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  1. Thanks Archana Nice of you to take the trouble. Rob
  2. Thank You Jeanne and Chloe, I'll visit your portfolios. Rob
  3. Thnaks Ken I'd already found your pics - excellent work! - Rob
  4. Thank you all Jaren, Carla - I will check out your portfolios. Rob
  5. I'd call it a policeman's nightmare. ;-) Nice pics thanks David - Rob
  6. Thanks Michael Such a quick response. Like the cross eyed boy witn games console. Thankyou.
  7. Hi, we need images of real life kids for our education websites. Kids aged between 6 - 13 years old. We're not talking cutesy, pretty kids, but kids with attitude, their own people, cool, funny, fashionable - the kind of kids other kids aspire to be. Multi-ethnic would be good too.
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