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  1. Shutterstock always was the first stock I had uploaded new photos, because there was biggest earnings. At first there was 5 time bigger than in Fotolia, then.. 3 times.. 2019 it was about 2 times.. Now Adobe stock brings 2 times more earnings. Profit from Shutterstock has dropped on 95% for the last 4 years. And not just earnings, amount of downloads dropped 4 times. So don't blame shutter that they try to squeeze last drops from contributors. They just lost. Other stock agencies took the leadership. One day it happened with Ice, and now with shutter.
  2. Firewell shutterstock, rest in peace. You was the first one I get paid for my photos, now I will not longer add fresh content. Other stocks sell less, but pay more, so I will send the best fresh content here. Shutterstock will became the "theoldstock", will sell old photos.
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