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  1. Sold 2 today, one for .14 and one for .10 all most made the same as one down load 13 years ago, Woo Hoo.
  2. So far between 1/3rd and 1/6th of what I made last June, July and August, making less than when I started 13 years ago, I gave up on thinking I will make much more at ShutterStock on my photos.
  3. I got notice I reached level 5 a few weeks ago but I guess that does not include the .10 cent down loads, looks like those will always be .10 cents no matter what level your at 😡
  4. ShutterStock low $$ but I think more buyers switching to other sites because I’m getting steady sales at all other agencies like never before, so this might be a good month anyway despite ShutterStock.
  5. Last year June was my best month, this year June is my worst month, made 1/3rd of last June, before that the last 11 years October use to be my best and summer months and January the worst.
  6. Yes, they say there #1 in royalty free video but they have about 8 other categories that they sell like music files, sound effects, photos, illustrations,3D files,Photoshop and a couple more. Like I said I’m going to give them a try.
  7. Not uploading anymore to ShutterStock , but starting to upload to Pond 5, forgot I signed with them 2 years ago but now going to transfer everything I have at ShutterStock over there and see how it goes,.Looks like I have to wait a week after I gave them my ID.
  8. Don’t have much faith anymore in ShutterStock, use to be my #1 upload site now with the new pay rates I stopped completely with new content and concentrating on other sites, ShutterStock is now close to the bottom of money earned and think it might be better to just close the account here and move on. I think John and the rest of the Board has forgot who got them where they are now, so sad to see such corporate greed at these times.
  9. Right now same amount of down loads as last year but way way down in $$ still trying to figure out if this is worth it anymore don’t like giving my photos away for nothing and getting this huge pay cut🥺
  10. Every day is like a bad weekend day years ago same amount of downloads every day at about 1/4 of the payment😡
  11. Hate to see you go David after all these years but Looks like I might be right behind you, it’s horrible to see what ShutterStock has done to everyone, what use to be my #1 looks like it’s going to the bottom after these first 3 days of the new scale. First time in almost 14years might not even make pay out. After so many years making money for this company this is how they reward us, still hard to believe but I understand completely, take care David and thanks for the help and memory’s.
  12. Another very bad start to the day with 7 downloads and a total of $1.17, this is horrible after being at this company over 13 years. But I get it , SS lost over 60% of its revenue in 2019 and I suspect it will be even more this year, this is a dying business for SS and the new CEO is not helping bringing morale down in the company telling employees if they don’t like the changes within the company just go somewhere else, with bosses like that and the way ShutterStock is screwing there Contributors I don’t count on this lasting too much longer, well it was nice wail it lasted, P.S. If I still had any SS Stock I would be dumping it like now.
  13. Got my first two .14 downloads today, after 14 years and making a lot of money for your company Thanks for the raise, “not” update: just got my first .10 cent download, Thanks again SS This will help me retire much quicker now.
  14. So instead of rewarding contributors that have been with you from the beginning for over 10years with over 100k in downloads and haven't had a raise in over 10 years except for adding the single category but lowering the enhanced pay from $28 years ago, I too find it repulsive that a company can treat the only ones that keep them in business as long as they have been with this kind of disregard to have them start over every year from "0" like a new employee. Who ever came up with this Idea should be fired. I thought we were finally going to get some good news.
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