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  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/search/similar/1101771029 Or ten people with the identical image, most I checked had under one page of photos. 😲 Two of them are just mirrored left to right. But 11 identical al images? Can anyone beat that?
  2. Just coming back because of a new post, https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Premdani 15 images, all stolen. Makes me wonder why they don't just close the account?
  3. Interesting question @ginchang much more entertaining than the constant complaining. Front: Looking down the driveway, and just for fun, the speed limit on the road in front of my house is 55MPH, so I get out and GO! This is rural Wisconsin. No traffic jams, but sometimes I have to slow down for a tractor pulling a wagon, or large farm equipment going down the road. Back: What I see in the Winter, a very black and white and brown world What's beyond those trees? Corn, Soybeans and cows, mostly. And if I look up? 😉 Hmm, maybe I should find and submit the first one? I did and it's accepted and now linked in this message. Hey, thanks for the suggestion. For anyone who might get the wrong idea of wealthy rural opulence. I bought an abandoned house in 2013. The roof still leaks a little, I fixed broken windows, doors that didn't work right, the floor is now firm "almost" everywhere. There were more things wrong than there were right. From the furnace, hot water, stove and refrigerator, not working, to lighting ballast and wiring problems. The A/C worked but caught up to the rest of the place five years later. 🙂 I love the WHERE I live, peaceful, nature, some wildlife, with a yard and trees, more than the HOW I live. It's pretty minimal, small, and affordable. Updated after @David A Litman comment below. America's Dairyland, also why we are called Cheese Heads (for the Green Bay Packer famous fans) Wisconsin produces 2.9 billion pounds of cheese, a year, accounting for 25.4% of all cheese produced in the U.S.
  4. Nice Label for this: Schroedinger's Review - its both not good enough and good enough to be accepted at the same time. The bot reviews have an uncertainty issue.
  5. Now that you folks have pointed it out, I see the same. Maps and sales don't match, but eventually they do. The phone app shows October 8th and nothing after. I also started noticing missing images, when I was looking at top performers, like https://www.shutterstock.com/image/8651245 some which came back later and now different images don't show. Right now this one is missing, maybe tomorrow the forum will show an image? Today my sets when I tried to copy a link, were undefined (none of this is related to the other) but if I used an old copied link, they were there. When copying a link for a set, where it says undefined, you can insert your name and it will work. Oh but I didn't need to do that. Five minutes later they were working again. 😉 What else can I conclude, there are some bugs. (two days later, still missing, I wonder what it is?)
  6. Gotta love that 4 minute change in the image review. 🤪 Normally I don't care enough, unless the image is actually something I think might sell, but now I guess I'll just upload again after I go take out the garbage and get a cold soda.
  7. I'm suspecting that sometimes a human actually sees them, not the other parts. 🙂 I think we've seen enough evidence to say, intake is computerized. Yeah, I guess pounding onthe door might get someone to answer. Just says more about the standards and the AI reviews consistency. Personally if I think something is actually good enough content to potentially get a sale... I might upload a second time. I really don't rely on "How Big Is Your Portfolio" as a standard of quality or sales. However, with the new system, as everything is changing from reviews to commissions, more is better, because the more Crapstock sales I get for 10¢ the more money I'll get for the good sales. So now my attitude towards less is more needs to be adjusted to the more Crapstock I can upload, the more money I'll make from quality shots. I need a way to make more acceptable snapshots, maybe more phone photos? LOL Actually I still have a nice pocket camera on a bookshelf somewhere. I can point and shoot out the window of the car. I'm thinking Autumn, cows and nature. Sad how this has changed, but I'm still having fun.
  8. Interesting, and yes I've used similar, like soft focus, misty rain, clouds, and others, in hope that someone will see that it's not Out Of Focus! Initial review I can now agree with you, intake is automated to a great extent. Some images are seen by humans, because I know I have had rejections after acceptance and I know that resubmitting with previously submitted, got one through. But that's not a fact, we don't know, it's just a supposition. In the past I never selected previously submitted, and images got accepted on a second try. I can only suspect that after the Bots do the review, some might be sent for a further human inspection. At any rate, "reviewer doesn't like me" and reviewers just don't like the image so they pick a random rejection, are pretty much issues of the past. Intake is automated, no matter what name, AI, Machine Learning or Bots. 👍 When images are accepted or rejected in under 60 seconds, that's the way things are now.
  9. Question: "Each image we process must be perfectly described and must have 50 keywords in English." what about Adobe? Can you give a rough estimate of what the models cost you for a shoot, is that hourly and do they vary in fees? Interesting interview, nice reading and positive attitude. What name did you use in 2017?
  10. Really, could you quote one of these agreements or show how they work? Someone claims that Africa Studio has one, but I see nothing to confirm that? So is the big studio agreement a theory, conjecture or is there anything to show that's a fact? Oh right, none of these people are allowed to say they have an agreement, that's convenient. Personally I can not confirm nor deny that I have any special agreement with Shutterstock. 😁 But KrakenImages could deny the special contract, would you and some of the others, believe them?
  11. That red line looks odd. The writing on the barrel. It's possible they are rejecting for the design of the cap and product. Shadows are pretty nasty. 😉 They could be seeing problems in the grain upper left or maybe in the shadow areas? I'd say, interesting concept, re-shoot and forget about this one. Clone out all markings on the marker. Mountain needs a translation? Error, re-submit or look full size, is there anything with any text, even a tiny sign, somewhere? Good Luck This image will disappear some day when I see it in my Temp. folder.
  12. While there's no protection, you can't copyright a concept, nothing legal that's worth it, SS did have rules against copying descriptions and they frown upon this direct idea copies kind of activity. These things always take time, but if there's an answer, hopefully SS will explain their current position. Lets say, that the OP has registered all the images. How much does anyone spend to try to sue someone in Belarus, which after winning and paying a lawyer, the next step is "good luck trying to collect". I don't accept this copying, it's way past inspired by an idea, but how would anyone stop it, except through the agency?
  13. Must be a location thing: Canvas Art 1,561,633 Items and Exclusive 5,294 so they don't have everything from SS and considering the numbers, they don't have most of the SS collection. In fact search for "shutterstock" brings up 14,926 Items and lists the artists name. https://www.art.com/asp/search_do.asp/_/posters.htm?searchstring=shutterstock&SSK=shutterstock&WT.oss=shutterstock I searched my account name and my artist name and there's nothing of mine. Curated Collection, so maybe people can stop panicking that they are getting a 10c download for a canvas print. Only 14,926 items are from Shutterstock. 🙂 Still wondering about those and how they are reported, and what we get. I'm guessing that minimum is minimum, the worst would be 10¢ a use, but without evidence I'm only guessing that we aren't getting anything like those horrid Connect sales like some other place.
  14. Quite so, I'm still planning my next breakfast shoot, eggs and toast or maybe some night sliced tomatoes, before I put them into the sauce. 🤓 While the next flower shot any of us do, isn't likely to be noticed or rise to fame and fortune, as a best seller, it is our vision and work, and sometimes might get a download? I call mine "Not Suitable for Microstock" or No Commercial Potential, but that doesn't stop me from uploading them? 1,417,031 waterfall stock photos But to be honest, some people do very nice waterfall work and make sales. Maybe your Zinnia is the chosen one? If you aren't on the first few pages, you might never be seen, or downloaded, unless there's something specific and different from the rest. 73,976 zinnia flower stock photos only half as many as waterfalls, but maybe there's more of a demand for waterfalls?
  15. Right, my image only has 19, another where someone downloaded three images, has 17. Dots are just dots. Just today my iPhone sales were showing one more than the laptop. The map and the computer didn't match. Now they are all the same. Everything isn't synchronized or the same all the time, but as long as I get paid for every download, accurately, I'm satisfied. I don't know about timely reporting. Just like other agencies, some bigger customers, report in batches, not real time. I've never thought that sales here or anywhere were real time accurate. Consider Alamy? Or for humor, Getty, with nothing for a month or more. No one knows if others are saving, storing, or reporting by the minute, hour or week.
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