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  1. What a disappointment, no reaction of the official staff Shutterstock.
  2. Here is the response I received with other asshole sharing my images for free on the web.... Is for my personal use and little community webdesigners in my area. So that way they can make use of my purchase images. That way they dont have to buy duplicate images from microstock. Legally purchased and reuse by others for free. Internet is free man. Otherwise they shouldnt have discovered something like internet. Share the dream... No coment!!!
  3. Hello everybody, This is my first message on this forum since my registration, but it is of utmost importance to members and microstockers Shutterstock in general. We were alerted by various photographers and graphic designers that our work is available for free in many sites, there are packs of collectios of images and vectors from Shutterstock in internet. It is very difficult to attack these sites as they are in Russia or China for the majority. It is therefore vital for us to remove all links on these sites. To download a file on these sites you must choose the links to different servers like "rapidshare" "megaupload" "depositfile" etc then you can denounce the link in these servers, clicking the button abuse to remove a link. Together we can stop the theft of our work. http://www.heroturko.com/photostock/ http://www.heroturko.com/vectors/
  4. I've had the same problem with FTPxpert. I have uploaded twice but images do not show
  5. I have contacted the guy and he has finally deleted this picture. He considered that he could post it for others to download because he bought it! He even apollogized, but the other pictures from microstock are still there!
  6. Hello, I would like to alert you of a problem which I discovered this morning. One of my images which is for sale on shutterstock is being given away for free at Flickr: My image on shutterstock: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-4312999-blue-and-white-earth-globe-connected-with-three-computer-mouses.html the stolen image on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/10255853@N00/2217851281 I have obviously sent a complaint to yahoo for its immediate deletion, but it can only be done by ordinary mail " it’s amazing " So it will take some time, and I am really looking forward to the suppréssion of this photo. With my picture there were other photos which have also obviously been stolen, please take a look to check if it is one of yours
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