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  1. Yes, because while is bad enough SS are taking 75% of the share then why the hell should I let them take 100%? I should reach minimum within the week then deactivate the portfolio again. My choice!
  2. I've decided to reactivate my portfolio but only until minimum payout reached as I won't let SS take what is rightfully mine. Once reached my portfolio will again be switched off until SS revert back to a system I can have faith in.
  3. Actually because of my sales/acceptance level I haven't paid for the Photoshop/light room plan for 2 years. Adobe is showing how it should be done ✔
  4. I've been with fotolia/adobe for longer than i was with shutterstock and always considered them to be strong competition but hopefully they will overtake SS now.
  5. After 13 years as a contributor with 58,719 downloads from 4325 images, I have now now disabled my portfolio. It sickens me how far they have stooped to stab us all in the back this way. We forced Fotolia into an embarrassing u turn over their ridiculous 'Dollar Club' idea by boycotting and we can do the same here. #boycottshutterstock
  6. After 13 years I've done the same. I will not be cheapened this way. I'm with most of the other stocks anyway so I'll still make money 💰
  7. When searching 'shutterstock' on YouTube there is now many negative videos about the changes on the first page of the search. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=shutterstock
  8. looks like they've removed the option to not sell licences for your images thus if you want to stop selling you will have to remove all images yourself. The bastards have really thought of everything. Sleep well in hell. Edit: Found out we still have the option. I think I'll be activating that option in the near future.
  9. This will be the death of shutterstock. It will never work
  10. Haven't seen any of mine in their collection so far but rest assured I will promptly remove the image from the database here. I would rather lose the potential of an SS subscription sale than a potential FAA print sale from my own collection there. Have noticed my wife has one image in the collection. Might recommend she does as I described here. Poor poor show shutterstock, if you stomp on us any more we'll become nothing more than the Sh*t on the sh*t at the bottom of your shoe.
  11. LAROD, SWEDEN | Winter Seascape Photography We (Tony & Sophie) head out for some beach time 😉 Well maybe not. We did go to the beach, but to photograph seascapes on a very moody day. The conditions were not fab, but as our saying goes; there's always a photo to be had!
  12. KULLABERG | Landscape Photography - This is What Happens When You Don't Location Scout! Hiking and photographing landscapes in Kullaberg nature reserve in Sweden. Due to some misshaps but mostly poor planning, this photography excursion did not turn out as expected.
  13. A few from my recent photo adventure in Malmo, Sweden.
  14. MALMO, SWEDEN | New Year, New Challenges - Fine Art Photography I go on a walk around various locations in Malmo to photgraph some of the amazing new and modern architecture the city has to offer. Hoping to capture what will be some cool black and white fine art images that people would want to hang on their wall.
  15. RÅÅ HARBOUR / SWEDEN - Struggling with composition but get the shots I was after. Sophie explores Råå harbour on a cold overcast morning and really struggles to find a good composition, but in the end manages to capture a few shots she's happy with after experimenting with the aperture and manual focus of her new Canon EOS R camera.
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