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    Manchester UK, but I still call Australia home!
  1. Yep, exactly... I would LOVE to respond to that email with this but... not like anyone will read it or care anyway so... I can just laugh at the inevitability of their realising they messed up. ------------- Well isn't this nice, You know full well why no one, including me is not uploading new work... the disgraceful way you threw us all under the bus recently has not gone down well, the entire industry is supporting us, be it verbally, financially or in other ways and you lot.... you do the worst thing at the worst time. So there is quite literally no point going to the trouble of creating new work, keywording, uploading, dealing with your insanely infuriating keyword killer and then the more insane rejections to possibly get the work accepted for the prospect of selling it for 10 cents.... You guys have .. as the saying goes, cut off your d--k to spite your wife.. or cut off your nose to spite your face... you get the idea, .... and you know it so begging for uploads to the very people whose work you deemed worthless is laughable, it is not going to help you as you have lost ALL the good faith people had, all of it, it's long gone and you will never get it back unless you do some REAL begging and fix it. Even then, no. You should not have promised your shareholders In January the dividends you were only able to financially back up by decimating our incomes, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. But.. you're not so.. there we go. Yeah, actually I am happy to say I am creating a lot of new work and it's better than ever and selling well on other agencies.Thanks for asking. Have.. a nice day.
  2. That's a very good point and I am sure that it is most likely the distinctive headstock that would set the alarms off every time and to be fair they did invent and patent it so, no arguments there. It is always good to have a chance to re evalute things and look at new ways of doing things, keeps work current and fresh. I really like the way you dealt with it as well, taking it as a chance to look into things and not take it personally like so many people seem to do in situations like this.
  3. I think it is hard because it is not just Fender that use that shape, many guitars have it and it is the go to shape for "electric guitar" so, yeah I guess it is time to redesign the guitar now!
  4. Unfortunately it is not just SS, anything that looks remotely like a fender guitar is being taken of every site, POD stuff as well, I have had some removed. It is a tough one really because there are only so many guitar shapes out there! Nice work though,.
  5. I have found this one on loads of sites but also, through Google Image search found a bunch of my other stuff being used with watermark or on free sites.. funny ol can of worms that! right well that did not work.. http://www.diversitytrust.org.uk/services/coaching-mentoring/
  6. Survey closed, could it be opened up again? I'm sure there are many folks who'd like to add their bit.
  7. Should you get credits for a photo downloaded from stock? Didnt you gave that up when you offered the photo for sale on a stock site? Thats a sincere question, not trying to be smart
  8. Interesting that it is the daily mail, I had a massive issue with them misquoting me, basically they cut and pasted a couple of different interviews and made it into what they want3ed on an entirely unrelated topic, pretty mad I was so I went to the Press Complaints Commision http://www.pcc.org.uk/ and they sorted it very quickly, the DM even printed an apology... who knows, it might be worth a shot to see if they will do something.
  9. I wouldn't worry, sometimes it takes a while for the servers to catch up to each other and everything to update, give it a few hours to a day and it should be fine.
  10. Yeah I'm having the same, well I can't see how many individual image views I have even though it shows total store views. These things have a way of ironing themselves out ( thanks to IT depts) ps, PZ...twitter follow!
  11. Well maybe we could do something up this here Northern way then, you know what those Southerners are like!! .) unless you are one of course which means they are all awesome!! I think we should try and get this happening before it gets too cold though, I am a massive baby when it comes to the cold.
  12. Well I for one am all for it!! I t will be interesting getting a good location though, how many of us are ooop North I wonder?
  13. Oh that would be fantastic, I'm in if I can get to where it is ( live in Manchester and don't drive) Just joined the FB group. And photogenic!!
  14. Hi there, you might want to look at somewhere further up North in England as you are coming down from Scotland, manchester is a fairly good place as it is a university town and has loads of band venues. I'll pm you some links.
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