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  1. That's what I did, but not sure how long it will take me now to get even to that. It's a matter of principle not to let SS appropriate my unpaid $$.
  2. I will not upload anything new either. I stopped uploading to IS a while ago for the same reason, and now bye-bye SS... I just don't want SS to pocket my balance.
  3. Just leave it there until you get to the minimum payout, get the money and then you can leave.... That's my plan.
  4. As any startup, it can either fly or die, who knows if it's worth it or not especially with the tight competition. If one is a really good businessman, understands the competition and the markets, and is able to find investors, than it may be worth it. Otherwise, probably not.
  5. It is possible, but requires lots of work in the beginning, and some capital invested. Need to pay for storage, IT, reviewers, marketing, attorneys...
  6. This is strange. I counted my downloads, and the numbers matched with the level they said I am.
  7. I read it as the tiers will be increasing (or not, if the sales stay low) during the year. So yes, they calculated your tier starting June 2019. So, If you are tier 4 or 5 on December 31, on January 1st you will roll back to tier 1.
  8. Thank you, now I don't feel completely alone in this "what does it translate for me personally" camp.
  9. Where did you see this? Can't find it in the announcement.
  10. Did anyone actually do the math to see what the numbers translate to? *Asking for a friend*.
  11. My images got shuffled, too, and it appears to be a totally random shuffle.
  12. Thanks, Firn. I used to submit some photos from local runs and festivals as editorials, but now it seems they will not be accepted as such anymore.
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