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  1. Don't Worry, Be Happy! Spider cannibalism is the act of a spider consuming all or part of another individual of the same species as food. In the majority of cases a female spider kills and eats a male before, during, or after copulation. Cases in which males eat females are rare.
  2. Yes that does deserve a well done. I don't usually look and I wouldn't have, if you didn't. Thanks for pointing out that successful collection. The often repeating answer to "Why do I only get a dime?" πŸ€‘ But at level 4 at least some will change into 12,14,15,17,19Β’
  3. Apparently @Milo J has blocked Blvdone? πŸ˜‰ I mean if someone was looking for polite, bland and no bickering? Salt you say? I know people who add salt before they taste the food. What's with that, habit or no taste. Now that's my kind of humor... tasteless.
  4. Sure thing @Alexandre Rotenberg very authentic breakfast, cold pizza, morning after.
  5. Brady, Laurin, Phil, Scorsby, Richard, Mihai, Joe, ??? So many!
  6. That we do and I've sure learned from that too. I enjoy the Q&A I don't care much for the constant whining. πŸ˜‰
  7. I have had one OD in the 2 1/2 years that I looked back, that wasn't $2.70 and that's before the new system. Since then 2020 Low $1.74 High $3.75 but starting this month I had a 45c and a 10c? Yeah, something changed... this month! Right, most agencies do not show us the actual amount paid or details. If anyone wants to know what someone paid, just do the math? πŸ€‘ $.45 at 15% the buyer paid $3.00 for the image. Multiple the credit we get by 6.66 and then you know what the buyer paid. (I left it at 666 for a reason)
  8. He did make it to 10,000 images, if you count video and photos. No he didn't have 10,000 photos by the end of the year. Joe also had more photos but had a setback when they removed some similars. Yes and I'm one who disagreed. Although I do follow the Plop and Shoot system, ALA Farbled, and personally, I often only upload one best from a shoot and no more. I like that. πŸ‘ This is not about Joe, it's about plans or philosophy or ways people try to beat the system. There are others who insist every image Must Have 50 Words or you won't get downloads. Some think, only shoot mo
  9. Yes,it matters because settings don't tell the whole story. If he's using a cell phone or a pocket camera, or something that has a smallish sensor and fixed lens, there's little he can do to make them better through magic and editing. Of course I must agree, downsize is a good answer. I'm not saying that someone needs to have a big camera and fancy lens, to make it in Microstock, but they must have an adequate camera and lens or the task becomes less and less likely to succeed. So the camera (sensor) and lens do matter for trying to understand why the finished product has so many problems
  10. You got it! πŸ‘ Not advertised plans, at lower prices, that are only for high volume customers. We still get the percentage of each download for the level we are at. Based on what they actually pay.
  11. I never looked close at those. RX100 VII and I'll assume the RX100 II what a nice little super zoom, pocket camera. I've really liked newer Sony cameras for years now, but I'm already married to Canon. πŸ˜‰ Impressive: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-cyber-shot-dsc-rx100-vii-review#:~:text= Key Specifications 1 20MP 1"-type stacked-CMOS,or down by 90Β°) 7 Intervalometer More
  12. OK that settles it, You and Former_Poster have lost your minds and become 100% forum trolls. Don't you feel responsible that someone might actually believe something you write? Especially a camera like this.
  13. You don't really believe any of that do you? "fixed focus" camera means Can't Focus camera. πŸ’© Wide angle Macro I hope you were joking? The other secret word is (interpolation) or Interpolated It's not really a sensor that makes 48MP images, it's some cheap, focus free, fixed cheap lens and a smaller sensor that has the image blown up to 48MP. Without going and further I can promise you, this would be the worst $114.99 that anyone ever spend, by reading specs and marketing jargon, instead of the facts. Are you serious Richard or have you lost your senses. You should at least add
  14. Don't use noise reduction software, it creates more problems than it solves. I don't know how a soft RAW image is any better than a soft JPG image? What did someone saw another time? Get a better monitor. Well fine, you can see the errors better, but that doesn't make them go away? 🧐 Have a noise free shot to start with which is all of the above left from both. Also your image might not really have noise at all, but has a soft focus on the edges and front, which the review software will reject as "noise" or focus. Not saying that's forbidden or some won't pass, but the software seems to m
  15. Standard in any industry. Regular accounts pay standard prices. Big volume accounts get a preferred price for things. This goes for almost anything and everything in the world. The Big Box retail stores get prices less that some smaller store can sell for. Someone who buys 10,000 of something a year, gets a different price than someone who buys 10 of the same things. Volume Discount. There is no evidence or documentation that special photographers are paid any different from any of us. Levels take care of that. But the main point, an OD is priced different and isn't a SUB because tha
  16. But he's stealing my lines. πŸ˜‰ Fair enough. Post a link to the image, full size. If you are worried, slap a couple lines or watermarks on it. No one can see the issues on a tiny websize image. In general, large areas of sky are going to get rejected for noise or artifacts. If you sharpened the image, then BAM you just added noise to the sky and clouds. Personally I say "never sharpen any image" although some people do that. I don't because it just ruins the shot, introduces grain, pixelation and noise.
  17. Oh well, it sounded good for a little while? If you had a couple of yapping little dogs, nipping at your heels, all day long and every day, would you respond to them or pay attention, or just tune them out? Of course someone from SS looks and monitors, but you aren't going to get a reply or interaction to the endless crying and complaining. In other words, we get ignored because of a small number of people who bring the whole forum down to their level of never ending complaints and attacks. Thank Them for creating an atmosphere with no active personal support responses.
  18. So many trademarks and logos, it's hard to understand. But there you are. Just because a statue is accepted, doesn't mean it was supposed to be. Same goes for rejections. Don't ask for a clear explanation, no one actually knows the specifics. My view (and I do not represent this as an employee or someone who knows more than we all don't know) "Artwork, sculpture, installations" would be all of them, not on a specific basis of which ones are and which ones aren't. Remember there's a ban of any photographs of a whole darn mountain in Australia. Yes, that simple. Don't waste t
  19. Shutterstock Forum welcoming party for Geogif. With a stern admonishing of what will happen if he doesn't follow the rules.
  20. I know some people may have thought otherwise, but I wrote to him and we had some good laughs. My posts at him were humor, not real or personal attacks. Plus I'll say I don't know to this day of anything he wrote or did to get banned. Of course if it's been cleaned we'd never know. So I'll assume it was something other than the usual offbeat humor and comments that somehow went over the line. Here's mine... and yes bring Geogif out of solitary, please? 😁
  21. Right and it only takes a little effort to find the answer. https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/Why-was-my-content-rejected-as-Non-Licensable-Content?language=en_US Artwork, sculpture, installations That doesn't mean it's always a legal issue, even if they suggest that's the reason, it could be as simple as SS doesn't want them. This type of restricted content cannot be published for either commercial or editorial use therefore it is considered β€œnon-licensable”.
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