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  1. If anyone is thinking sanely, there are two simple steps: stop uploading new content and regularly remove images and videos from your portfolio.
  2. Unfortunately, there are many authors who do not understand the situation and continue to upload new content. I do not presume to judge the quality of these new images, however, these actions ease the pressure on the administration of Shutterstock. I'd like to hope that potential buyers will be disappointed in the quality of the Shutterstock's content soon .
  3. Sorry, I'm too lazy to dig into this righteous anger flow. Is there at least one response from Shutterstock?
  4. Hi, You can do simple work. Open similar images in the category of "popular" and compare the composition and colors. Good luck!
  5. I wanted to say that this is not my file. I didn't upload it.
  6. I have found don't belong to me images in my pending batch.
  7. Hi, I received a notification about the rejection of a stranger image. My image is lost.
  8. Images №№ 741437851 and 741437869 approved on 27th October.....
  9. Hello, I have the same problems. Batch ID: 135056341, 135275611, 135275743 Thanks for your understanding. Best regards, Yuriy
  10. 540625729 540625735 These files I've seen in my portfolio, but now have disappeared and are not searchable.
  11. I had the sale of four new images of yesterday and the day before.
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