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  1. Seems to be broken again? Just going back to the login page when I try to upload from the site and ftp hasn't recognised my password for about a year. Usually when this happens if I log out and log in again the site upload starts working, but this time it just cycles back to the login page each time.
  2. Strangely enough my sales at A crashed at exactly the same time (April 2013) as they did here.... nowhere else, just those two sites and never recovered.
  3. So if it's a problem because of the facebook connection this only applies to SS? Other stock sites are affected or not?
  4. That's gorgeous! And fantastic for book covers etc.
  5. Well on the way to being the Worst October Ever...
  6. So which sites are not affected by this (and their terrible lack of concern for the security of our images!). I want to concentrate on only uploading images where they are at least slightly better protected. Uploading here seems like it will now be just a way to help distribute our own images for free!
  7. ftp uploads not processing at the moment. Files upload yesterday didn't get processed and not today either.
  8. Well if the US holiday means the rest of the world has holiday too and doesn't buy images, I think I'll give myself a holiday. I'll go for a drink instead of work. Well, except that I didn't make enough on SS today to even buy a drink!
  9. Well yesterday was like an old average normal day - so today is a zero......
  10. It's quite likely. Because it's not only the people who know they are stealing. Far too many people that should know better don't realise that they are stolen images and think the way they are getting the downloads is fine. Some of these are people who should be buyers. It's not just the people who would never buy an image anyway.
  11. Terrible start to October. Traditionally this is one of my best months of the year, but already this month looks very bad
  12. Yes. April 2013 for me. Although not so much of a declining trend - more of a fall off a cliff in April 2013 followed by constant decline since then.
  13. The BS html upload works for me fine at the present. Every few weeks it stops working and I have to log out and back in again to get it to start working. (FTP hasn't worked there for me for over a year).
  14. I found when that happens if you log out and log in again it starts working and uploads properly.
  15. I'm perfectly happy to sign over copyright with "work for hire" - I do this all the time as my real job. However, I think that SS payment for their new scheme would be only a fraction of even my hourly rate! I would never agree to that in 300 years!