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  1. Almost all 10cent sales for the month. First time not making even $100 payout since I started in 2007. If this is how it goes on then the reset in January would make no difference anyway. So not only 10cents from 38cents subs, but no high value sales at all! Just when you think SS can't get any worse it suddenly does 🤬
  2. Did you get a reply about the 19cent sales from DP?
  3. It seems like the only buyers left here are the ones that produce the 10cent sales. I have plenty of those but it's not anywhere close to sales at 38cents payments. It's beyond pathetic. SS was already one of the lowest paying sites for me. Now it is right at the bottom and almost worthless.
  4. Hopefully DP will get back to you soon and not spoil their reputation for good communications! AS actually scared me! I sent a grumpy message about a rejection through their website. I expected a template reply with no useful answers in a few days. But in about 2 hours they sent me a very detailed reply answering all my questions and saying they would re-evaluate the rejection based on my message - and they did. Scary stuff! 🤣
  5. They usually get back to me by email when they say they will. Poke them if you don't hear anything and point out you're still waiting for a reply. For communication DP and AS are usually very fast.
  6. I get an occasional one of those low sales values on DP, but like others said it's quite rare. You can always ask them what it was for in live chat. They are usually really helpful.
  7. I have loads. Everything 10cents with a couple of 14cents! It's not like it's just a direct replacement for my 38cent subs because these are all marked as SODs. It's completely not normal for me to have days of all the same price sales whatever they sold as. I don't like this new game...🤬
  8. Well I can see from the first 3 days of the new royalty structure that I will not be making payout here without some kind of miracle. That will be the first time since I started in 2007! All my sales so far this month have been 10 to 14 cents and all reported as SODs. 38cents for subs wasn't much, but already the total is showing just how massive this drop will be. What makes this even worse (if possible) is that the last two months here were quite good and I was hoping that sales here were starting to improve again... 🤬
  9. I had a Symbiostock site for a while and sold a few images. It was Ok, but uploading seemed a bit slow and cumbersome. I took it down when the European business regulation came in that we had to charge tax on digital sales. I can't be bothered with that and also it means additional cost to EU customers that they don't pay elsewhere, or a loss to me if I absorb the extra charge. That's something that puts me off selling direct.
  10. Hmmm... yes. Maybe that's so? I also synced my portfolio but didn't have anything at AS before that. I just wonder where all my FT customers went? Maybe to somewhere I don't have an account, or maybe to iS where I don't have many images and don't upload there any more. I wish I could get those lost FT sales back! 🙃
  11. Strange isn't it? I don't know if it's that the search is totally different on FT and AS, or if the buyers from FT just didn't move to AS. If that's true then where did they go? FT had much better categories for scifi and fantasy stuff, so maybe it was a better place for those buyers than AS. It's a real shame that those sales didn't transfer to AS. Now there is nowhere I have sales at the level I had on FT.
  12. My biggest seller (usually by 100s of dollars a month) was always FT. Even though they rejected a lot of my stuff so I only had about a third as much there as on SS and DT. I got a lot of ELs there as well. But since AS closed them down and took over my sales on AS are less then half they were on FT. I hoped they would pick up again, but no. DP and A are now my biggest sellers (but A is very variable). (SS has never been the biggest seller for me although it was good and always increasing until 2013 when I reached 38cent level and it's been constantly falling since. Annoyingly the la
  13. Same here. Since the change of commissions all of my sales of 10 to 14 cents have been in the SOD column. In the thread about the new earnings schedule SS said all the commissions were shown correctly so I guess that means all my sales are a few cents for SODs and I'm no longer selling any subs....? 🤔
  14. All my sales are now between 10 and 14 cents and all of them are listed as SODs.(This is down from subs at 38cents and SODs at $2.85!) Are there no more sub sales? Have they changed the categories for the sales as well as the royalties? I don't understand the new reporting at all.
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