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  1. Sorry for being an ignorant. I'm working on my taxes for 2014... Will Shutterstock send the paper with earnings for my taxes ? They used to send then they asked to download... and I'm getting lost now, Will they send or Should I requested ? How does it work
  2. I just exchanged emails with Support.... Answer is more simple than we all excepted... Disney Parks are PRIVATELY OWNED That's explain everything. Now I understand and I do agree with decision of not accepting pictures from Disney parks... Going to the park we are actually on the private property and law is very clear about pictures and private property
  3. ruxpriencdiam don't waste your time on pasting those information... WE CAN READ....
  4. Editorial doesn't mean newsworthy... I agree with cpaulfell. Editorial doesn't have to be "news" related at all. Editorial picture can only be use in noncommercial projects with intention to inform about something and/or support written word informing about something
  5. I can read... trust me... apparently you cannot
  6. I'm guessing it is some kind of agreement maybe? Maybe you need to have a "deal" with the Disney World to distribute picture of their property. I sent email to the support will see what they say. Thanks for your help !
  7. I do know about list, and I know that Disney pictures are restricted. I submitted couple pictures to check how it works according to Disney World but I still have no idea WHY... what is the sens of editorial photography if you still need "a papers". I'm not questioning the fact that shutter stock doesn't accept those pictures. That's their politic and must be a reason why they restricted Disney related pictures.
  8. I had a a chance to work on project in Disney World in Orland. I have some great editorial pictures of Disney World and Disney characters. What's the deal on submitting pictures of Disney characters etc ? I submit editorial pictures, I'm not going to explain what editorial means Since I have your attention you probably know I submitted few pictures and they been rejected for "Trademark" reason. My question is why? Editorial pictures are not use for commercial projects and advertising. I'm confused, because in this situation "editorial" loosing the whole idea of "Editorial photojournalism" ri
  9. cdrin I have no Idea how it works. I'm getting answer about my editorial pictures usually 2 hours to 24 hours. It could be related to amount pictures in portfolio and sales so far etc. Like I said I have no idea how this is work. I really don;t know a lot about stock market I started some times ago with stock pictures but this is not something what I want to do. I must think about feeding family and to on micro stocks let's be honest maybe 10 people in the whole world is making "some" money but still amount of work that stock pictures require is not worth a money most of the time. Please don;
  10. Thank you for your kind words and support Never happened before that accepted pictures are not showing up in portfolio for a day or so.... I sent pictures few hours after Discovery arrived Dulles Airport in Washington DC, they got accepted after an hour or two but they showed up in my portfolio today morning I sold few pictures at getty but this is much complicated then I was expecting. There is no way you will get full access to getty or AP or Corbiss etc as a private person.... Hey AP can you hear meee ????? Open the door it's meeeee CHRISSSSSSSSS ))
  11. I sent bunch of newsworthy pictures of something what you could follow on TV all over the USA yesterday.... Pictures of Shuttle Space Discovery arriving Washington DC... I sent them asap to make sure I'll make money because today EVERY SINGLE NEWSPAPER was looking for pictures of Discovery on short final to Dulles airport or over Washington DC.... I got email... they all accepted... but one... that's fine I can live with it.... HOWEVER PICTURES ARE GONE....there is no pictures in portfolio and Shutterstock is pushing me BS that customer can look for image by ID number LOLLLLL THANK
  12. I understand what is your point, but like I said: before there was no problem, now they saying sorry... Do you think planes and aviation topic is not newsworthy ?? Ok to be fair with you, cuz Im full of respect to you and your experience, let say there is nothing going on in the sky but there is still few hundreds aviation websites, few hundred aviation publishers looking for aviation pictures, editorial pictures cuz In aviation world sometimes colors, logos saying a lot... and one more thing: I don;t see the reason of cleaning" pictures, removing logos etc if every plane is copyright protecte
  13. Hello Shutterstock ! I wanna ask what is going on here... my last batch has been rejected cuz of: Please provide verifiable newsworthy information. What is newsworthy about the airline? Airport?... Guys Im providing you high quality pictures of airplanes and airports.... how many aviation photographer you have here ?? check my stats, most of my shutterstock income is from the aviation photography. People need pictures of Planes, airliners, airports. People buying pictures of airplanes cuz of the times qe live right now, transportation, business, economic crisis, airline crisis, terrorism, vaca
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