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  1. Me too! Shutterstock where are my money?? What is going on??
  2. I am motion grapher from Poland. A decade ago my favourite stock agency was iStock where I earned my first 1k USD in one month. This started me thinking about microstocks as a reasonable source of income. But then iStock began to sell my videos for fractions of dollars and I turned on Shutterstock, Fotolia and Pond5. During the next 9 years, SS made nearly 1 million USD on my content! This is the amount which iStock lost on their unfair decisions. In 2015 I decided to be full-time motion graphics stock producer and since 2016 I was very happy about my earnings. But in fact, SS was the best ear
  3. A decade ago IStock was my favourite marketplace. Then they did stupid things and I switched to SS. During decade SS made more then 0.5M$ on my content. This May I will not earn even half of the royalties earned in May 2019. And now this "new earnings structure". Why each company has to do so stupid things?! If I won't earn enough I simply quit the job. It is time to find a new marketplace for my portfolio...
  4. Add payouts to Revolut, please. Paypal, Skrill and Payoneer exchange rates eat a lot of money for non-USD contributors.
  5. I have full speed now. It seems the problem has been solved.
  6. Now it keeps 150k/s for each thread. I agree with you Geohan - slow upload is not the problem if the server could properly resume partially uploaded files.
  7. It is interesting. I can set 3 simultaneous threads for uploading and each keeps 120 k/s
  8. My upload increased from 100 to 120 k/s which is still very slow
  9. Me too from Poland. max 100k/s of upload which means ~5h for 4k video. SS server does not allow for such long upload and breaks the process in the middle.
  10. Yes, the scanning company certainly have model's permissions. But: - models realesed theirs rights for scanning company - models count is more then 20 in package - there are cerainly many artists who worked on the models: hair designers, makeup designers, 3D modelers, photographers etc. All of them sells their rights for scanning company. - scanning company sells liceses for 3D models to customers. It is nonsense if I have to attach models/property releases from everyone involved. I can attach a license which I have bought from the company. Or I can fill property release and grant rig
  11. I did it already. They accepted 1 clip. Then I uploaded 5 other clips and all of them have been rejected. Reason: Release Not Needed -- The attached release is not required for this clip. The release is either inva I can't even read the rest of the explanation. But I guess they expect model release not property release.
  12. I can confirm. The curators accepts random clips. I can't even see full reason of rejections. For example: Release Not Needed -- The attached release is not required for this clip. The release is either inva ... and the text is cutted. This is very annoying.
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