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  1. I'm not sure of why you are so hell bent on reprimanding me for saying thanks to someone who did a job for me, but whatever your reasons, knock yourself out if it makes you feel better. I will, however, reiterate that spitting vitriol at Kate, (or me), is totally unnecessary, as neither she nor I are in any way responsible for the new pay schedule anymore than you are. Please don't presume to know anything about me or my current circumstances.
  2. Well I was brought up to politely thank people for assisting me, regardless of circumstances. Just because I choose not to forget good manners doesn't mean I'm insensitive to the needs of others. I have been with Shutterstock for 13 years, and I'm just as badly affected by these changes as the next person. Stooping to the level of shooting the messenger or downvoting other contributors for being polite is absurd.
  3. Thanks, @Kate Shutterstock, for resolving the display problem - my stats are now displaying correctly. EDIT: Oh boy, not that I need to justify my actions, but I've had several down votes for a matter of common courtesy? I had a discrepancy with my display, (as did many others), Kate said she would investigate and has confirmed that the issue is resolved, so I said thank you from one person to another on a specific matter. Are we now expected to stoop to levels where common decency is discarded?
  4. Maybe, although I'm not sure I've had that much referral commission over the years, but it's certainly plausible. Hopefully Shutterstock will look into the matter and clarify.
  5. Thanks, @Kate Shutterstock - it's appreciated.
  6. Thanks you @wacomka and @William Perugini. I assume it's some sort of bug, but I'd definitely like clarification. Perhaps @Kate Shutterstock will come back with some more information. I know there was a problem with subs showing in the SOD column, and despite a message that it was fixed, my subs are still turning up as SODs, so maybe there are some teething problems.
  7. Don't get me wrong, as I am equally unhappy with the new Shutterstock pricing, but I think the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic may have something to do with low sales for the past two months?
  8. Following the update to the contributor homepage, I am now seeing my total all time earnings, with all time downloads underneath. The all time download figure is 138922, which tallies with my earnings summary. To the right, the panel shows a breakdown of my footage and image sales. @Kate Shutterstock can I check why there is a discrepancy of some 4000 images? Can I also ask whether I'm owed commission for these images, as they haven't been accounted for in my earnings to date?
  9. That is not much consolation and is over a 73% drop if you are currently paid 38c.
  10. If it includes sub sales, as Kate has confirmed, it will take a lot longer than a couple of months to get to the carrot. There is potential for around a 75%+ drop in the value of the subs sale.
  11. How are you reaching this conclusion? If this includes subs, and there is nothing to say they are not included, your 15% earning from a 350 a month pack will be 5.25c, at 40% it's 14c. @Kate Shutterstock Please clarify whether this includes subs or not, because if it does, the bottom line is a completely different story and we really need to know how much this will affect our earnings.
  12. So if a customer has a 350 a month subscription from the UK, that works out at 28p, (roughly 35c), per download. So at the beginning of the year, we will get 5.25c instead of 38c - is that correct? The only way to exceed previous earnings is to have downloads in excess of 25,000 per annum to reach 40% or 40c rather than 38c? And even then, as all up to 25,000 will be at a lower rate, there is no reward or greater earnings potential. There is no possibility for a contributor to win here.
  13. How do we know if the current SODs relate to the Facebook collaboration or something completely different?
  14. Thanks, Kate, but I already tried this, and cleared cache/cookies and checked via other browsers. I can't get them to disappear. Thanks, @dani3315 - I misread originally and thought Kate had provided the answer. It transpires that you need to leave the boxes completely blank. (This has a result of leaving the profile incomplete, which is a bit irritating).
  15. Thanks, Kate, but I already tried this, and cleared cache/cookies and checked via other browsers. I can't get them to disappear.
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