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  1. that's good to know keywording is very time consuming.
  2. Hello, when does shutterstock starts to implement AI (artificial inteligence) to auto keyword images, by analysis/detection, by shape, color and other attributes. specially to objects, flowers, animals. A spoon, a rose or a dog should be easy for an AI system to catalog. It's time to shutterstock start to develop those technologies. Also, an useful thing, location keywords would be added automatically if coordinates could be detected. It's great for urban and nature landscapes. what do you think?
  3. Hello, A new and useful functional tool would be when there is a rejection because of visible brand name or logo the reviewer should be to add a red circle around the problem area in the photo. Sometimes we have no idea where the brand/logo is specially in city landscapes. What do you think?
  4. Hello, A good feature to add to the contributor earnings panel is the ability to select a particular model release and see automatically how much is that model made in sales. What do you think?
  5. Hello, a good feature to add to the contributor earnings panel would be the ability to create sets be keyword search. Example: I create new set. I type keyword '' portugal'' And all of my files containing the word '' portugal'' would be added to that set. What do you think?
  6. i like the new design but there's room for improvement. things i like: - more specific information of earnings by type/date is available. - liked the map with city information - aditional resources is nice on the right - graphs things to improve: - information is too scattered and spaced, i think it can be condensed/tightened a little more. - some fonts are too big like unpaid earnings, earnings summary. - profile strength could be on the top, those 3 lines can fit next to our name. - unpaid earning is already on the gray bar. - lacks latest sales, i like more the design from the android app, we can see today's downloads immediately, how much we earned from that particular photo and if it's a first time download. and the earnings tab is less complicated and information is accessed more quickly. - Although additional resources is nice, something like "new trends", "buyer requests" or "buyer search words" and that info could be narrowed for instance based where the photographer lives like "country" or "region". - Monthly earnings could be merged with Earning summary. - map is not interactive, we could have the ability to click on the different sales. - sets lack more information. do buyers click on these, do they buy through these? - earnings thumbnails should be a bit bigger, or have the ability to be pop-up zoomed or something. Or change display by type, like mosaic. - contributor choices are not saved. - info on what keyword the buyer used to buy my photo.
  7. thanks for your answer... so it is worst than i thought. customers even if they don't steal the image and erase the watermark from Fotolia for example, they can buy the cheapest option they can get, and use the image as they feel fit, there's not really a way to know if the image is being used correctly, only if we come across by chance and make a complaint. i'm aware of a new technology being studied, now being applyed to photos, but thought to be used in everything, that uses bitcoin encryption algorithms (and to my knowledge, it's the most advanced encryption there is in the world, nobody have cracked bitcoin encryption yet) and puts like a fingerprint when a new image is created directly from the camera. So the origin of the photo is known. And every time it is downloaded/copied, it is possible to know where it is being used (at least on a online basis). And the photo if it is licensed to a company, or a photographer, it can request a payment for that use (copy), they're even considering the "sharing" concept to be "payed" in a way. So this new technology could help photographers getting payed more for their work, and will create a shift on the way we pay for content, like photos, videos, games, etc...
  8. How does SS aproach new markets? - is this done through affiliate websites like - is this done only on a online basis? - do they have sales managers on the ground and go, from company to company, reach new markets and agreements? - do they opperate on different countries like Portugal, Brazil or Morocco for example? - do they approach directly tv networks, magazines, movie companies, etc.?
  9. My question comes with the doubt of when a customer buys an image for use in a website for example on a article and pays a certain amount of money for that use. But then the same image is used on a poster, flyer, invitation and several other materials. Does SS have any control on that? other example is the manipulation of an image for use on a mocking way, one time i found an image of a model of mine on a website article, sprayed with "Paint" color with horns, tongues and other ridicule things. i contacted the website and threathen to participate of their misuse of my image and ridicule to the model in case, and they removed the article and image on that same day and apoligized. Is SS aware of this, do they "see" what customers do with our photos?
  10. one thing that SS could do in a search basis is take advantage of model release information like age, skin color, female or male. Keywords or like, female, girl, woman, 40s, 20s, teenager, caucasian, black or other could be automatic included on the keyword list. When we add the model release, that info could be selected and therefore attached to that specific model release. SS could take advantage of that search mechanism. What do i you think?
  11. And can we identify what kind of customers that are not buying anymore? One thing that is lacking on SS and other stock websites is graphs and analysis. What markets/countries are buying more on SS. We have to rely on other software and companies to know that.
  12. I have all those dates and signatures all separated as requested from shutterstock and still the model release is rejected for not following SS rules. A model release i use for years on every stock site, including SS. to me only one date would be sufficient, the date of the shoot. everybody as to be present anyway on that day...
  13. i'm having problems with the model releases. I submit every single time, the same model release for years. Never had a problem. recently all they do is reject whole photoshoot batches because the model release doesn't follow SS rules. Then i resubmit again, and almost all photos are accepted. this inconsistency is very annoying. i don't know if they have less capable (more cheap) employees on the reviewing process, or they changed their team managers or something, or customers are fleeing to other stock websites or are struggling to maintain the company and this super bubble is about to burst. i don't know. What i continue to see is more cheaper images every year, less buying customers, market saturation and poor market research and penetration in the different countries, etc... And this is a trend that more or less is spreading through out the other stock websites. A good feature to add in my opinion would be, talking to google and other search engines to add button widget or something next to the images in the search results, to buy directly the image, like on google play, a cross platform, easy to use, buying system. because a lot of buyers, would be interested in using the photo, but don't know how to buy.
  14. i don't see any big problems with the pictures as well. i'm having problems as well with the reviewing process. i use the same model release for years, and never been a problem with it. now they reject an entire photoshoot because model release doen't comply with shutterstock rules or something like that. i submit again the same photoshoot, almost all photos are accepted. There's too much inconsistency with the reviewers nowadays...
  15. hello, two good features to add to the video submission: - automatic reading of date, no need to put on the caption when editorial. and country and city, i think some cameras already record that information. - automatic preview of the video when mouseover, some videos can be similar but different in conclusion, if thumbnail is similar, is difficult to see the difference between the two similar videos.