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  1. I just got an email stating shutterstock will provide a revised 1099 form. It looks like they have been switching from accrual to cash accounting because there is a different treatment of the Dec 2009 payout. My guess is the new 1099 will be for a lesser amount. If you have already filed your taxes and the difference in the 1099 is significaant to you you could probably file an amended return.
  2. I have recently received mass rejections for trademark while submitting photos of unmarked airplanes with no specific color schemes. In the past these were accepted without any problems. Is there a new approach as to what is being rejected for trademark?
  3. I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise recently and was browsing their in room magazine. I was very surprised to recognize two of my photos, depicting popular Caribbean destinations. One of Miami and one of Grand Turk: They had photos from many other photographers whose name I don't rememeber, all with full credit. Thank you RCCL!
  4. You may consider buying a cheap used GPS ( US version)to have handy in the car. it will save you time when driving to hotels or looking for a nearby place for lunch, coffee,etc. When you are done, sell it again on ebay. The same goes for a prepaid phone. It will let you take care of small annoying details and have more time to enjoy the trip.
  5. icholakov


    It seems that my ftp uploads are not going through. From a 10 photo batch I get a message that one of the files was not read but the rest were never loaded. Anyone else?
  6. I use Sprint Aircard sometimes and where I live we get Rev A coverage, about 75k/ upoad speed, not great but not bad.
  7. That's an odd combination attaching a 100 euro zoom to a canon 40D. I suppose the Sigma will be better but keep in mind that either way you will get a 100 euro lens. With either one I will try to take photos under 150mm zoom, the quality should be decent. I would not count on much quality above 150mm. Combine it with a tripod, pick good lighting conditions and the results should be OK. When you are more comfortable financially, trade it in for a better quality lens.
  8. manhattan: detroit: Florida: detroit: monte carlo: Miami:
  9. is there functionality within Vista or XP to display .mov thumbnails in a folder? If not, what would be a good add-on product to provide this view? Thanks Ivan
  10. My wife has a separate account from me because she only works with video and illustrations. We use the same paypal payment account without problems.
  11. Does anyone know anything about a web site called samphotostock.cz ? It is in Czech and I found a few of my photos there but I have no idea how they ended up there. Thanks.
  12. I see one of mine and may be a few others, stolen thumbnails from shutterstock: http://www.lapassionduvin.com/phorum/read.php?29,241159,page=2 They have been saved locally and then uploaded into imgeshack
  13. That's odd..If you export out of the HV20 using Windows Movie Maker it will convert your files to SD. Windows Movie Maker does not work with HD. Then how are you able to conver the .wmv from SD into HD? I must be missing something.
  14. I think that prices have to come down to accumulate buying volume before you can start charging more and this dip will take at least a year may be three. However when you announce a cut in your prices it sort of has to take effect immediately. Otherwise all buyers will hold their purchases until the day prices come down
  15. I saw one of my photos used in a full page ad in a magazine. The photo has been purchased approximately 20 times, each time under the subsciption model. Does that license allow such use or the buyer should have purchased an extended license? The ad has most likely been placed in various magazines not just the one I saw. Thanks.
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