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  1. Just wondering how the reviewing team is doing and if we can look forward to unrestricting the upload limits soon?? Thanks
  2. Hi fellow stockers. Heres a video of me shooting people in Miami Beach. Every few weeks I try to go out and shoot an editorial batch to capture the vibes at either downtown Miami or Miami Beach or other destinations i travel to and here's how i usually do it. Hopefully all these shots will be approved in my port in the next few days Thanks for watching. Shooting people in Miami Beach. including gear used.
  3. yeah i changed my password. it was already a complicated password and now more so. I'm guessing they didnt want to lock me out but just collect the royalties and hoping i wouldn't notice. hopefully it wont happen to anyone else and cause any losses.
  4. i just got an email from shutterstock that my email to paypal was changed. I did not click on the email but went to my shutterstock account and indeed it was changed so i changed it back. shutterstock please be aware!!!!
  5. Wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem. I'm submitting both photo and video, commercial and editorial. Usually within a few hours or a day about half of both photo and video will get reviewed while the rest will just get stuck and unable to be reviewed. I'll submit new stuff over the old stuff and the new stuff will process through review while the old still still just sit in limbo. This is for both commercial and editorial. I'll end up deleting everything and resubmitting again and then it will get approved normally but a few from the resubmission will also get stuck. It's been l
  6. this seems grossly unfair to all contributors in the start of each year. I'm a level 5 full time contributor now your saying i have to go back to level 1 like when i started in 2005?
  7. Hi All, Happy Easter/ quarantine. I recently started shooting with the lumix gh5s nd shooting in 10 bit and 10 bit hybrid log gamma which has around 14 stops of range. the colors are amazing, noise is low and even barely visible at iso1600 at night. I export the clips as prores and when i play the videos on my screen they look pretty sweet. Once accepted however i'm seeing that the colors are only displayed as 8 bit (see attached photo). The files are still showing 970mb for the 18 seconds. So two part question -are the reviewers seeing only the watered down 8 bit version? if the 10
  8. So when your on the main page and search for photos both commercial and editorial show up. now when you click on the editorial tab on top left area you get only editorial and the editorials from the main site are not showing up there. are there two separate editorial pools for buyers to choose from. Id say maybe half of what I submit is editorial and 0 of my photos are found when a buyer actually clicks on the editorial tab. whats the difference? Thanks
  9. you have to use filezilla. the site only allows up to 50mb.
  10. same here. past few months I submit a batch and about 100% rejected due to noise. this is iso 100 video shot daytime on 1" or mft or full frame sensors. I'll resubmit the same batch and all accepted a few hours later presumably by another reviewer. I contacted support and they moved it up to higher up staff but no answer for months. resubmitting a batch of 50 videos takes a bit of time unnecessarily.
  11. i think it has to be 3840x2160. this is a standard resolution for video.
  12. you can submit 8k on ss and another site. i have a few 8k timelapses on here and many others have as well. the rates are still the same as 4k clips though. it's not necessarily for 8k viewing but rather can be used nicely with ken burns to shift between parts of the same scene.
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