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  1. Thanks, I did get in touch with the website and they explained that all products are correctly licensed using extended licenses (products for resale). However they buy from multiple agencies, shutterstock being just one of them.
  2. They have photos from a number of shutterstock photographers: http://www.mandellia.fr. Are they a partner? or they work through another agency which just happens to have the same photographers as shutterstock?
  3. That's exactl why, because these m2t's are native formats. So you'd put all the burden of conversion on to the buyer. Native formats are not good for buyers, so you have to convert m2t into something more "universal" and make the buyers' life easier. In the best case scenario create a .mov with motion jpeg A or B coding. That should be the common denominator for most buyers. It's a pain that you have to do this work but there's no way around it. Just experiment and find the best way to transform your m2t's into something more common
  4. Seeing the same suggestions over and over for the longest time makes you think if there is a point in having a suggestion topic in the forum at all...It's like talking to the radio.
  5. It looks like the feature request forum exists just so shutterstock can explain why something will not be done. in my time not a single thing has changed about the site and it seems to be very poor in terms of features/functionality. As they would say, take it or leave it.
  6. I'm loading a casino clip as we speak 1080 HD .mov but the review process seems to take time
  7. From a buyer's point of view is one better than the other? Working with mpg is much easier being one third of the .mov size. Any experience? Thanks.
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