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  1. PayPal sequrity check

    That's strange. Call them.
  2. Submit not working bugs

    My ftp uploads mostly disappear into the void. Sometimes after a few attempts they are processed. Then submission keeps failing with error that there is no description or keywords - not true. After several attempts they finally go through. The system is completely failed.
  3. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    Doesn't even work, even after all this while. After 3 attempts to actually get the file to upload it then took 4 attempts to submit! Three attempts were "nothing submitted" and red messages to enter description and keywords - of course already entered. On 4th try with no difference it finally accepted. This is really so pathetic and time-wasting.
  4. Doom & Gloom 2

    December is normally a really good month for me - even in the last few more dismal years. One of my highest days ever was a christmas day with several ELs. So December is definitely not normally low because of holidays.
  5. Doom & Gloom 2

    Wow.... what happened to December. Have they created a whole new Doom&Gloom tier at SS?
  6. Support is a bot, and I am furious.

    And with other agencies (who used to have a much worse reputation for treating contributors than SS), you can use the live chat to talk to a real person about a problem - and they actually fix it!
  7. Doom & Gloom 2

    And STILL the file submission is giving errors!
  8. Doom & Gloom 2

    Obviously I hit my sales allowance for the month from Thursday to Saturday, because now today is zero I'm amazed that for once the US holiday didn't cause SS to completely close down!
  9. PayPal sequrity check

    That's good! I'm sure it was the hold up because they have to make the periodic checks for money laundering regulations. They just don't notify what is the reason. I've always found their phone support very good - Ok, they couldn't help with my latest problem, but actually it was my screw-up and they did offer useful suggestions!
  10. PayPal sequrity check

    I suspect that might actually refer to a transaction dispute with a buyer/seller rather than an actual PayPal problem.
  11. I tried to submit a couple more

    So how can you make it you don't see the suggested keywords? They are taking up almost all of the tiny space given for the info. The huge amount of white space that takes up almost all my screen is making me nervous. I hate it so much. SS have actually made a system that is worse than iS. Congratulations!
  12. I tried to submit a couple more

    I just got the new version. It's even worse than I expected. Over half my screen is empty space! And it is pre-populated with suggested keywords that are junk. I can't see any way to get rid of them without deleting individually. Is that right or I am missing something? I'm having a serious wtf looking at this mess.
  13. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    Ok. I just got the new editor. Wow. All the bad things people said are true! Why is two thirds of the screen blank space and all the info is squashed into a tiny column on the right? But most important - how so I get rid of the suggested keywords? They are junk. Do I have to click them one at a time to delete? Seriously?
  14. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    Agreed. Nothing in the survey is really relevant. I want a simple, efficient and fast upload system. That's all.
  15. PayPal sequrity check

    I think the last one I got was about 48 hours. I have a PayPal business account so I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but if there's a problem with PayPal business account you can request a call online and they call within a few minutes of the request. They are usually quite helpful and can sort out problems, so if your account has an option to call them you should try that.