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  1. Midnight in New York at the Empire State Building. And last time I checked they back date to the time of the download that clicked you over. It just takes until the end of day to make the changes. You don't lose anything.
  2. I worked managing some pages. The rule was... Download before you upload anything new. Part of that was, someone else (it was Prodigy, higher ups could make changes to code, ads and some things, they didn't mess with content) As the last sale was going and things moved from White Plains to Austin and AT&T became SBC, contracts were ending. I wasn't one, but some externals threatened to sue. (for what I don't know) One morning I logged in and everything was gone. I'm pretty sure I had backups, but then some days I questioned if I had everything. Seems the answer to the protest and thre
  3. In many cases the software that does the reviews will reject many images with shallow depth of field, even if it's a nice artistic creation. I've found that soft focus in the front and more than 50% of an image with soft focus, will get a rejection. These might be nice photos, nice depth and composition, creative, but this is Microstock. Make your depth of focus deeper. It's that easy. 3.2 is not a higher f/stop, minimum f/5.6 is higher Also what @Firn suggested. You don't need to upload full size. I'm not at all familiar with the Sony AR4 I don't know what size you are starting
  4. Problem is the nuts are already out making up conspiracies and wacky stories. First it was some leader in Brazil, said could turn someone into an alligator and they wouldn’t be liable. (he was misquoted widely, as he was actually saying the drug companies were not responsible for side effects) . Now I see a guy that was trying to sabotage doses, I think by allowing them to warm up, because he thinks it's going to alter people's DNA. Local lady told me, "well fine now, but what happens five years down the road, the shots could cause cancer or something". There will be more. If people belie
  5. Friendly or telephoto? From the angle it looks like you were not threatening, which is nice. I had a mallard nest in a window well one year. They sure do find some odd spots. If not safe, the raccoons and squirrels will get the eggs.
  6. Kuranda what the heck, I don't even know where Queensland is. Oh just North of Cairns, that's interesting. "Tropical Cyclone Kimi is currently a category 1 system located around 50km offshore from Cairns." OK we'll wish the best and look forward to hearing you're fine in the morning, your time.
  7. Wow what a deal, if I give them $70 to use to expand their business, advertise, Etc. they will give me a dollar a year dividend. This is so great that you should be a stock holder instead of an artist? Or if you saved that dividend, every 70 years, you would have another share of stock. Sell your cameras and buy stock! Now that I see your next post, I'm wrong. Go to college and become an overpaid CEO. Personally I think these people are getting at least $3.5 Million too much. But if he makes more than he's paid, then the corporation will be on his side. Anyone notice how so many of these
  8. These aren't wages and we aren't employees. Roughly speaking, independent contractors. I work that way myself during the year, we get a day rate. Someone filed a claim with the state, basically what you are saying, claiming we get below minimum wage, and the answer is, as a hired independent, there is no minimum wage. If they pay me $100 a day, and I work 12 hours or 7 hours, I get paid the same. Back to here, we are paid a percentage or a set commission, on what the person paid to license the image. That's not a wage.
  9. And for the variation on that theme, I've had images accepted here that were rejected at another big site. When I looked closer and more carefully, they probably should have been rejected here too, but AI doesn't see what the humans can. Win some, lose some. This is the image, tell me what you see? (there is a fairly evident flaw even without looking at 100%) https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/old-rustic-distressed-wood-wall-blank-1879925617 Another rejection said, buyers aren't likely to be interested in this anyway. 💩 Darn I thought a nice bit of copy space with a r
  10. Years ago, and I'm not claiming I have hundreds, but I did work up a project of what I thought would make good "Blurred Backgrounds" from my own images. If I do the 44 Blurred and Backgrounds it's 4 DLS, if I only do Blurred Backgrounds 1 for 33c If you write to compliance you will get this: (bold is mine) Hello, Thank you for your email. Our requirements for submitting Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") notices of infringement are below. You may send a proper notice in reply to this email. If you misrepresent that material is infringing, Shutterstock may terminate you
  11. Good plan and not to be negative but I keep reading how feeding ducks and geese bread, is bad for them. With the way of the world right now, everything is bad in someones opinion. The air, the water, the climate, the rain, the snow... We have designer dog and cat food, (expensive of course) and ads on TV about how to cure pet obesity. Well it's not the pets fault, is it! 😀 They are wild, and I wasn't there to photograph birds or anything else except a waterfall. One of those back roads trips. where I marked places to see on the way. The waterfall was tiny and more of a spillway
  12. And tell @blvdone also, he's got links to other agencies in his personal information.
  13. Celebrating the car was only $300 to repair yesterday, they did it same day, I drove it in, overheating, no alternator, no power steering. I'm happy it didn't break on the weekend when there's no service anywhere around here until Monday. Plus I'm driving to a local gathering place to watch the Packer game! Jumping for joy.
  14. Nice shots everyone. Here's one of my on the verge of off topic, since I don't have any good duck shots. They always swim away when I come to shoot them... with the camera? Maybe some day I'll put a remote on time lapse and walk around the other side. I should be able to trick a bird brain?
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