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  1. Beside the fact this lowlife is stealing videos and photos, Shutterstock should be liable for insanely low security measures and protection. One can only wonder how much content was stolen this way in recent years.
  2. If 10 cents per image was an insult, 26 for a video clip is Shutterstock saying "we don't need you anymore ... go somewhere else!"
  3. I'm SS contributor since 2006. I've seen ups and downs, lows and highs and everything in between. The overall long-term trend is unfortunately heading south. This is totally normal due to various factors but most importantly market saturation & massive competition. I said back in 2010-2011, the future of macrostock lies in video and animation content. If you were good in these two segments, the sales numbers didn't suffer that much. Fast forward to 2020 and we can see that even this production went through substantial decline which is once again totally normal. The future of microstock doesn't look so bright ... at least for artists who make living out of it. I've seen way too many contributors who tried to boost sales with increased production efforts....inevitably, everybody reaches the point where their highest possible output is not sufficient enough to keep that income somewhat flat & steady. For me, it was a great run. I sold a lot of content on SS and I'm definitely thankful for that. Now, it's time to move on and find other business venues and opportunities.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion but honestly, I don't trust this agency anymore. I just want to close the account and get my final payout.
  5. After facing some major criticism, I heard that Shutterstock topbrass recently started promoting "take your content and go" narrative .... well, I've been trying to close my account for almost two weeks. I sent not one but two separate requests, did everything possible but received no response whatsoever. Imagine, you want to leave and close your account but leeches refuse to "let you and your content go". Btw, I had no choice but to manually remove my content. I spent last 5-6 days deleting the files and I'm still not done...
  6. Please don't you ever fight for your rights! Let them walk all over you kid. Btw, can you send me some of your work so I can sell it under my name?
  7. Are you aware that Shutterstock might be selling animations without permission? What would you do? Let it slide genius?
  8. Stockphotofan1 is a troll ... probably getting paid by Shutterstock.
  9. Funny how people can miscalculate things ... Shutterstock still remains profitable for many especially for covering electrical bills.
  10. Nah...selling video clip for $3.55 or image for 11 cents is not worth electricity used to produce that content .... let alone personal time, effort and cost of the equipment.
  11. I thought I will be able to adjust to a new reality but profit of 10 cents per image is truly hard to work with. I simply can't afford making the content for Shutterstock ... cheers everyone and all the best.
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