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  1. Do we get any answer regarding fresh content search?
  2. It seems sales are going down month by month this year, September was very low and now October seems even worse. Something must have changed in the past years, new files aren't getting any downloads, single and other downloads and extended licences seem to have disappeared completely this month, and looking at the map there are barely any downloads from the US. Is it just me or is there anyone else having the same experience?
  3. Hello, I'd like to delete a picture uploaded by mistake, is it a way to do it?
  4. I am just waiting for an answer from SS weather they reissue the payment, so hopefully it will be resolved. Indeed, it is scary. I received the notification email on the 16th, s after the payment has been made, maybe this is when they changed it back to normal. All other financial sites and emails have now extra layers of security, signing in with a unique code for example sent to your phone, or possibility to check the IPs from where you logged in. It is just too simple to hack a shutterstock account.
  5. And the reply time too. No phone number for contributors, only for customers. All I can do is sit and wait for a reply to my emails. If my paypal or bank account were hacked I would have been able to contact them immediately and have the issue resolved.
  6. On the 16th of August at 6:28 am I received an e-mail that my payment email has been changed, although I did not make any changes, I was flying from Hanoi to London at that time. When I checked my account everything seemed back to normal, but when I checked my moneybookers account my July payment was missing. I sent an email to shutterstock on the morning of 17th of August, they replied three days later, confirmed that the payment was redirected to a fake e-mail address, blocked my account, changed my password and said they would give me an answer on Monday regarding my payment. No email since then. I have been a contributor for ten years, and shutterstock is my main source of income, never had any issues with payment before. Just wandering what's next. I read about many similar cases in forums about hacked accounts and missing payments and shutterstock seems to do nothing about it. It is just too easy to change the payment email. Maybe some security measures, like adding an ID or your passport photo when we change payment details would help.
  7. Hello, I did not receive my payment for July 2017, also on the 16th of August I received an e-mail that my payment email has been changed, I did not make any change. Has anyone experienced anything similar. Is there any way to contact shutterstock by phone? Thanks
  8. Change it back pleeease! This is completely insane.
  9. Next year will be ten years since I am a contributor. I used to love this site. Uploaded almost every week in these ten years, and I constantly tried to improve my photography and increase the number of uploads. Everything seemed to work just fine with sales increasing as my portfolio grew bigger and bigger. Up until this summer. Since July newer pictures simply do not sell no matter how many I upload. And this November I had minus $1000 compared to last November sales. Everything that happened this year must have led to this. The changes in the search engine, the best matches category that only shows spanned images, erasing our followers, the automated review process, changing the conditions of accepting new contributors from seven to one accepted image and so on. There's no reason to upload anymore, new files don't get a chance to sell, they only get buried under millions and millions of other images. It is discouraging what is happening. It seems to me that this is all against old SS contributors who won't be motivated to upload anymore if things don't change soon. It is like SS is slowly dying, at least for me.
  10. Just check Christmas, pages of spams: https://www.shutterstock.com/search?searchterm=christmas&search_source=base_search_form&language=en&page=1&sort=relevance&safe=true It seems this must be good for SS if nothing happened. No reason for honest contributors to work.
  11. I have no idea what the problem might be, but it is discouraging, from batches of 100-200 images I have 1-2 downloads. I really loved SS, but something needs to change.
  12. Does anyone noticed an increase in selling new content? Since this summer no new images sell. From a batch of 200 images submitted this week two images were downloaded. This is quite discouraging.
  13. I got no answer from support and images are still pending since the 8th of Juune.
  14. The same here, images uploaded a week ago are still pending.
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