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  1. Hi all, I am admittedly one of the last people on the planet to get a cell phone and am trying to understand how it's possible to submit photos to shutterstock taken with an iphone 7 plus. I am confused about the resolution. When I took a few test shots with the camera phone and transferred to photoshop, they're showing up as only having a resolution of 72 as opposed to the 300 that shows up on my files from my Nikon. I thought perhaps there was a setting where I could increase the res. on the iphone but checked with the carrier and apparently that isn't the case? How are photos taken
  2. Update 3-21-10 Since changing the title of this thread (after being requested to do so) did not have the desired effect and the new thread that's been started is already showing up as a hot topic on the front page, I'm changing the title back to the original title with a date added. That way when someone stumbles across it in the future, it won't look so ridiculous. NOTE - due to the fact that this thread formerly entitled "show your newest image" has gone on for so long and has gathered so many negative comments, I have changed the title to discourage additional posts. Thanks t
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