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  1. Yes, other than that. Since June most of my income come from On Demand Downloads and from Single sales. Now I'm getting very few of those
  2. But...did SS change something? Microstock has been going downhill for a few years but this January has been so far an absolute disaster. It could be the New Year plus Covid but the drop has been huge.
  3. Now I see it. I was in my phone. If I use my PC I can see the links. Thanks
  4. Thanks. Yes, it's getting harder and harder to find the motivation to shoot, process and keyword. BTW ...How do you find other photographer's portfolios? There used to be links next to the contributor's name on the forum but I can no longer find them
  5. I'm already on level 3. So far SS is a disaster. I've earned 1/3 of what I earned by this date compared to last year and 1/12 compared to 2016. Submitting new content is a waste if time.
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