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  1. Level 5 here - this is how a part of page 1 of SOD earnings looks like. Page 2 is full of $0.10 ones. You do the math. I've been with SS for more than 12 years and I do stock full time.
  2. The earnings page is a complete mess. Almost everytime I refresh it shows different figures. These things happen more and more often lately.
  3. Same here. Also, the sales from yesterday fluctuate... now.
  4. I got 14 pages left (out of 268 or rather) and I was just preparing for a truly massive reupload, because I'm always up to an interesting challenge. Just kidding. I freaked out and pinched myself several times, to no avail. Thankfully someone posted elsewhere a link to this topic so my heart rate doesn't look now like I'm in the gym.
  5. Some new interesting info, such as all times totals and portfolios sizes separate for images / videos. Top 5 performers should be sortable. I don't give a cr@p where in the world was any of my photos bought. BUT - I need to sort the daily earnings by photo / video ID. NOT by downloads - I want to know how my latest shots perform. Sort by downloads - what do I get? Most of my sales (and it's same for almost everyone) is 1 download on any specific day. After first images with more than 1 download (which are sorted), I get a horrible mess of 4-6 pages of stuff in which I have to locate my latest images to see how many I sold. Please repair this.
  6. Same problem here, I have contacted support. I nearly dropped my cup of coffee when I saw several hundreds missing.
  7. The Most Popular search is really broken. Make a simple test, search for "fitness" and "woman". On the first page, you also get nudes, glamour and beauty shots, not relevant to the subject searched. I can give tons of other examples, but feel free to look for yourself. I can only hope this will get back to normal, as I'm getting a strong hit in downloads, and many of my best sellers are pushed pages behind irrelevant stuff. To SS representatives: Please let us know when this will be fixed, so I can resume uploading, I'm afraid my files will get lost now, as my latest 50 - 70 images shooting. Thank you.
  8. I'm in the same situation, my latest batch of 21 images are not visible in any kind of search, or in my portfolio. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=86830408 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=86830411 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=86830420 and other 18 from this batch. I also wrote to support, no answer so far. I think the problem is bigger than just a simple fix, that's why it takes so much time. I'm also sure they're working on it, I'm so looking forward to have the Most Popular search the way it was and my images visible in portfolio.
  9. Slatan


    As sbotas before me, I find it hard to name a reviewer "knowledgeable", when he rejects images within normal dynamic range as lighting problems, or... nevermind. I don't mind raising up the review standards, I'm all fine with it. But there are one or two reviewers who just appear to click on random reject button for perfectly acceptable images. Obviously, those of us who do stock photography full time don't have time to argue against rejected batches. It's just that Shutterstock's business model and search engine is working fine and the reviewers simply work against it in this situations, rejecting good saleable material. As for the suggestion to post to "critique forum", dear moderator - this might work for newbies or amateurs. But as microstock matures, there are already hordes of professional full time photographers who will .... let's say pass this invitation :-) Regards.
  10. Slatan

    Pimp your trees

    Here's some trees for you
  11. Toyota Avensis 2007. Around 7.0l / 100km, I couldn't care less about the CO2 emissions.
  12. I thought instantly of this (should work for bedroom, maybe even bathroom):
  13. Slatan

    Are you fat?

    From the back I'm ok, especially monochrome. Excuse the girl in the photo.
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