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  1. Doom & Gloom 2

    Totally rubbish month at SS
  2. Earning update issue

    I still have no sales showing for yesterday and today and now my earnings total is -- as well. This is not getting better.
  3. Doom & Gloom 2

    I had sales from yesterday still coming in all day today and no sales recorded from today. I think something is even more broken than usual....
  4. Earning update issue

    It also baffles me that an online company like SS seems to have no presence at all on weekends!
  5. Earning update issue

    I have sales being added still to yesterday's total, but zero sales showing for today. Very laggy!
  6. Doom & Gloom 2

    Disgustingly feeble month here so far.
  7. ftp hasn't worked there in ages and for several months also the site constantly logs me out when I try to submit by the website. I've given up trying. It's so broken.
  8. Doom & Gloom 2

    *pokes SS with a stick* Hmmmmm...... it's not moving. I think it may be dead.....
  9. Doom & Gloom 2

    A zero day for me too yesterday. Unbelievable for a Sunday! I guess Asian sales not working properly again, or SS is still failing to keep customers there
  10. Doom & Gloom 2

    Site broken or something? No. Let me guess. USA has some holiday again so they unplugged the servers?
  11. Submit is not working

    Yeah. same here, ftp uploads not processing again.
  12. Doom & Gloom 2

    I just had email from SS that some of my content has been removed because "keywords not in English". WTF?!
  13. Submission page - More improvements are on the way

    Is there some way to shut off the stupid keyword suggestions? Every time I type in an additional keyword something else is picked from the suggestion list and auto-inserted. It takes several tries to get the correct keyword into the list. Total PITA.
  14. Doom & Gloom 2

    LOL! The lesson is never reach the top payment tier = slow slide into oblivion! So...... buyer's side down today is it?
  15. Doom & Gloom 2

    Hmm. So you can't add someone whose name is listed twice to the ignore list. Interesting.