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  1. Yeah, I use indirect light from opening the garage door to light my stuff, so I typically have to shoot high ISO. Plus, I shoot a lot of lifestyle blog material and shallow DOF and grain work well for that. I'll have to rethink the setup a bit to shoot stock at the same time.

  2. I have a professional tripod. This set up is on the floor of my garage so I have to get on the ground for the pictures. I have that way to do flat lays. I have a heavy duty arm on my Bogen to do those. I don't have a table to get it up off the ground. I laid the tiles on the concrete and use natural light when the garage door is open to light the scene. I guess a mini like a gorilla pod would work with this itty bitty Micro 4/3s camera. I probably need that anyway to shoot some video I have planned. 


  3. Histogram data reads perfect and no blown highlights or lost shadow detail. I'm looking at the dng file meta data. It's another at 500 iso, so maybe that's the real issue. I've got perfect detail in the chips and can still read the etching on the milk bottle, so I am going to disagree with you in terms of under exposure on this one.

  4. Yeah I don't see noise in that image, but I also don't like perfectly smooth noiseless images. I just checked and its ISO 500 and f 2.8. Next time I do food shots, I'll try a different setup for here. I have an old plug in that reduces noise I haven't used in years, so maybe I should try running it. I shot these on my micro 4/3s because the dslr was killing my back and neck for these small setups. It's all for my blog and insta, so I felt like the nikon was over kill. I'm not going to wear myself out over 25 cent downloads, but I thought it might be worth it to see about bulking up my account. I'm still active after all this time. Thanks for the feedback!

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