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  1. We're sorry, this clip is no longer available.

  2. MISSING IMAGES thread, Read this before reporting

    All footages sent from 13.02.2018 are missing, clip Id are: 1008514315 1008514312 1008514309 1008581044 1008628261 1008668338 1008684076 1008697621 1008847604 1008847607 Regards
  3. Which Camera & lenses you have

    Transcend USB 3.0
  4. Minolta Flash Meter

    I had Flashmeter 4 and this 3F.Both are excellent and acurate.
  5. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    Don't shoot the messenger !
  6. It is 997.99 $ in the same place - BH. But as I said consider micro 4:3, quality of photos and low light capability is better.
  7. FZ1000 is 697.99 $ and RX10 III is 1298 $ in BH. Is it twice better?I do not think so. Consider also some micro 4:3
  8. Ultra wide for crop sensor.

    For tight budget my advice is Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X DX, I had it and it is very good lens, CA are high and vignetting too but if you shoot RAW it is not a problem to correct.
  9. I am using FZ1000, at the first place for 4K footage and for macro some times. From time to time I use it for travel photography.It is limited with sensor size, so for stock photography it is usable only at basic ISO, because of noise. I replaced it with GX80 (85) with 14-140 lens.(Still have both camera)
  10. Sony A7m

    Some people are removing Bayer layer from sensor, especially for astro photography.But it is risky.
  11. New Submission Page Update & Poll!

    New upload system is painful. Downgrade from the best and easiest system to the worst.
  12. Portfolio dissapeared

    Almost all photos and footages are missing !
  13. Best portrait lens for crop sensor

    The best choice for Canon is 100/2. It is nearly good as 135/2 L and much cheaper.Also 70-200/2.8L non IS is great lens.