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  1. not that i know of? what is that? It's a curated site specializing in art type prints. Just type 1x in Google and you will see the site listed. It may be just down your alley with the surreal images you've been making. very cool!
  2. not that i know of? what is that?
  3. thanks! i had some images picked up by recycled greetings and a couple hallmark contest wins but i have been focusing more on other stuff
  4. You always crack me up Pete. I need to plan a business trip up your way and buy you dinner (or supper, depending on your locale). The great thing about stock is that we don't worry about what is art, but what can sell and make us money. Keep up the entrepreneurial pursuit!
  5. thanks:) gravity is only a theory. supposedly...
  6. thanks dave! yeah i would say about the time i got sucked into the facebook "forum"! ha!
  7. yeah. thanks! you should try it. see what you come up with!
  8. thank you! hahaha! froggy kitten has been bumped from the top spot! he's not even on the first page anymore
  9. thanks! what sort of changes? i haven't been in the forums for a long time.
  10. hi everyone! remember me? well i have been very busy... want to see what i've been working on lately? https://www.facebook.com/netteshaffphotography go take a look and show me yours!
  11. HERE! HERE!! HERE!!! I now waste time on this other site called Facebook...maybe you have all heard of it? Good to see you Annette! Been too long. Guess we haven't friended each other on facebook yet. Hope all is going well. Thanks! I have most of my "friends" hidden anyway...otherwise I would waste even more time on there!
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