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  1. We'll see how all of this goes. The better half got hers months ago, she works Senior Health. She's been bugging me to keep trying. I signed up with the county = nothing. I tried one of the local pharmacies, and got a text. By the time I replied, all the appointments were filled. 🥺 I just hit Walgreens one day and there it was. Not locally but I had a choice about 28 miles either North or South, different county. Didn't the first Hummer Thread start out about Humming Birds? 😍 LOL 2010 what shutter speed for Hummingbirds. After that I actually did go and try to find some.
  2. I think the original was about movable type, as in printing, but your answer cracked me up. Talk about revisionist history, people were erased from history (or thought to be) with a hammer and chisel. Now we have the Internet and Cancel culture, where anyone can be offended and get some friends to start a cancel movement. Cancel culture can go too far as a form of censorship, revisionist manipulation of history and thought control. Which is unfortunate, just as much as the fringe groups with their disinformation and believable lies. And now for the Hummer Thread, something I discover
  3. Wasn't about you, but you always make it personal? At least we agree most of the rest of the time. (see below) Why do new people read here and keep joining Microstock agencies, thinking they will be different from everyone else?
  4. Oh my mistake, I thought it was a Microstock site and Microstock forum, for people who were trying to sell stock photos. "Photo Examples of Good Rule or Technique Application, Help for the New Contributor"
  5. By the way, I don't know if I'd say you are wrong. Maybe they are making less? But until we see the next quarterly and maybe one after that, because they will compare to 2020 1st quarter, we can't really see how this change is effecting them. We're all just posting theories and ideas. I do agree with how it's taking away income from most of us.
  6. Interesting I would have never known. Another personal note, storage is inexpensive, so I don't worry about compression. I have external backup drives 2T and up, and at a minimum, annually, save everything. I also do other backup, during the year to a different USB drive. 2T drives are now under $60 off the rack at electronics stores. 8T and I got one last year, was $159. I don't find that to be too much to back up every photo since 2004 and have space left over. 👍 @Rudy Umans Converting to a TIF allows me to edit, multiple times, and have a working master that I can go back to if needed.
  7. Yes that's about the way I see it too.
  8. I don't shoot RAW, but that's a whole different topic and not worth the endless debate. It's a personal choice, speed, size, what I do. Not saying there's something wrong with anyone else's personal choice. But... what Rudy said is correct. I sometimes open a file, make it a TIF and use that for editing. That way I have a master image, that I can open and save and correct and change, which is not compressed, so no loss. Then I save a final version as a JPG. Image > Mode > 16 Bits/Channel or 32 bits is also a choice? I'm experimenting with Affinity Photo and the interesting
  9. And before that we had "unsustainable" from iStock for the same reasons. Too many people had reached levels where we were getting paid better from all the promises of, levels. First was IS, then FT adjusted and created new levels, followed by pretty much everyone else, 123RF just combined and reduced. The last one to flip was SS. I think that's a good point though. Too many people reached the top pay levels. The Jan. reset is the worst of all, because people have to claw their way up again, only to be kicked down at the start of the next year. Just not right. At the same time, I think peo
  10. No one cares but I thought this was funny. I finally made the big time. Took me over ten years, but I have a sliced tomato in my image collection.
  11. Cool that's a great bit of advise for images in a series that are actually different. 👍
  12. Yeah just poking fun as usual. There are so many people who disagreed and said "don't downsize" you will lose sales. Of course an image that's not here can't make any sales, not even the minimums. I can't be bothered to upload, upload and upload, hoping that something will eventually pass. If size makes a difference, it's not here, but maybe other sites. OK make that for sure some other sites. Not being mean spirited towards SS, but if that's what they want and it's their site and their review standards, that's what they will get. 5MP images. There's no reason to fight that and get
  13. Nice going, you are a King and I am a Pawn. My RPD is 25¢ so far for April. Imagine that. We all used to make that 25¢ the day we started here, as minimum? Now that's what I make on average? Welcome to the future in Microstock. I thought for years, how the work could grow, how earnings could increase and what I got instead was Dollars are now Dimes. And that's not just here.
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