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  1. Dreamstime has been "fine" for me. Not great but lifetime earnings are at $6365.99. Now that might sound great (hey, that's a nice used car!) but keep in mind, this is for 13-14 years and they have 998 of my images listed. So do the math. Beats a sharp stick in the eye for sure but not enough to pay the bills at $38 per month average. Oh and Adobe called *me* to speak with me about 2 years ago. They had a 30 min conference call with me (I think 3 of them were on the line) to ask me about my needs. And every year they send me a free license for their editing suite because of my downloads there. So yeah, so far anyway, Adobe rules.
  2. Why did Stan Pavlovsky (@spavlovsky) delete his Twitter account? Is this what most CEOs do when a few people @ them with angry tweets? I honestly don't get it.
  3. I'm not going to deactivate my port, even though I should. Unfortunately they have me over a barrel there. What I will do is not submit new items going forward, instead opting to submit them to other better sites (which will probably screw me in the future just like SS and iStock did). Like a lot of us, I used to do really well on iStock. Then they screwed us. Then I did really well on SS. Now SS has screwed us. So the musical chairs continues. I would like to believe that there is some type of karma for this type of behavior (stepping on little people to extract more blood from stone, simply because you can) but I don't believe in karma or anything supernatural. People can do bad things, still go home to a nice house with kids and a spouse, and still sleep at night, and nothing bad happens. People can do bad things and totally get away with it with no downside, if they so choose. This is the reality that we all must accept. Life is unfair, especially to the lower and working classes. It's the hardest thing I have ever had to accept in life, and I am still working on it.
  4. So I shot with a green chromakey background for the first time in studio today. Should I submit the model shots with the background as-is or should I do the standard "isolated on white" treatment? I can see pros and cons with both approaches. Any experience as to which will lead to more sales? Thanks!!!
  5. I am debating whether or not to purchase a (better) fisheye lens and use it on stock photo shoots. For those of you who have submitted a decent amount of fisheye photos, how are they selling? If there isn't much of a market for fisheye photos then I don't want to waste my time. I would love to hear about your experience selling fisheye photos on stock sites!
  6. I made more than 4 times as much on SS this month as I did on the next nearest site. So, over 400% more sales on SS than the next nearest site. This is not an anomaly; most months I make anywhere from 300%-500% more on SS than on the other sites. This was not always the case. For the first few years I made more on other sites (especially one in particular) but in recent years my sales have plummeted at that one particular site (along with many other people's, the place is a mess) and my sales have skyrocketed here. I have to believe that SS is doing something right with available client plans and/or marketing. And again, I thank them sincerely for that.
  7. I wish I could show everyone how much more money I make from SS than the other sites I list on (combined). It is truly incredible. SS is doing something (or many things) right and it is benefiting me big time. Thanks so much SS!!!
  8. I am sorry if this has already been covered but I am still very confused about all of the rules. Please allow me to explain my situation: I collect old photographs and negatives. Please allow me to offer two examples and see if I can submit them here. Example #1: A photo of people standing in front of a Chevrolet car in 1938/1939. The people are middle aged so they are certainly dead at this point. I don't know who they are anyway. Can I submit this photo as editorial? I do not know who took the photo or who is in the photo. Example #2: photos of the 1939 world's fair. Let's just stick to the ones without people in them. I do not know who took them but I assume they are dead. Can these be submitted as editorial? Thanks in advance for your time!
  9. Here are the issues I am having: 1. After uploading the upload appears to fail and I get an error message. Then after a while the images show up in the editing queue anyway. 2. After editing the images and submitting them I get a confirmation of the submission but then the images do not show up in the waiting for review queue and in fact they are back in the editing queue (albeit with keywords and descriptions saved thank god).
  10. This all may be a moot point because upon further investigation it turns out the file was not purchased by anyone--for any license--from either of the two sites during the past 30 days. Given the photo was used during the Weekend Update segment and was used for a current news story (a news story that happened on the 13th) they will not be able to claim that it was downloaded months or years ago and then only used now. So, unless I am missing something, basically it appears that maybe they got the file somehow from the internet (from a site that legitimately purchased it from a stock photo site most likely) and used it without paying a dime.
  11. Thanks so much for the reply. yeah, I figured that. Is it much the same for single/on-demand downloads? Do they have different limits or are they the same as standard downloads? Would EL be the only way someone could properly use a file in this way?
  12. I have a photo that I only sell here and on one other stock photo site. Saturday Night Live used the photo during their January 18th episode. My question is this: wouldn't an EL need to have been purchased for this type of usage? Does a standard license allow telecast and rebroadcast? This was shown to a few million people during the telecast and then millions more during on demand viewing and then DVD sales. No extended license was purchased on this site or the other site for this photo; only standard licenses have been purchased for the file. Any thoughts?
  13. OK thanks so much. Sorry if I was being impatient but I really need the money! LOL Thanks for answering and have a great day, Kate
  14. I am still waiting on a reply to an email I sent 6 or 7 days ago. I am starting to get upset.
  15. lmfaoooooooooooooooooo I actually had to look up what that meant. Happy to make u laugh. rotflmfao (more homework for you)
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