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  1. I don't get the love for Alamy. Yes,sometimes you make relatively big sales but that's quite uncommon. The OP made a sale in 2 months. I've made 5 sales this year for a grand total of $153 gross. $61 to me. $30 a month. That's with 3k images on Alamy. Last year was worse. So yes, they treat you "fairly" but they don't sell enough to make it worth the effort. Of course YMMV. I have read stories of photographers being very successful there.
  2. Alex... Seeing the way SS has fallen in 4 or 5 years I'm not sure there will be a "10 years from now".
  3. That's the Facebook culture. Everybody is always happy in Facebook no matter the situation. In the other hand I'm definitely not happy. This February I made less than half of what I made last year and 25% of what I used to make 5 years ago. I'm, like Alex, looking for other places to sell my images but, with the honorable exception of AS, the whole industry is falling apart. Not that AS is great but at least it hasn't fallen that drastically. I
  4. Are you uploading new content? In case you are... is that new content selling? I have sort of stopped uploading because nothing new sells. Perhaps that could be the reason of the drastic fall in earnings in 2021? I'm already at level 4 but earning a lot less than last year. What's your opinion? Is it worth uploading new content?
  5. I'm at Level 4 now. I was at level 5 before January. There's only a 5% difference between level 4 and 5. However my February earnings are a complete disaster. January was a disaster too but you could think that could be because of the reset. Not anymore at level 4 Has anything else changed this year (Other than the January reset)?
  6. So when you search for editorials on the main SS site the results don't include all. the editorials we've been sending for years?
  7. Thanks Linda. I knew about Offset but had never heard about this premium editorial site.
  8. Hi I found this : https://www.rexfeatures.com https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/contributor-application Is it new? How is it different to just submitting images as Editorial like we've been doing for years?
  9. Yes, other than that. Since June most of my income come from On Demand Downloads and from Single sales. Now I'm getting very few of those
  10. But...did SS change something? Microstock has been going downhill for a few years but this January has been so far an absolute disaster. It could be the New Year plus Covid but the drop has been huge.
  11. Now I see it. I was in my phone. If I use my PC I can see the links. Thanks
  12. Thanks. Yes, it's getting harder and harder to find the motivation to shoot, process and keyword. BTW ...How do you find other photographer's portfolios? There used to be links next to the contributor's name on the forum but I can no longer find them
  13. I'm already on level 3. So far SS is a disaster. I've earned 1/3 of what I earned by this date compared to last year and 1/12 compared to 2016. Submitting new content is a waste if time.
  14. I agree. While COVID is obviously affecting business everywhere microstock sales have been on a downward trend for the last couple of years. Sites offering free photos and the massification of microstock with contributors from all over the globe expecting to make easy money with poor quality images and agencies accepting such images are the reason of the fall. And the owners of those sites where photographers are offering their work for free are making lots of money because they dont have to pay the artists for their work.They do it "for the likes" and "for the exposure".
  15. Today I found a shop selling prints of my photos. The owner claims the person who brings them the prints claims he bought the photos online. Is that legit? I'm not really familiar with all the licensing details.
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