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  1. Got an email from SS asking what I'm working on as I have not submitted since they slashed the payout. Guess what SS, I'm working on heaps of stuff BUT there is no way I'm uploading anything new. Not when all I get for most downloads is 10c. It's not worth my time. I have been spending time working with other agencies and uploading content there. In due course, I'll probably kill my portfolio (all 40,000 images) - which is what happens when you do not value your contributors / pay them a fair rate. Want to avoid this and get your experienced contributors back on board? Pay us what we're worth - which is more than 10c for most images.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Only 14 / 20 uploaded and the rest are missing in action. I can't upload again as it tells me they are 'processing' with no indication of when they will be ready. If I change the file name and upload, then at best I end up with a rejection notice at some point in the future for the duplicate files which is not a good look (and is not my fault). It would be great if this could be fixed...
  3. Not sure if anyone else has reported this but when I submitted my material, one of the images had a misspelled keyword so it took me back to the submission page and showed the problem. Thing is, the image's description was missing which meant having to re-enter it. Not a big deal but if one uses British spelling and the keyword 'chequered' the system thinks it is not correctly spelled and it looks like it will remove the title which is obviously problematic as said title would need to be re-entered. Looks like a bug in the system which needs to be fixed.
  4. The new editor was a surprise as I have not uploaded for a couple of weeks. I noticed that we can now only choose one category which is a change (what do we do if an image is both abstract and would make a perfect background / texture)?? Of greater concern is the fact that when I misspelled a keyword, my description disappeared on the reloaded (there is an issue with your spelling) page. Everything else was there but it needs to keep the descriptions too (please)!! Also the 'note to the reviewer' drop down has shortened responses and I'm hoping I chose the right one (ie: digital image made without a reference photo) - the brief version of the note verged on being cryptic. On the plus side, the new editor made my life significantly easier as the preview images are bigger than they were in the old editor so that was a major plus. On the downside it took quite a bit of scrolling to title and keyword my images. I also really liked the keyword suggestion tool as it came up with some great keywords that fit my abstract images that I had not though of. Aside from the missing description issue, I'm counting this one as a win.
  5. The 'new' earnings page is quite frankly a train smash. I don't need US$ in front of every single number - it is messy and makes things hard to read. I agree with others on the excessive number of clicks required to see various sales. Can someone please explain why this change was necessary - it decreases functionality and makes things much harder than they need to be.
  6. I also got the email and am a bit relieved that I am not the only one who is anxious / confused after receiving it. The problem is, I can't see the problem with my portfolio. In the email it says.... To learn more about title spamming, please read How is Title Spamming Defined. Only they don't provide a link and when I googled, this forum post is the first thing that came up. Here's my response to them (others are free to recycle / tweak as necessary). --- Thanks for the feedback. Can you please give me an example from my portfolio of titles which need to be changed? In the years that I have been with you I have worked hard to keyword and describe my images carefully and was slightly horrified to find that what I have been doing is no long acceptable. Most of my portfolio is composed of abstract fractal art which customers would use as backgrounds / textures. When putting in a title I generally mention the colours used in the design and try and note what it looks like. I'm not clear on how the title on the image at this link is unsuitable? http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=442483720 The image in question is quite bright and the colours are yellow, orange, blue and green. There are no repeated words in it. I have looked through my portfolio and can't see any places where I have repeated phrases / words in a single description which has left me feeling extremely confused. I tried to look 'learn more about title spamming' but when I googled the results were unhelpful. Can you provide me to a link which explains what is now required? Obviously I don't want my account to be suspended as I have had a long and generally happy relationship with SS. Looking forward to hearing from you in due course ---
  7. Thanks so much. That did the trick. It would be better if we could search by image ID but having them listed in order is a great start. You have saved me hours of frustration
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to search one's statistics to find out if a particular image has been downloaded / sold? I have a client (old friend of the family) who wants to license some of my work exclusively and I need to know if the images have been sold here or not. Trawling through over 200 pages of stats for downloaded images seem inefficient. Does anyone out there have any ideas on how I could do this quickly? I know the image ID if that helps. Thanks in advance
  9. dreef, it sounds like the 'missing' money could be tax that has been withheld. If you read the correct summary of earnings, it shows the amount on the website, the amount of tax that got withheld and the amount that actually made it into your pocket. Hope this helps *not a moderator, just a fellow submitter*
  10. Worst move ever!! I can't begin to express how deeply 'disappointed' I am by this turn of events. When I say 'disappointed' - it's only because this is polite company and I can't use anything stronger. There is simply no point in referring people any more and I certainly won't bother. This is the worst thing that SS could do. Today, for the first time, I regret my decision to join SS. This totally sucks and worse, it feels as if there is nothing that we can do about it. This policy is awful, mean spirited and disastrous. I HATE it and right now I'm not feeling to good about SS in general. Did anyone else reply to the announcement email and express their displeasure? Perhaps if everyone does it, then they may reconsider - one can but ask.
  11. I'm so happy that I found this thread! I've been here since 2006 and submitting digital art / fractals. On Friday, one of my batches had most images rejected for "poor composition / framing" which was disappointing, especially as similar images have been accepted on SS and are being bought. The only difference between the images was that one had a black background and one had a white background. It takes time and effort to upload / keyword. I wish that I'd responded to the rejection email and asked for a resubmission. It would be brilliant if there was a simple way to appeal inconsistent reviews - especially if we have hard evidence that similar images are doing well on SS. This type of inconsistency costs everyone money. Come on SS, you are better than this. If I wanted to play the lottery, then I'd buy lottery tickets.
  12. No luck here. It's still down. Not happy
  13. +1 Some reassurance / explanation would be nice. The $0.00 is freaking me out!
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