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  1. Thanks. If you have traffic, take a look at affiliate marketing too. I heard that can bring great revenue too. I'm just trying to start out, and so I don't have any advice, but could work.
  2. WOW! Didn't know about those sites. I always thought these sites are illegal. But if they can sell them... wow. That's not good news indeed.
  3. You have great content. It's useful. You already have thousands of views, that's great. Do not give up. Good luck with your channel. I mentioned I also have a channel but only 12 subscribers. Started 3 weeks ago.
  4. Yes, we are in a keynsian economy, where they print money. That is to pay debt with more debt, which is taxed on people. The value of the dollar is going down, with so much printing. In 2 months they printed what they printed in three years after the 2008 collapse. So this might be followed by a hyperinflation period. I watched hidden secrets of money series on youtube, and totally changed my perspective on paper curency. It's paper. Search zimbabwe hyperinflation. They had a situation, where 1 became 100 trillion. With the images, we had something like an inflation, also.
  5. Thanks. You have a useful channel... Thousands of views. I also started a YT channel 2 weeks ago. Only 12 subscribers so far. Was thinking to start affiliate revenue also, do website maybe... with images? Don't know yet. Meanwhile I am trading, lost 1 year and a half training and losing money. Now I am on break even, mostly, sometimes I have consistent wining for 2- months, then lose, but overall break even with some consistency. It was very hard. It still is.
  6. So what do you do? Affiliate? Can you give some examples. Do you have a site? Thank you.
  7. True, they might have for sure. But as shutterstock... why promote 38 cent ports and lose... in the long run this messes up quality. Because you have to make decision making based on money not on quality. I think that is what they want to change. But I'm just presupposing.
  8. Well as I see, mostly portfolios from 2020 and 2019 are promoted on most popular, etc. Then... I see this in earnings, and downloads. No matter how much I uploaded, (and had lately good images), sales didn't increase. I just say that the reset might be related to equal exposure. Don't know... It's true, why would they not specify that in the email. The reasons.
  9. I'm not a bot... I was just saying, that they had no interest to promote 38 cents portfolios. Of course they don't want to lose. So as soon as you hit the 38 cents you were hidden. I worked full time for months to upload images and nothing happened. I couldn't get up the portfolio from the ground, no matter what. So, they favored the 25 cents ports. But that is not good for customer, as the customer has no access to quality images from a contributor that already earned some money from shutter, and invested in gear. Professionals. That's why I say this might be a search algorithm related move.
  10. Yes, I read here that actually they earned 37 cents per download, so to give us 38, that was on minus. 38 cents portfolios were clearly "hidden" from sight. I guess, that's why the reset every year... The reset comes to give equal chance to everyone, and so more quality images for clients. After that, in the middle of the year, probably some leveling might take place, as you have more sales. So you would have more revenue, but less sales. Less revenue, more sales. So this is some autocorrecting mechanism, to keep everybody at a good level, and good for clients, as they get quality images.
  11. Te RESET being for EQUAL exposure, would benefit in the first place the customers. If Shutterstock doesn't have to "hide" portfolios with 38 cents per download, then professionals portfolios would get exposure. Contributors that already made some money from shutterstock, and invested in gear, and are on the roll. But as it is now, as soon as they hit the 38 cents mark, they go down, as for shutterstock is of more benefit to give 25 cents per download. So clients get fresh portfolios, but not necessarily good. Only portfolios from the last two years were promoted, that was clear as daylight.
  12. Yes, I had several attempts to revitalize portfolio, but, even if worked full time for months, I didn't see any improvement, or very little. So I had to do other things. I remember when we earned almost 1000. It is clear that veteran portfolios were kept under promoted. Why give 38, when you can give 25. But again, this hurts quality on the site, so maybe this change is necessary. I don't know why they don't announce this clearly, and avoid all this reaction.
  13. So in the long run, this will promote best selling portfolios, and not necessarily new ones. NEW does not equal GOOD(necessarily). What do you all say? As it is now, there is temptation to sell only 25 cents images, mostly. Older portfolio, hurts shutterstock pockets. So why promote them. But... there are quality contributors, who also invested. So clients lose. So.... this change, might be necessary.
  14. In my opinion, the RESET, is for EQUAL EXPOSURE for every contributor. As it is now, there is no interest for shutterstock to promote the 38 cents images. That's why mostly 2020 and 2019 portfolios were promoted. But in this way they couldn't support older portfolios, with contributors that did some investments in the meantime, and bought gear, etc. So clients loose quality. I can certainly tell, that even if I did 4 months full time upload, the sales didn't go up. I am here from 2006. I am under 50$ per month since years. That's how you quit. I have to do other things to live. I be
  15. Hello all. As I see it this is about EXPOSURE. When people reach 38 cents tier, all sales drop!!! It was better for shutterstock to pay 25 cents and not 38, and favor new portfolios. BUT... doing this, experienced contributors get less EXPOSURE, and maybe good images can't get sales, with this algorithm. So overall there is less quality. Can't see any other reasonable reason for the reset. If there is a reset, then experienced contributors and new contributors have the same start for the year as EXPOSURE. So with the reset, maybe there will be more sales, for any portfoli
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