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  1. Groundhog Day. No one knows the answer. One person stopped for over a year and saw no change, while another thinks they see a change in a month? True new images don't stay on top as long as they used to, all the complaints that new images don't sell. If new images don't see and don't get the boost, why would adding new images be necessary to help anything? People will see and believe what they want to believe and see, there's your answer. I think I'm tired of the round and round of the same questions with the same imagined answers, when we honestly don't know. Make up your own answer, which is just as likely to be correct. Mine too! 👍 I'm tired of wasting time on speculation that has no evidence or actual use for us. Forum Vacation ahead.
  2. Well not top secret what I actually do, is shoot at a "normal" setting. I do shoot manual. When I think I have from 5 - 10 "good" clear photos of every car and driver, I start to go into the extreme's. Like you showed me 1/60th f/14 long lens, panning. Most of those win the DEL key when I start editing, but one good one, I'll be happy. I also go ultra wide or other angles and try different not so conventional compositions. Although cars going at around 100MPH or 200MPH is different than a car on a roundabout going 15. So I can end up at 1/360th as well. Yours look nice and the motion blur is useful. Nothing worse than someone who shoots at 1/100th and stops everything, freezing the wheels, like the car is parked and deep focus, so the whole scene looks like boring fixed parts. Motion blur gives the visual effect of speed and motion. True, sometimes the reviewers might miss that and think it's failed focus. For anyone trying, smooth pan, follow from before to shutter release and continue to follow. All one sweep, never stop until well after the shot, because any slowing or change will mean, speed change which is a failed shot. It's all about a sweeping smooth motion and takes some practice to get good at the one motion with a click in the middle, not moving the camera, up or down or anything else. Not rocket science or difficult, just that everything works better when done in a smooth continuous motion. Worth learning. Say someone is shooting those elusive high speed ducks in flight, a good panning motion is always helpful. 😉
  3. Year or not a year, how much do you expect to make from the clip? Under $1000 or much more. I'd take the money. However I suspect the letter is a hoax. For many of the reasons listed, not your name in the contact, something wrong with the ID on the clip. The 12 months or 12 years. It's just fishy all over. +55 is Brazil but that means nothing I looked on SS contacts - note ###-#### not +55 11 96316.0706 kind of numbers The real Brazil number listed for ShutterStock is: Brazil 0800 878 1022
  4. Thanks, I hadn't noticed that. Yes I have some sets, mostly for myself, but the good news is, they are by category or subject, so maybe that will help if someone notices? There was always the similar images from the same artist. Just looked, it shows up as see [artist name] collection [collection name]. Nice!
  5. Ah something I actually do upload. 👍 Panning at slow shutter speeds that is. I can't see full size but if the blue car is sharp all the way, nose to tail, wheels and background shouldn't matter. That can be difficult, but if anyone is trying these, you might consider at least f/8 rather than worrying as much about shutter speed. Then shoot a bunch of them and get one great/perfect matched pan. As unusual as it could seem, the only time I got past f/8 for anything, is slow pans. I mean scenic views, panoramas, no need for more, but f/14 at 1/60th of a second is when I will do that. There's actually a point when slow speed, I can get the center of the car, in perfect focus, while the nose and tail will be out of range and softer, because of the panning and how the edges are distorted in motion. And yes I've had focus rejections when that happens, even though it's perfectly acceptable and shows motion in a still image. Not for some reviewers.
  6. Mostly my view too. Best for my information and sales data. Then I can decide what to shoot more of and what's not really making me money. More efficient use of time and effort. Maybe someone who shares on FB and Twitter can explain how they have actually made sales from sharing? I don't want to spam my friends or trash up my FB account with sets and promotions, when I see that place as social, not a marketing platform. I mean how many friends would I have, if I was pounding them with sets of images, every week. They aren't buyers. And potential buyers are not my FB friends or followers, they won't see them. Twitter, so who do I tweet to that would actually care? I use the links on my websites, to promote specific subjects. I can't ever say for sure if any of that ever led to a sale, but they are there just the same. That can be another use. If someone asked for a specific group, I could make a set. I just don't see them as being a general use, broad marketing tool.
  7. Sets? No one going to venture into sets? Go to https://submit.shutterstock.com/catalog_manager Click the + to create a new set, decide you want to publish the set. (if only for yourself for stats, don't publish) Tick the box in the upper right corner, you can only do one page at a time. That's for the whole portfolio. Or you can do a search and come up with only your images that have those results. Which makes making sets easier, by keyword. Drag any image into the set and all of them will go. You can't drag an image over twice, by accident or intentionally. Set order, first dragged are first, there's no re-arranging. Don't forget to share the set, Set Actions, because then you can copy that link for your website or for specific examples that you might want to email? Also in set actions is stats, which lists your images in that set by individual image earnings. I use sets to see how my images are selling, according to age sets like newest 100 or oldest 100, subjects or image type, like Illustrations or scenic or food photos ? I can look and see how Cheeseburgers are doing, how many downloads and how much money. I find that most useful. I don't think that buyers are going to love me so much that they will suddenly look at my many sets. "Oh my Pete does such wonder cheeseburgers I need to see what else he has..." And then suddenly decide they need a photo of a tree in Winter? From time to time, too many sets will break the system and you won't be able to share any of them. That limit was at one time 50 sets. Also your sets are available when someone looks at your portfolio, I'd think that featuring the best and being selective is better than splashing everything, which lacks direction or continuity. To each their own. Personally I find sets most useful for evaluating what to shoot and what has brought the best return in money. I can send a set and not have anyone else see the downloads or earnings. See? Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers. 😉 Pete's Famous Cheeseburgers and Hamburger photos Which are pretty much Crapstock, but a fun set.
  8. Yes, historical Tombs which may be heritage, managed or controlled by some agency, who wants to control the photo rights. And it depends when. Gravestones used to be accepted, now it seems they aren't? I only had blank ones in the past, haven't added any in many years. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/Why-was-my-content-rejected-for-Intellectual-Property?l=en_US But: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/Known-Image-Restrictions-Objects-and-Subjects Here's the specific answer: Cemeteries and Graveyards Cemeteries and graveyards that depict legible names of the deceased and/or unique statues cannot be accepted for commercial use Acceptable for commercial use if the content does not contain legible names of the deceased and/or unique tombstone statue Acceptable for editorial use with a proper caption So no names or statues, unless you have submitted the image as Editorial. Good luck and congratulations in advancing to your first level achievement in - Photography and the Law. (according to Shutterstock) 😁
  9. You guessed right about the people I called "responsible" hobbyists. Plus those fields are for clubs and members and have insurance. Lucky for me, there are still farm fields, and if I wanted I could go across the street or down the road and fly what I wanted. I just happened to be more interested in racing boats, which don't get quite as destroyed if they fail, run out of fuel, or crash. Well not most of the time? I have a sailboat too. Problem is, there are even less places for those. Yes I walked to school, alone or with friends, from Kindergarden through High School (and rode a bicycle too) and early years of college, I walked, because I couldn't afford a car until I was 22. But good point, I'm not 22 anymore either? 😃 Heck, I hitch-hiked to get to the airport to come home from college and from basic training. Who does that anymore? That whole busing thing is so much BS. My Son was two blocks from the school and they told me he had to take the bus. I said, you want him to get picked up and ride around on a bus for 30 - 45 minutes, instead of walk two blocks down a private dead end, residential street? Kids now, seem to get up earlier, ride on buses, get off school, and ride on buses. Safer? Anyway, drones have been given a bad name and the press plays up the fears, dangers, privacy and anxiety. Politicians play for the press and made laws to appease their constituents. I mean who's got more power? A bunch of people without a drone, who wish they owned one or a few people who actually own and fly them. Plus all it takes is one or two irresponsible people to ruin everything for the rest of the pilots. I'm saying there has been an over reaction, specific laws created to regulate (hey tax money?), and new restrictions, to a minor nuisance and exaggerated fears. Do we need more laws to regulate and restrict our personal freedom? Photographers rights are being taken away, country by country, no one wants that? Works of art, public places, national sites, heck a whole mountain in Australia. Laws and restrictions to take away our open rights to make photos for useful purposes. But someone up flying a camera with computer controls, oh That's Bad. Sorry I don't have a UAV, I don't need one or want one, but I'm going to stand up for the people who do want them.
  10. The point I want to make is, when someplace changes the search, it isn't about "lets hurt these people", or "lets help those people" which is the claim so many times. Obviously if my sales go down, then for the same subjects, someone else's sales will go up. Assuming that sales overall haven't gone down, down, down. (which they have) The idea is to overcome position bias and actually make a better experience for buyers. The same changes also help some artists by adjusting for unfair bias. No one wants and unfair advantage do they? 😉 OK, but no one wants an unfair advantage for someone else, that's for sure. https://medium.com/adobetech/evaluating-addressing-position-bias-in-adobe-stock-search-9807b11ee268 Just because the story was reported in Dec. 2019, doesn't mean it happened in Dec. 2019. Things changed well before the results were analyzed. And I've said this before, no one should assume that SS isn't right on top of the same kind of changes to offer better diversity and a better experience to buyers. Because of the virus, advertising is down. Agencies are shutting down, letting people go, cutting staff. Big companies are not producing mailings. People don't have as much money to spend. "With large segments of the U.S. economy basically shut down, there is little reason for airlines, hoteliers, casinos, retailers, auto makers, film studios, or restaurants to advertise at the same pace. And small businesses are more focused on meeting payroll and staying alive than on advertising and marketing." source: Barron's Close observers of how the advertising business has fared in recent weeks say the new crisis may be worse than during the Great Recession, (late 2000's) "more than $60.5 billion in global ad spending evaporated," according to the WARC research group. "It took eight years for the industry to fully recover." Talking about the current situation: “It was a seismic shock, possibly the biggest we have faced, ever,” said Harris Diamond, the chief executive of the advertising company McCann Worldgroup. “It all took place in a very short period of time, and is having an impact everywhere we communicate.” Overall spending on digital ads for March and April is down 38 percent from what companies had expected to lay out, and ad spending has fallen 41 percent on TV, 45 percent on radio, 43 percent in print publications, and 51 percent on billboards and other outdoor platforms, according to the trade group IAB." quotes from the New York Times This will not be over soon and I'd guess that all things Microstock will continue to get worse, before anything starts to get better. Look again at the drop in spending for digital ads, which I'd guess is a large portion of our licenses.
  11. Common sense, there's what we're missing. I know there was something wrong. Yes, that's what's needed. When a series is not skipped over, as the same as similar. That's good sense. I'm forced to add, if common sense is so common, why isn't there more of it?
  12. Sounds like you have a good start and a plan. 👍 Yeah, some day... make the negative shots, open and Control+I bingo!
  13. And uploaded before the new improved strict similar regulations. 😉 @HumpbackCamel There might be some software that pre-checks images for size, color space being RGB, file type, and other details. There are no bots that review images. You might read that on the forum, repeated mythology. But the fact is, a human reviews every image. They have software that helps, just like we have software that helps us edit, and tells us about the image. Photoshop is not a Bot and neither is technical review software. There are at least four tracks for reviews, there could be more. Illustrations, Video, Commercial and Editorial are all reviewed by different teams. That means, they will all have different possible review times. I've had a group upload, same day, same time, with commercial, an illustration and an editorial. They all passed in different times, the commercial in minutes, the Editorial took days. There's no promise that the opposite won't be true. We don't know if images are reviewed in batches anymore, or if reviewers are assigned, or if the images are spread out. But the fact that anything close to similar in design or colors, is rejected for "similar" would indicate that they are still in batches, assigned to reviewers, unless the software shows the image being reviewed and then all our other uploads, from the same batch, or some machine learning looks at all recent uploads, which is illogical and complicated. I'll guess that one reviewer gets a persons batch of recent uploads, each based on type of content. Depends on how much you think the image is useful and could be downloaded by a buyer? If it's just hoping and the image isn't that special, I might, check, adjust, maybe downsize if it was for grain or focus, and upload a second time. Rejected after that? No again and again, no 3rd attempt. Move on, invest your time on something that produces, not wasting or spending time fighting for a lucky review. The main point of all that? Is the image something that someone will want, or is it just another image? If it's special and uncommon, by all means, try again. If it's just another shot like hundreds of thousands already here, you are wasting time. Pick your battles for value. 👍
  14. Wow a Home Run! Best I can do is a triple. Well, considering you counted one as two, but still, well done. Unless this counts as four? Well, I'm proud to join the club. Especially since one of the forum pundits says, we can only get one rejection. 🤡 I like it when the reviewers actually give more reasons, it saves the time I'd spend correcting, if I thought it was only one. I buried that image and moved on. As for similars, no use submitting a series anymore. I know I won't. I mean, even a small series, will now be rejected for similar. The way it looks, two of something are going to be rejected. Way to strict. I know that some of my old series, would have been one shot now, and although I do make one of a kind, usually, I have done a series/sequence, which is different. Here's hoping that someone up top, takes a look and says, these rules are too strict and are blocking some good marketable images from being included. I don't mean take everything, I'm not in favor of spam or terrible focus, composition or lighting. But when two of the same subject, becomes "similar" that's over the line.
  15. R/C model airplanes have been flying around for over for 60 years, no one got excited, no licenses, no people claiming invasion of privacy. Now UAVs and toy copters are called drones and have a digital camera (instead of film) and suddenly, everything is different? You see broad bans, like all state and National parks, signs, restrictions and stories making the the news. I think part of this is media driven, and part because of the new technology that took things from a small hobby, with responsible enthusiasts, to anyone who has the cash, who can go buy and fly one of these. The weight and size restrictions make the most sense. That way, people just flying a toy, can still enjoy some fun, without permits and all kinds of technicalities. So the question is, if I put a digital camera on a kite and take photos, or a helium balloon, do I need a pilots license? I'd guess that 95% number is dropping every time we look more are what's legal and what's not and where? 😁 Not a drone shot: You just take a GoPro and shoot it up into the air with a slingshot... or a small rocket. Easy!
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