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  1. Yep. It's the weekend and you all know how responsive SS is on weekends.
  2. But if you owned SS stock, it was not a pretty picture. Fell from 51.63 to 43.02, a 16.68% tumble.
  3. Yep, wrong place. Take a look at this image. Yours should be in the same location.
  4. They are available now. Go to the top of your home page and there is a link to be able to download your latest 1099 form.
  5. I agree with this comment. I have no social media accounts so cannot enter anything. The site does not have the option of selecting "none" so the completeness will forever stay at 90%. Could that option be added? Apart from that, I have no problem with the new format. Perhaps after a month or so of using it something will come up; but, nothing at first blush.
  6. Went straight through for me (Firefox). Nice looking port.
  7. Just passed $10,000 at the end of January. Average since 2006 $0.66 per image (no vectors or movies, only still photos). Should have hit $10,000 a year ago, but the massive drop in sales delayed that.
  8. That used to be the case here in the US, but the rule was changed a few months back. You still need to be certified to fly drones, but a pilot's license is no longer required.
  9. Congrats Alexander. This is a greater achievement today than it was a few years back when sales volumes and price per download were significantly higher. I'm less than $100 away from the same goal, but have been around longer than you. My problem is I have been fighting stage 4 cancer for some time now (currently on a chemo regimen ) which has totally destroyed any and all motivation to take new images (or much of anything else for that matter). I doubt I've taken any images for the past year or two because of all this. This also equates to no uploads for the same time period. Just bumping along on an old port. I should reach the 10K mark by the end of the year. And don't worry about customers not buying your "people" images. There's always a market for select portraits to be used as liners on the bottom of birdcages ... face up of course. That's also the primary reason you don't see me much anymore an the forums. Just can't dredge up the energy.
  10. Since you've already modified the image by removing names, it is no longer eligible for submittal as editorial. Editorial images must not be modified other than for minor color corrections and minimal cropping. As to commercial, it likely would not be approved due to the unique (copyright?) sculpture on the face of the tombstones. Sorry, but IMHO it won't work for either category.
  11. Both contributor and buyer sites were down briefly just a while ago, but seem back up now.
  12. It's referred to as "Image Spamming." Lot's of marijuana spammed images on SS. Never have figured out how they got past review ... assuming they were reviewed which several people believe they were not.
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