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  1. My final post I imagine as I have requested to have my account deleted. I no longer trust that with my images still on the shuttersuck servers that they will honor my request to not license them. My official request to have my profile and portfolio deleted sent to both the privacy email that they direct you to (Privacy@shutterstock.com) Jon Oringer (jon@shutterstock.com): To whom it may concern (likely no one gives a shit though) Please close my account immediately. This should include removal of all of my images from your database and if not already done, ceasing all licensing
  2. Removed my photos from circulation here at the announcement of the latest money grab. Sending my request to be removed entirely now. Too depressing watching the oblivious or unable to leave sing praises for 10 cent royalties. Be safe and value yourselves......
  3. And then this. Dreamstime sent this via email to contributors today: As of June, all contributors will receive a 10% increase in royalties value. We believe in helping and caring for each other during these trying times. Nice gesture. Sure they are aware of the uproar caused by Shuttersuck - but I do appreciate the thought and attempt to differentiate from the abuse by Shuttersuck
  4. Amen. And explained so a second grader can understand. Well Done. Well Done.
  5. I understand and know my decision is not possible for all. I really do hope it works out well for you!
  6. You seem to have made up your mind to support Shutterstock and remain as a contributor. That is your choice. The reality is January 1, the bulk of subscription licenses will net ME less than what I was receiving. 38 cents per license was difficult to swallow, I chose to do so because of the previous sales volume. January 1, 10 of the twelve subscription levels with data run, net me less. Most 10 cents. If I work really hard and shutterstock doesn't bend me over again by revamping the search algorithm to make it impossible/less likely, I get "back" to the 30% threshold, only 6 of th
  7. Totally your right. My point is say on 6/1 you hit your breaking point, ask your images to be removed for sale or have your account deactivated. Shutterstock, as it is doing now, takes 2-3 days to honor your request. Your images or available for licensing. You will get your new rate. You rake in 65 cents. Then they honor the request, your images go dark, and you are not at a payout threshhold - so you have donated your 65 cents to Shuttersuck.
  8. Again, beauty of this is you can decide what is right for you. That said, if it was beneficial for us, would they not have included it in the announcement? Do you trust anything they say anyway?
  9. My understanding is that subscriptions and free images may result in the royalty calculation saying we would only get 3 cents say. Kate jumped in to proudly point out that the minimum per image royalty paid out would be 10 cents. Don't know if that answers your question or not - hope it does.
  10. I can only say in my case - it is the delay in Shutterstock honoring my request. I am down to 100+ (Had well over 10K plus at my highest) this morning so far s I can tell. If someone could confirm that would be groovy. This is a reason to deactivate now not June 1,they will not immediately take your images offline.
  11. Look at the tables that others have taken time to create - or just do your own math based on their advertised prices. The big buyers buy big subscriptions, they have low per image costs. Instead of a flat rate for subscriptions determined by your historical contributions/sales here, you get a percentage (that resets to the lowest rung each year). That means for high download subs, you get 10-20 cents PER IMAGE. The math is not that difficult brother. You're getting bent over and rammed. If you like it - knock yourself out. I value myself and my work a little more than that.
  12. I disabled mine right after the email yesterday - it is taking time for them to be taken offline - but I ham down to 150 showing now I think (had been several thousand)....they are predictably slow at honoring the request to remove images for purchase. Another consideration for those who may want to wait until 6/1 to disable....you will likely have hours/days where your work is still available at the new reimbursement rate.
  13. Kate Shutterstock Member Administrators 343 posts my image portfolio my video portfolio Report post Posted 1 hour ago This is not correct. When the new earnings structure goes into effect, the payout for subscription plans will not be less than 10ยข. Actual link to the discussion (page 19 about halfway down I think):
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