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  1. Phil had that problem and I don't believe he ever came up with the solution or conclusions. He's gone now. My only guess was, are you filling in details in the Origin section of your IPTC data. Specifically the Headline section. SS will read headline before Description for some reason? You aren't the only one, but I don't recall anyone getting an answer from support, or one that was posted here. Considering I'm over 70, I don't remember everything anymore. 🤓 If it was shortened after going online, ignore my answer, that's something different, that happens during intake.
  2. Good that you did, I forgot about the adjustment tab. 👍
  3. It's 631 x 631 in Irfanview, In CS 3 I see 472 x 472? I'm wondering if you checked your artboard size? 2000 x 2000 would be the minimum.
  4. What Landmark? SS restrictions may be different from actual legal restrictions. Since you don't know which agency it was licensed from, the whole question is impossible to answer. Good suggestion, if it was from SS. 👍
  5. Sometimes the system makes an error and adds the keyword suggestions. I haven't had that problem so I can't say more, but other people have. It's not just you, and sometimes the software for your uploads, misses the IPTC data, so you get the suggestions from AI. In other words, it's not you, and the problem seems to be intermittent.
  6. Yeah no problem with that, I'd agree. Like those stupid games that people send out on Facebook, asking all kinds of questions, what was your first dogs name, where did you grow up, and wait a minute those are the same as the secret recovery questions. I'll never play those. Your point about enough information, I agree with absolutely. I wasn't saying the problem was YOU but that there are other ways someone can get information, or break into our computers. Other than deciding, it's Shutterstock because... ? Glad you found it before something worse happened than wasting time deleting spam, changing your password and the aggravation that they caused. I always wonder, if SS (for example) will somehow try to locate the address they changed things to? But then I think, that's probably stolen too and someone's dormant email, as a Paypal account. There must be a way to flip that money from one place to another and then after it has cleared, spin the account back to the original owner, so no one knows where the money really went.
  7. Well that's all good, especially B. So that means no one has access to your computer, there's no keystroke logging infection, you don't use any password manager, you have never logged into a public internet source, your home internet wireless is absolutely secure and you have eliminated all other ways someone could get into your SS account, to change your password, except through SS and their own system. Since we get scattered reports like this, and not a massive breach of hundreds of accounts at a time, I keep thinking, someone inside, whether it's SS or Webdam occasionally gets account information and sells it to the hackers? Rather than attack many, they just pick a few here and there. Always end of the month too, it seems. Another inside, not SS but another agency, could be attacking because so many people will use the same password for many agencies. They would actually be better off, looking for inactive people, who don't read the forums, and don't login to their accounts, or don't pay attention, rather than someone like you, who is active and would notice the same day. Good that you resolved the problem. And nice that SS reports unusual activity to us. I have other sites that tell me when I change my password, or make a lost password request. "was this you?" Nice if someone is trying to get in, those attacks are reported.
  8. Always makes me wonder if that could get it sent for Human Review? Bots don't know Ford (in a title) from Ford (as in the manufacturing company) or ford that's a crossing in the river. 😃
  9. Nope, we usually don't see big delays. I may have mentioned, that usually the count goes up and usually even if they don't show in my portfolio, they are available for buyers. Not this time. Mine just appeared this morning. Looks like whatever was broken, as been fixed. Keep in mind, another, as usual, is that nothing gets fixed on weekends.
  10. Not that this helps you, but you are correct, most of support is outsourced, and those people will not have financial and account access. Didn't the person who answered you offer any way to forward your question to someone inside SS? I don't know if that's how it works and they can escalate the question to someone at HQ? It would seem logical that any questions about personal matters, finances Etc. on an account, should be re-directed to someone inside the company. Anyone would think that a $27 refund should also come with an email explaining why? Good Luck.
  11. AI Bots get vacation on weekends? 😁
  12. That's nice but not our images, that's the premier collection. (as I read it?) But still, our image license: https://www.shutterstock.com/license IV. Any use of Editorial Content licensed hereunder is further subject to those express restrictions set forth in Part I, Section 4 (prohibiting any use distributed via broadcast/cable/OTT, on publication covers, and in print runs in excess of 500,000) as well as any “special restrictions” (e.g., geographical or industry-specific usage restrictions) indicated on the image detail page and/or included in the metadata attached to an item of Editorial Content. I'll just jump back to the first question, is this same image available on more than Shutterstock and if you have no idea where it was downloaded from, how would you proceed with any case, anywhere, as you don't know the terms of that license.
  13. OK maybe I didn't ask the question right. How do you know that the source of your hack into Shutterstock was the fault of Shutterstock and not that someone got in, from information they got somewhere else? Nice to see that SS monitors unusual activity and tries to warn us. Now I'm thinking if I ever get a huge load of spam, the first thing I'll check is SS for intrusion. This is an interesting site for checking: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Type in your email address and see which sites that you use, may have been breached. ps that reminds me to change my password for SS again. 🙂
  14. Must be a sentence not just a group of keywords or words. AI does not like or hate... 😉 https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/pkb_sstk_core_contributorkb_home?l=en_US&c=ContributorKB%3AContent_Rejection_Reasons " Titles must be complete sentences, not a list of keywords. Keywords should be added in the keyword section only. For example, using the title “dogs, canine, puppy, puppies in field” to describe an image would be unacceptable. “Puppies playing in a field with blue sky on a summer’s day” would be a more appropriate title. " I'm pretty sure the intake bots are now using an automated grammar checker. 1. Rila lakes plant between the rock bottom 2. A mountain plant, that grows between the rocks 3. Photo of mountain flower that grows between rocks 4. A plant in the mountain that grew between the rocks 5. A green plant that blooms in heart of the mountain 6. Green mountain plant 7. A plant in the mountain with grass around it 8. Beautiful mountain plant in Bulgaria 9. A green plant between stones Also little bit of advise that they point out, use present tense not past tense. So Growing would be best. Describe what is in the photo: A green flowering succulent plant, surrounded by grass, growing in a field of moss covered rocks on a hillside. Don't forget that descriptions are searched just like keywords and buyers can find your images better with an accurate description of what's in the image. Yes if you can ID it and the Latin name, that's good too, but in keywords is just as good as title/description for that. Right there's no flower, but it is a flowering succulent, maybe leave the flowering off? Good luck!
  15. Check your approved images? "It may take up to 3 days for your approved content to be viewable elsewhere on the site." Just because we get instant and sometimes in hours, the official answer has been for many years "may take up to 72 hours for images to appear". Don't forget the size of the database, the servers involved and the entire planet. Sometimes an image will appear and then you look and it's gone. That just means you hit a different server that doesn't have the latest update. Good news, also sometimes, you will not see an image in your portfolio, but if you search, it will be up for sale. Very few buyers search by artist, compared to by keywords. Mine are nowhere right now. My latest two accepted, yesterday, don't show in Fresh and my image count isn't 2 higher either. Sometimes the system screws up and it takes some time to get repaired. 🙂 Especially weekends. 72 hours.
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