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    Upload Problems

    Thanks for reporting that. There was a temporary issue this afternoon that caused problems uploading with http. That problem has been resolved and you should be able to upload again. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Account records show that you recently opted out of footage sales. Sounds like that's not what you intended. Go to "Your Account" and look near the bottom of the page. You'll find a radio button to opt in to footage sales. Thanks.
  3. Sorry you're having this problem, but this is not a bug. Please take the discussion to another part of the forum. (You might also get more feedback on a forum read by more people.) Thanks.
  4. Thanks for reporting this. We're looking into it. I'll report back here when I have more information.
  5. Connecting to probe.filezilla-project.org connection closed That appears to mean that you're not able to connect to filezilla's site. You might try posting your problem on another forum here and see if someone has a useful suggestion. Since this does not appear to be a bug, this thread is closed.
  6. I can't reproduce this -- everything works as expected for me. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your report. If you care to provide an example, with links and a precise description of how we can reproduce it (including image numbers) we'd be interested in seeing it. Thanks.
  7. In the course of this long thread, there have been reports of several different behaviors, and in many cases there is simply not enough information for us to investigate. Several reports were about expected behavior that is not a bug at all (images that were approved less than 72 hours ago not showing up everywhere, for example.) When reporting what you believe to be a bug, please provide specific information so that we can research it. Paste in the URL and include image numbers. Describe exactly what behavior you see -- red x's where the image should be? Was the image recently accepted or is it older? We'll do our best to respond to every report, but we need enough specific information to investigate. This thread will now be closed. If you believe you're still having problems, please open a new thread with a title that it descriptive of the problem report. "Thumbs not found on customer-facing site", for example, and, again, provide as much detail as possible. We will respond to any report that provides enough information to investigate. Thanks.
  8. Actions taken on images -- deleting, moving the watermark, keyword changes, etc -- can sometimes take several hours to process. This is expected behavior and not a bug. If you want further assurance that your images won't appear, login to your account and opt out of all services, including the subscription service. I find no images when I search for your name, nor do I get results when searching by image number. Further questions about this should be directed to the support email address. This thread is closed.
  9. A bug report was filed yesterday against this. Will post an update here when there is more information.
  10. This has already been reported as a bug. I do not have an eta yet, but will report back here when it has been fixed.
  11. If your upload contains a file that isn't an image (a text file, for example), you can some times get this error. Unfortunately, the error message isn't very helpful and that has been filed as a bug. Please carefully examine the file you're uploading, and make sure that you're uploading what you intended (a file as opposed to an entire directory, etc.) We'll keep an eye out for other reports of this, but for now we don't find evidence of a wider problem (many people are uploading successfully this morning.) Thanks.
  12. This has been filed as a bug report with the tech team. I do not have an ETA for a fix right now, but will keep you updated. Thanks for reporting it and thanks for your patience.
  13. We'll pass that one on to the tech team. Thanks for reporting it, and thanks for your patience.
  14. From what page are they missing? If it's a search, what are the search terms? Are there red x's in place of the images? What are some image id's? Please provide details and we'll have a look.
  15. There was a problem this morning with the display data not refreshing correctly. It's been fixed, but it might be a little while before you see everything get caught up. Thanks for reporting it and thanks for your patience.
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