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  1. What kind of release I need for camera or drone operator:I will engage him to make footage for me, with my directions.
  2. sima

    Sales are missing

    Problem is still here.Desktop PC.
  3. sima

    504 gateway timeout

  4. sima

    Upload Issues..?

    I had same problem yesterday, and few days ago too.It was regular upload, not FTP.After two days missing photo shows up for editing.
  5. Problem is fixed, so it it is possible to edit footage and to change key frame.Thank You.
  6. sima

    Image rejected for "Too many keywords"

    Hi Svetlana, maybe keywords are not relevant? I looked to your portfolio, and checked keywords for the first picture in port - ''Industrial pasta maker pushing out fresh pasta at an Italian restaurant'' and found words:architecture, green, plant.... or ''Typical view of an old square in Venice, Italy after the rain'' and words: boat,bridge, canal, gondola, gondolier, grand, vessel....
  7. After ''improvements'' (again), I can't find how to edit information for footage.I want to change key frame.
  8. sima

    We're sorry, this clip is no longer available.

  9. sima

    MISSING IMAGES thread, Read this before reporting

    All footages sent from 13.02.2018 are missing, clip Id are: 1008514315 1008514312 1008514309 1008581044 1008628261 1008668338 1008684076 1008697621 1008847604 1008847607 Regards
  10. sima

    Which Camera & lenses you have

    Transcend USB 3.0
  11. sima

    Minolta Flash Meter

    I had Flashmeter 4 and this 3F.Both are excellent and acurate.
  12. sima

    Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    Don't shoot the messenger !
  13. It is 997.99 $ in the same place - BH. But as I said consider micro 4:3, quality of photos and low light capability is better.
  14. FZ1000 is 697.99 $ and RX10 III is 1298 $ in BH. Is it twice better?I do not think so. Consider also some micro 4:3
  15. sima

    Ultra wide for crop sensor.

    For tight budget my advice is Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X DX, I had it and it is very good lens, CA are high and vignetting too but if you shoot RAW it is not a problem to correct.