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  1. Shutterstock always was the first stock I had uploaded new photos, because there was biggest earnings. At first there was 5 time bigger than in Fotolia, then.. 3 times.. 2019 it was about 2 times.. Now Adobe stock brings 2 times more earnings. Profit from Shutterstock has dropped on 95% for the last 4 years. And not just earnings, amount of downloads dropped 4 times. So don't blame shutter that they try to squeeze last drops from contributors. They just lost. Other stock agencies took the leadership. One day it happened with Ice, and now with shutter.
  2. Firewell shutterstock, rest in peace. You was the first one I get paid for my photos, now I will not longer add fresh content. Other stocks sell less, but pay more, so I will send the best fresh content here. Shutterstock will became the "theoldstock", will sell old photos.
  3. I think quite opposite, people will load 0.1 dollar garbage, who will spend a lot of time for creating something good for such a low price
  4. It is not hard to calculate that if the price of most downloads fall on 73%, then the earnings totally will fall. Today Ive got 1 dollar from SS and 10 dollars from Adobe. Customers who hear about that autors leave SS will leave SS too. I don't panic, SS is just a place where we sell our work. There are many other places. For a long time SS was a good place to sell content, but things changes and it isn't anymore. When the house in on fire, people take out as much values as they can. If the director sells his shear, so he must be knowing something.
  5. And it is now, form January 1st it will be twice more less.. Now they said I am 5 level, and now I can see earnings cut a half. And then when they reset levels it will be more less. Shuterstock is useless. Yesterday I had more earnings from Adobe, than from Shutter. Shutterstock is not worse time needed to upload images. I think they decide they have enough content and don't need anymore.
  6. And there will be more trash. If autors get less money, they will put less time for creating content.
  7. Shutterstock will sink down. We can not do anything with that. They will pay less, and they will got less quality content, and customers will not be able to find what they want in tons of trash, urrelevant cheap content. All we can do, just straight our foots at another path.
  8. 123rf they make a rating for the last year. And they not reset it to zero every January 1st.
  9. May that's the goal? They think they already have enough content. And they don't want just say f** off! So they do that in their way, - just show that it will not worse time to upload to SS anymore.
  10. thats why I will do that slowly. About 20 images a day. And upload new fresh photos I will create - to other platforms, but not to shutter.
  11. Я б сказала, що старий друг з'їхав з глузду.. Знаєте, як деменція вражає мозок... Бо те що вони роблять, це не просто обман чи обкрадання, - це самогубство. Я гружу на багато різних стоків, але перетала на Айсток грузити, бо час, витрачений на загрузку не вартий того, що там отримуєш взамін.. Якщо шаттер піде цією дорогою, то він буде пасти задніх зі старим контентом.
  12. deleted 20 more photos from portfolio.. will continue. feels like a saying good bye for an old friend..
  13. Dreamstime, 123rf, deposit and Adobe now brining more earnings together than shutter.
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