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  1. It’s an ebook on Amazon and from my blog, backyardsilver.com Steve
  2. I have just managed to complete one of my goals - and that was to update my book about Getting Started in Stock Photography to bring it up to date for 2020. Achieved, so one off the list. The biggest one for me is going to be to learn how to fly a drone to capture new perspectives on cities, towns and the countryside. In the US that means that I need to learn and pass that drone pilot test in order to sell the photos and videos, but I can practice all I want until I get that certificate. Always something new to learn in this business! Steve
  3. Don't get too concerned about a drop in earnings in June and July - I've been doing this for 10 years and those months are always lower than the rest of the year. Here are my totals for each month in the past 5 years or so - the dip in July in particular is very noticeable. This is for multiple sites, of course, but no reason to believe that SS is different in broad trends. Steve
  4. Yes, you need to be signed in as a buyer or contributor to vote. Steve
  5. Thanks Sheila - I am here now. This blog post is part of a competition and so if you do find it useful, please click that "Useful" box on the top left. That is how they score the competition. Thanks! And happy to answer any questions you may have as well. Steve
  6. Thanks! It is nice to see it in print - I created that with a lot of Photoshop grunt work about 5 or 6 years ago. Still sells! Steve
  7. Yes, it does work with video. I wrote about it here: http://www.backyardsilver.com/2017/06/use-stock-submitter-video/ Steve
  8. Thanks Steven, for mentioning my blog above. I do submit to 16 agencies and I have just written a long blog post about my workflow in keeping the excess work to a minimum. Since I started using Stock Submitter (the software Steven mentions), I can honestly say that supporting 16 sites is not much more work that supporting one. That program makes it a breeze. Anyway, the blog post is on Backyard Silver if you are interested in my approach. Steve
  9. Hi Allexapri My best advice is to ask yourself the simple question - who will pay good money to use this image. If you can't think of a use for it, then move onto the next one. This can also drive your approach to taking photos. I did write an article on Bored Panda (an interesting photography site) to try to expand on this idea a bit with some examples. http://www.boredpanda.com/how-much-is-your-cat-worth/ Steve
  10. I always ask myself - where could I see this image being used? If you can't think of any real uses of the image, then the chances of it selling are very low indeed. On your images, it is really hard to see where or how someone could use them (apart from the technical issues where the whites are blown out and there are wires across the sky etc.) Steve
  11. I want to be careful here not too overly sell things via this forum, but Alex and myself are long time contributors to Shutterstock and have both written extensive blogs with lots of information about how to get going in Stock Photography. Mine is at http://www.backyardsilver.com One of the things that I think all new contributors need to do is to really learn from the experience of others. There are forums (this plus the MSG, of course), but, to be honest, I think the quality of information provided can be sometimes suspect. As people have already noted, sales come from creating interesting content. It is harder now than it was several years ago because you are competing against many more images, but there are always new topics coming up that have not been covered before. The whole opioid epidemic in the USA is consuming lots of images, Bitcoin is endlessly in the news - a good stock photographer will try to be ahead of the game and get some images of upcoming topics into the library before they become major items of interest. Good luck - sales will come if the images are interesting! Steve
  12. I think they have fixed it - I've had no problems over the past 24 hours, and I haven't been doing anything different Steve
  13. Reloading the page with the shift key held down generally works - this is a bit faster than closing the tab and opening a new one Steve
  14. I don't use Firefox very often, but I am sure I have seen the same effect in Firefox as well. Lets hope this isn't impacting the customers use of the site! Steve
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