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  1. 9 images today - for 1.05 US Dollars - wasting time and efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. It is SO SAD to see DRAMATIC fall down in earnings!!!! Makes one think - why should I stay here...
  3. ....and they don't give a s***t that we are the base and the foundation of their business - our images and videos...
  4. Perhaps now it the time to ask if any of you think that the almost global protest against the new commission method has any effect and will there be any change in the future?
  5. Thanks Milo and J and stevemart - now it is clear
  6. Mike, if you read my post you would probably understand that I had been here from even before June...
  7. But according to SS I am back on level 4?....
  8. I do not understand how it works! Here is what I wrote to the support: I fail to understand your new profits commission for contributors. According to your message, from the 1st. of June this year there is a change. I was on Level 4 with 30% commission and set back to level 1 with 15%. After 100 images sold - it will move to level 2. Well, in June I have sold 161 images, and now in July 133 images. I do not see ANY change in my commission!!! Why is that???? Here is the reply: The amount that you earn from each download is a percentage of the price paid by the customer for that license. The percentage paid to you varies with the earnings level you are in at the time of the purchase, while the purchase price varies depending on the type of plan the customer used to download your content. I can see that you are currently on level 4 for images and level 1 for videos, you can earn 30% of the sale price for images and 15% for videos licensed from your portfolio. I wrote again: I still fail to understand!!!! In May I use to get $0,38 as the lowest commission - now the lowest is $0,10!!!!! According to you I am back to level 4 as I used to be - so WHY DO I GET THE LOWER COMMISSION????????????????? Can anyone here explain to me?
  9. Until the recent changes in commission policy I was in Level 4 and average per image was $0,38. Now I was moved by you to level 1 and get (very strange how calculated) the followings: $0.10, $0.13, $0.14, $0.19 per image. How is it calculated? As I understand once you pass the 100 images per month you move to next level. I june I sold 161 images. In May I sold 127 images. I do not see any change in my LEVEL. How come???
  10. Shame, shame, just one BIG shame! After so many years of being loyal and devoted contributor????
  11. As I understand there 2 ways to organize keywords - by ABC alphabetic order or by relevancy / importance. Which is better and why? Is it really important?
  12. Sometimes I do not get it. Recently 5 of my images of machinery in a packing house for onions were rejected because of missing release. Some other images of houses are accepted. Any idea why?
  13. How do I create a link to my porfolio in order to promote and increase sales? What according to your experience are the best ways to increase sales?
  14. Came just now - We would like to offer a clarification about yesterday’s email regarding the titles of your content. This email was distributed to a broader group of contributors than we intended. We sincerely apologize for the concern caused. We want to reassure you that no further action is required from you. The vast majority of our community work hard to consistently create powerful and descriptive titles to support their work. Our goal is to create a fair and level playing field for our entire contributor community and we value the time and energy invested into preparing your content for license on Shutterstock. We have robust compliance standards in place to protect the integrity of your content and we are investing heavily in developing a new platform to improve the contributor experience. You may have seen some of the new pages recently rolled out. Included in this development will be new contributor tools to help with your content submission process. We are working tirelessly on creating the best contributor experience for our content creators and we apologize for the communication yesterday. You can expect that any further communication from us will be detailed, informative, specific, and actionable. Thank you, Jon Oringer and The Shutterstock Contributor Support Team
  15. Got one and do not understand it!!! Cannot recall any single of my images with repeated words!
  16. Yesterday had my first sale of extended license image sine the change! The reduction in pay was about 25%.
  17. So, as I can see I am not the one with very low EL...
  18. My sales of Enhanced images are down to zero more or less since there was a change in the commission for contributors. How is it by others?
  19. What I mean is not my portfolio but a link to Shutterstock that acts like a referral link - i.e., that i will get commission of sales from users that register as contributors.
  20. .I remember that there was a place in your site where I could see the most sold or most popular images of the week, month etc. Cannot find it. Where is it?
  21. .Is it allowed to post a referral link (contributors or customers) into social media in order to increase my sales?
  22. And what is it that Elements has that PSCC does not?
  23. JSvideos, Can you please tell us how is it done in Adobe Bridge?
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