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  1. My latest approval, with a new 3D model and using a Mars frame (4K animation):
  2. A new design - Sky City - recently approved:
  3. Using a previously modeled Earth background and a spaceship animation frame:
  4. My latest background, using composited animation frames rendered at a high resolution.
  5. Latest approved sci-fi composition using frames from an existing animation and astronaut 3D models posed and rendered to adjust to the scene light:
  6. Now on ep. 4 of "Devs" (Hulu) and already spent more time talking about its aesthetics and philosophy than on watching it. For fans of "ExMachina" (same writer/director) - this is your mini-series.
  7. The best part of rendering animations as .TGA series is that they can be used as illustration parts. Here is my latest:
  8. My latest in the Collage - Isolations series: I noticed that isolations (.jpg files that have the isolation path included in the file) generate a large number of sells. This is the first collage that, in addition to the path, has the original blue background used to render the animation. In this case, the selected key-frames are from a spaceship opening sequence.
  9. The 2020 Panotone color gives us lots of opportunities. Here's my latest one, using the Classic Blue as the general tone for a frozen planet: For interested designers, the PANTONE Classic Blue Hex Code is: #0f4c81, the RGB is: 15 76 129 and the CMYK is: 100 76 25 0
  10. On a trip to the Channel Islands NP, I saw a dolphin pod in the hundreds following the boat doing tricks and swimming tilted on a side. The guide said this is their way to "people watch" and it is a common occurrence - they simply love the interaction with humans and learn fast what to do to grab the attention. It is fascinating and, as you said, no one could stop smiling.
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