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  1. Which Camera & lenses you have

    Transcend USB 3.0
  2. Minolta Flash Meter

    I had Flashmeter 4 and this 3F.Both are excellent and acurate.
  3. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    Don't shoot the messenger !
  4. It is 997.99 $ in the same place - BH. But as I said consider micro 4:3, quality of photos and low light capability is better.
  5. FZ1000 is 697.99 $ and RX10 III is 1298 $ in BH. Is it twice better?I do not think so. Consider also some micro 4:3
  6. Ultra wide for crop sensor.

    For tight budget my advice is Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X DX, I had it and it is very good lens, CA are high and vignetting too but if you shoot RAW it is not a problem to correct.
  7. I am using FZ1000, at the first place for 4K footage and for macro some times. From time to time I use it for travel photography.It is limited with sensor size, so for stock photography it is usable only at basic ISO, because of noise. I replaced it with GX80 (85) with 14-140 lens.(Still have both camera)
  8. Sony A7m

    Some people are removing Bayer layer from sensor, especially for astro photography.But it is risky.
  9. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    New upload system is painful. Downgrade from the best and easiest system to the worst.
  10. Portfolio dissapeared

    Almost all photos and footages are missing !
  11. Best portrait lens for crop sensor

    The best choice for Canon is 100/2. It is nearly good as 135/2 L and much cheaper.Also 70-200/2.8L non IS is great lens.
  12. Best Monitor for photo and video editing

    At the first place monitor must have IPS panel.There are variations of that panel type but all are good(more or less). My choice for this moment and for that price range is Dell U2415.
  13. Bigstockphoto problem

    Sheila, I sent several mails to support, first was two weeks ago, then I tried with chat and been told to send mail again to same address, tried at Facebook and been told to send mail again........There is no working admin or support.Only nice gay at chat who can do nothing, and doing nothing. I hope that Shutterstock admins are reading this, and may do something, because Shutterstock is owner of Bigstockphoto.