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  1. Good point. 700 sub package and only 100 downloaded would be 1,99 for an image and we would get 10c. That is 1,89 for Shutterstock. That is 5% not 35%. Easy game. And we would never find out. Simple. Clean. Brutal
  2. Question for the admin: I am a level 5 contributor now according to your new system. How much will do I get for a subscription download??? Will I get something similar to 38c or my subs income will allways be lower since June?
  3. Yes, it happened again. Waiting for images to appear...
  4. Same here, approved files did not appear in my port even 24hours after the approval...
  5. You might be right. But Shutterstock used to promote creativity and I think this shot is out of the box without Photoshop filters. As of the other site. It pleased me, but due to not so many customers the benefit of "feature" was 3 downloads :-) I want to adapt on Shutterstock. I see my travel pictures are not liked by the reviewers anymore. This troubles me as Shutterstock sells well.
  6. Ok, thanks for your opinion. This was actually my idea. To make something different. I used 5 minutes exposure to create this effect, no photoshopping here. But, ok reviewer might have had this idea
  7. I agree but in this case I think the stone is sharp - not the water, but the stone. Anyway, I would like to know your opinion. Or do I have to include more crops?
  8. Ah, sorry, I forgot to describe the shot. It is a granite boulder shaped by erosion in the sea of Seychelles. I took the photo with a very long exposure to blur the water to increase the contrast between the edges of the stone and the water. The small frame is a 100% crop
  9. Hi guys, I am really unhappy. I think I have good images. I have experience 7 years here. But Shutterstock refused 100% of my images 3 times in a row. My equipment is much better, my shots are better than they used to be. For the example this picture I attach was featured on one of the different sites. Here it was rejected for Overuse--Image has excessive noise reduction and/or excessive sharpening effects applied. Focus--Subject is blurry, too soft, or out of focus when viewed at full resolution. No noise reduction or sharpening (my D810 is sharp by itself), just raw conversion and usage of neutral gray filters to blur the water. I think it is a perfect shot with good focus, perhaps you can tell me I am wrong?
  10. Hi, can anyone who has any experience with check payment to Europe help me? I have allways been paid via Paypal or Moneybookers so far. Now I am planning a trip to USA and I will need US dollars. It seems crazy to loose 2% during Paypal conversion from USD to my local currency and than another 2% from my currency to USD to get dollars for my USA trip. Check mailed to my address and than cashed for US dollars in my local bank seems to me as a good solution. However, is it safe? I am afraid checks could be lost on the way or something... How long does it take usually to Europe? Thanks
  11. Welcome to the club... I have already written email to the contributor support, no response so far. Many images get rejected randomly with many reasons, none of which is justified. I used to have noise rejections with my Nikon D80 some years ago. Yes, those images had noise even with ISO 100. Shutterstock was right. Now I have Nikon D810. I shoot ISO 100, images tack sharp, no noise. I have rejections: noise, out of focus, etc. with every single image. Another batch with similar images is 100% accepted. Is Shutterstock right? No. I may have few images OOF, some even with poor composition. But whole batch where every image has 3 beginner-rated photographer issues? Come on... I takes time to process images, create them...
  12. Yup, the process of review is very random nowdays. With my camera Nikon D810 I get nearly whole batch taken with ISO 100-200 rejected for noise, soft focus, poor lightning. All these rejections for every image in nearly whole batch. With my 8 years experience in stock images and high quality camera, with tripod to avoid shakes I know big part of these rejections are nonsene. It is a shame. Shutterstock used to be a paragon of reviewing. But now??
  13. Nope, no recovery. I am on 50% of my last year average so far. Very few SODs, ODDs and ELs as well. But from my experience it gets better after the 15th. So let's hope for the next week.
  14. Fair to say after complaining: everything is ok! :-)
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