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  1. Probably hired someone new and they figured out how much extra $$$ they can make in interest if they delay our payments an extra day or two 😉
  2. My earnings are less than half of last year and about 1/10th of my best years but then again I hardly upload any photos anymore, doesn’t seem to be worth the effort anymore.
  3. Same here, earnings are less than when I started over 12 years ago, pitiful for contributors but great for stock holders.
  4. Yes great for the stock holders , not so great for the contributors, making less now than when I started 13 years ago on Shutter Stock , always thought we would get rewarded for the money we brought in for this company, instead they give us a demotion now every year at the beginning of the year, a real incentive to keep uploading (not). now I just give them what they pay for. It use to be fun and profitable on SS, not any more. At least they can get tons of new contributors at no extra cost to them until they figure out they can't make any real money unless they spend all there time doing this
  5. Down about 80% so far compared to last year, worst month since I started in 2009, 2013 was my best year at SS. So far about 1/50th of January 2013 in sales, so sad SS treats there contributors with a pay cut every year now.
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