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  1. I wish I were only down $200. I'm down about $600. compared to this date in Jan. last year Dismal is an understatement!
  2. I guess I'm just disappointed in the quality when you look at the photos at full size on a computer monitor. They just seem so inferior to images taken with a DSLR and with all of the hype, I'm surprised. On portraits, when you look at the image at 100%, the facial features are somewhat pixelated and the details just aren't there. I have a hard time understanding how phone photos can be accepted and sell as stock considering how strict the reviews used to be. I know... it's a whole new game now but I still just don't get it
  3. Thanks for all the info, Laurin! I guess I don't have anything set wrong since my image info reads the same as yours with the pixel size and resolution. I just thought the file sizes would be a lot bigger as far as the MB size.
  4. thanks for the replies. I didn't realize that you would upload directly from the iphone. So, you don't even edit the photos before submitting?
  5. Thanks for the response. I just can't believe that the file sizes are that small...
  6. I'm trying to find someone else shooting with an iphone 7 plus. I'm new to cell phones but not at all new to photography. Just tried some test shots on the new phone and am confused with how small the file size is on the images. I started another thread with the same question but thought this topic title might catch the eye of a fellow photographer with the same phone. thanks!
  7. I found this discussion online where others are having the same issue and the only suggestion from Apple was regarding keeping files at their full size when using the icloud library which is of no help since I have not turned on the option to backup with the icloud library (just like someone else in the discussion thread noted) https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7754006?start=0&tstart=0 It's just very odd
  8. ahhh...okay, so I told you I was confused! lol! still can't understand why the file size in MB is so much smaller even than the snapshots I take with my Canon G10. Most of those files are in the 5-7 MB range and these files are just so small in comparison.
  9. that's just it. My test files are showing that the images are only around 2 mp?! This is on the new iphone7 plus! I expected the files to be much larger. The pixels are 4032 x 3024 but some of the files are only 1.47 mp. I don't get it.
  10. Hi all, I am admittedly one of the last people on the planet to get a cell phone and am trying to understand how it's possible to submit photos to shutterstock taken with an iphone 7 plus. I am confused about the resolution. When I took a few test shots with the camera phone and transferred to photoshop, they're showing up as only having a resolution of 72 as opposed to the 300 that shows up on my files from my Nikon. I thought perhaps there was a setting where I could increase the res. on the iphone but checked with the carrier and apparently that isn't the case? How are photos taken with a cell phone suitable for uploading if they have such a low resolution? thanks for any help or advice on shooting with a cell phone. I don't intend to use it exclusively for stock but would like to be sure I have all the right settings, etc. in case I would want to submit any. ~marie
  11. same issue here... only half of my port is showing up today!
  12. yes, sales are dropping at an alarming rate! July sales are the worst in almost 9 years with more than 800 dls LESS than last July! I used to track my sales hourly and now it's hardly worth checking daily! I have no idea what has happened...what changes have taken place...etc. but there seems to be little hope for any rebound. Unbelievably depressing... =(
  13. thanks for the kind words, Dave and Jelena. I honestly put my heart and soul into my photography and building my portfolio here at shutterstock since '07 and feel very blessed to have been able to maintain the level of sales that I've had every year until recently. There have been ups and downs over the years and I grumbled along with every one else in the forums (which were once very lively and fun to participate in) each time sales took a dip and shared my elation when they peaked... but with all the ups and downs, there was a steady increase overall. That is no longer the case and uploading new images has no affect. Having no control over our own level of success is just too frustrating and we're just left to be silent observers while our sales circle the drain...
  14. my portfolio seems to be completely turned off... Sales have bottomed out to nearly nothing. WORST month in over 8 years! down about 70% over last July. so sad...
  15. same here ...just keeps getting worse by the day!
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