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  1. I don't mind - IT IS new release for this date and "session" and model - clearly unique MR document - and first one half of photos have been approved with same MR document on first try. Second half have not been. And - last status - after another submission of these rejected pics was one accepted and 9 pieces was not 🙂 with the same MR document - so it can not ne case of photos as itself. And the reason is "invalid model release" again. I can't believe 🙂
  2. Hi folks, I have submitted 18 pics (one does not need release - no face). And I uploaded model release for this batch. Average one half of photos have been approved and one half of batch with THE SAME model release file have not been approved for the reason "invalid model release" - I uploaded these pics again - and the same result - third time - same result. How it can be, that part of batch is simply and in short time approved with some model release document and with the same document is no way to be another part of photos approved? Is here somebody who has a similar experience or can expla
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