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  1. I received approval this morning for 7 of 17 pictures submitted. I attribute this to the help and info in these forums on exposure and the nature of noise etc. I'm still finding my way with the technology but feel so much better to have had the images accepted. I feel I'm at least on the right track and shooting more intellegently now. I had some in this batch rejected for overuse on noiseware so I'm going to start from scratch on those and resubmit them. Thank you again! I have a batch of black isolations and dog pictures to send in today. Another week on the black isolations and then I'm going to switch to white and work with that.



  2. Incredibly helpful! Thank you so much! I was taught to use spot meter readings...Zone exposure with tone printing. I've had some difficulty making the transition from film to digital, but I keep working on it. The shear volume of options just overwhelm me.


    I have learned so much from your posts. The 3 shoots I did this week all produced results with little to no noise straight out of camera. All due to the information I've picked up here. I used to be fairly decent with film exposures, so I'm determined to get it right in digital.


    I'll have to try the teddy bear experiment this week. I haven't heard of that before, and I just so happen to collect teddy bears. =)

  3. Thanks for the tip and the info on the other thread. I'll check through there now. I have seen some images with the reflective ground and others without. I wasn't sure which was the best way to go. I have seen the white isolations without any ground. I haven't experimented with high key and objects yet, only the low key. Thanks for the photoshop tip. =) I have learned so much on this site! I see a huge improvement in the last bacht of photos as far as noise goesand am waiting for word on acceptances. I shot a bunch of small objects on black with plexi yesterday and want to get those together for submission.Just as everyone says, nailing the exposure takes care of the noise issue.

  4. I'm working with black isolations and love the look. My question is whether the reflections are appropriate or not. I generally shoot on plexi to achieve a glass look reflection (portrait photog). I like it because it gives the object a "ground", but because I'm very new to stock I am unsure if this is appropriate here. Your comments or suggestions are greatly apprecated. I have a new batch to send in and if I need to remove the reflection I'd like to do it before submission. Thank you! I can submit an example here if that makes any difference to you. BTW, I'm loving that shell photograph that preceeds this post. =)

  5. Thanks for the helpful advice on stock submissions. I've been shooting off and on for several years, though very new to digital. Your explanation on EV's and how that relates to Zone exposure was VERY helpful and the first I've seen like it. I was trained with spot meter reading and setting exposure on the Zone VI dial. I've had some real difficulty understanding and applying those film principals to digital exactly. I knew the EV system was working for me, though not why until reading your article. I'm going print it and save it! I had some inital success with my stock submissions though the last few have been declined due to noise. I'm at a loss because many of these images are different photos but from the same "sessions". Maybe I'm upsizing and that's the issue. Anyway, not giving up because I'm selling from the small batch that was accepted. I just need to solve my technical issues and keep at it.


    Thank you again!



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