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  1. Just a reminder of how the forum used to be fun...
  2. That's often the case, unfortunately!
  3. I'm just wondering - did you draw your sketch from your own imagination, or from a photograph taken by somebody else?
  4. I do agree that it makes no sense, but sometimes you just have to be over-cautious!
  5. Can't see it, LorenzoPeg, but photos have to be sharp when viewed at 100% magnification, not 'normal big size'.
  6. Could be the word 'Glebe'. If you had put simply 'In a garden', it would probably have got through.
  7. Different days, different reviewers. Could you post an example of your title/description for us to check? Strange world - titles/descriptions must be in English, but it's ok if forum posts are in Chinese...
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