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  1. I have 2. One of them might be me following myself...
  2. They are aware of it, it's a glitch, not different reviewers... hopefully they run the fix batch soon. I keep getting more and more stragglers every time I submit more batches.
  3. Let's wait and see what vincent sends back on the issue.... everyone is having it right now so no need to keep posting that the files aren't showing up. Hopefully they can fix soon.
  4. Can't log into the ftp right now. I have a bunch I keyworded that aren't generating thumbs that I submitted yesterday. I also have almost 100 waiting for review from 2 weeks ago.
  5. The processing side of the ftp is backed up. The files sit on a server and then run through the encoding process eventually. If that starts to back up it takes longer for them to hit our queue ready to keyword. I think there has been an influx in submissions across all the sites, not sure what caused this, but they weren't ready for it. Or everyone just took christmas off at ss.
  6. It's probably the fact that this contributor experience is like the Goodwill of forums where they drop things into bins and everyone has a free for all battling to get the best items. This forum is out of control haha
  7. if you need in software stabilizer go with premiere pro or after effects. Not sure if premiere elements lets you do it. if you are editing on pc do photojpg output. if you are using a mac use prores. Good luck :-)
  8. I've had sales higher than the usual max of $23 for HD, so they are selling something at a higher rate.
  9. This is chaos :-P!!!! That's why they call it an experience I guess.
  10. I've been looking for a few minutes now.. where did the video forums go :-(
  11. I don't think talking about earnings is, or should be, taboo, but it might be misleading. Content is what sells, and if I have 10 amazing pictures they could outsell a portfolio of thousands. Some 'true' artists get disturbed at times about the business chat, but in the end we all do this for different reasons. If you want to be motivated by the fact of how much I make then I'll motivate you. My 100 or so pictures make me about $10 a month. It's only taken me 8 years to get there! wooohooo.
  12. I don't think things "sink" and disappear. If you have good keywords and descriptions your stuff will sell forever And yes, reviews are really slow now. I'm right at two weeks also today. Just keep uploading more.
  13. I shoot some stuff in 2k RAW from my fs700 but usually convert it to 1080p.... What's the real resolution pixel count end up being on 2.5k? 2500x1400 or something? I would just downconvert which will give you a better image, since the higher resolution isn't going to bring more money... unless you up convert to 4k. (some members are probably turning in their swivel chairs for me saying that, but really if you are shooting raw you can get away with it using some magic tricks in post)
  14. hahah why would you delete the christmas ones? Things sell months before the holiday season hits.... or are you making a joke :-)
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