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  1. Hi Hans Sorry to say this but whenever I hear someone like you, and many many on this forum,say that they are considering close their account, my life experience tells me they won't!! If you do consider your work more valuable than the miserable 10cts SS is offering, then you,as I did, already had taken a decisive move concerning this matter. Don't ask other's opinion, ask yourself determination!!
  2. Also disabled my folio and they aren't showing any more. My question was related to some complaining their photos were being sold after deactivation. Thanks for your confirmation!
  3. That is Very strange, to say the least. I know that some contributors are also buyers.If one of them could check if in fact it is possible to buy a deactivated file ,it would be enough for a sustained law action against SS. Anybody with double credentials out there?
  4. Sorry for you.. But have you or will you disable your portfolio after that?
  5. "And do not want you to bother yourself of convincing me that I'm wrong" ok, I'll respect your request then..I won't bother to convince you that you're wrong!! Maybe I'm wrong by not bothering myself if I'm wrong.. who cares? What life taught me is that modern slavery has nothing to do with skin colour but lack of dignity instead.
  6. You're absolutely right. They chose to stay, so let them fry!!
  7. Abração Zacarias!! Quanto à atitude de desactivar é a única possível como resposta.. Mais nada!!!
  8. I just did. No sense on moaning,cry or regret. Only voice they hear is our strong collective action!!
  9. Even if the tax is 50%, I'm not going to pull out. Yesterday, I phoned my math teacher, and he confirmed that 50% is better than zero. If you loose both legs and one arm,the remaining arm will reinforce your (teacher) math´s theory..how glad he/she will feel!!!
  10. World sometimes is a funny place to live in..believe me!!
  11. So naive you are really..but I guess is your problem,not mine!!
  12. Apart from deleting my port when necessary I stop uploading for now and i am watching the arising disaster for SS.
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