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  1. Hello, I upload several videos film with the DJI mini 2 and all are rejected by noise or resolution and proportion. All the videos are film in 4K with 3840x2160. Frame rate 29.97 Video quality = 100Mbps Video Codec = H264 My videos are approved on other site, so I think that they are ok on terms of quality. Why the rejections here? 85848645_Drone17.mp4
  2. Humm... i see! Thank you for the reply, i will make that.
  3. Hello every one. One of my vectores is rejected here att SS by trademark and it was accepted in other stock sites. I understand the trademark concept but my vector don´t have logos in it! If the reason is that the car is recognizable... i don´t understand because i see a lot of other vectors here at SS were the cars are recognizable (hummers, veyrons; camaros; F1 race cars; hunday, chevrolets; etc). Can any one help me? here is my car
  4. I must respect all opinions but i can give my opinion and i can said were the illustration is not very skill. If you see close you will see that the strokes that end in flat line, fills that are over strokes, strokes that have always the same weight. The illustration don´t have depth. But is just my opinion. Dear Paolo, There is no need to have 'composition' in illustration... At least not for stock. The point is to use it as one of elements in final design! If you start looking at illustrations with different eyes then you'll find this as very good execution. Just my 36 c
  5. In my opinion and with a lot of respect for the person that make this illustration, this is not a very skill illustration in fact is very simple and without composition. But we all start somewhere, and in the beginning i add worst illustrations.
  6. I get a rejection that i don´t understand. The vector in question is already accept att other sites but i get this rejection here "Separate elements can not be selected and can not be ungrouped for selection - fix and resubmit" can any one please explain?? In 3 heres that i have here at SS this is the first time i get this rejection reason!
  7. My friend you are sooo wrong!! PC is a tool like a hammer. Mac is the all factory
  8. I also have a iMac 20inch at home, and o love it. My wife as one laptop asus and even she don´t turn it on and prefer my iMac. In my last post i joke a little bit, but the true is that i work for several years in windows and when i discover Apple my life turn to be more simple. I don´t say that Apple is perfect (far from there) but is a lot better that windows. I see a lot of people saying that now the hardware is equal to pc, to be true the hardware is equal since this guys invented computers. A chip is a chip, can be faster or slower, a hard drive is a hard drive! The big difference i
  9. I use Macs for 10 or 15 years (i don´t remember because i´m in heaven and normally i only remember bad things) I love all my mac´s and i don´t see my self turn to windows in the near future. But i what to ask you guys that work with pc´s or want to buy a new computer, buy PC, don´t by MAC. I need that apple fells that they are a minority and they need to do great computers to gain more customers!! Another reason is that i like to belong to a cult that is full of crazy people that think they are better that the normal guy that buy a pc, just because we have a MAC! I like to be
  10. To me is like this: September 2007 = 282dl September 2008 = 189dl October 2007 = 326dl October 2008 = is not over but only 98dl And this is not the problem of the upload constantly! To me is that SS is down, this model of bussines is given the last mile!
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