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  1. How can some of my portfolio still be available for sale when I opt out pretty much the same day I got the e-mail about the new earning structure?
  2. She will not answer you, she is just like Trump, when the heat is up she hiding under a rock!
  3. It is the payment for May, but I was probably one of the first who disabled my portfolio and also posted some critical posts, time will judge!
  4. You will PROBABLY get your money! I closed my portfolio pretty much the same day a reciewed the mail about the new earning structure - and today I got this e-mail! I have a post earlier on this matter.
  5. Kate is hiding under a rock when it´s getting heated, just like Trump!
  6. I disabled my portfolio almost the same time I got the e-mail about the new earning structure. I was a little bit worried I would no see my last earnings and that they gonna steal it from me bc of retaliation for disabled my portfolio. It looks a I will get my money the 15th of this month. I´ll wait and see.
  7. "Most important: price per clip, photo does not matter (that much) as income at the end of the month does." What are you smoking? I wanna smoke that too so I can earn same money as you, no matter of the price of the footage/photo!
  8. "Revenue per download remained flat at $3.42.".....and you get 10 cents! Financial Outlook first quarter 2020 https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/shutterstock-reports-first-quarter-2020-financial-results-301048037.html "Given the significant uncertainty that remains regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including the pace of recovery, the severity of the impact on the global economy, our customers' ability to maintain marketing spend, and the resulting difficulty in forecasting, we are withdrawing the 2020 financial guidance we previously announced on February 13, 2020.
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