this circus. I'm only a small port here and was never doing any mass uploading cause you know what? I would rather put my efforts elsewhere where I get paid well without jumping though ridiculous hoops. Hoops are for circus animals doing tricks and paid in peanuts. πŸ™„β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜”
  9. Well we are already treated like cattle everywhere. Kind of appropriate. But will it pass? Who knows. I'm not a photo expert.
  10. You know I'm not surprised at this"low ball" move. Really not surprised. So much stuff being uploaded and then the corporate greed. It was just a perfect storm. It figures this was too good to last. On to the next thing for extra income. If I can find it. β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜”
  11. I would sign it if it didn't require a real name. 😟
  12. I would sign it but it only excepts your real name.Just that I'm worried about who is going to exploit emails and such.
  13. The techies must be up to something either that or someone was trying to breach SS.
  14. I already told you in the message you sent me, but I guess my advice is no good. ☹️ But it is what it is. Start by selecting all your artwork first, enlarge in the transform box and then enlarge your artboard. But you can make things complicated for your self go ahead.πŸ˜” At least I can do it. Oh well. ☹️
  15. And hopefully you get the royalties you deserve cause I have heard of some concerning stories here about peanuts for your hard work. I'm mean I only have a few things here but lack of equipment has stopped me from make more elaborate stuff. But then it might be for the best. 🀷
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