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  1. Not to be mean but it cracks me up all the contributors that talk big and are disabling their portfolios while I have been busy deleting mine. I have removed 2,338 images in two days. I do not see this new pay structure working out well for any contributor so I have begun the process of eliminating my photos. If I am wrong I will rebuild. I had a lot of photos I didn't even like and now they are gone. If it turns out as bad as everyone thinks then I'm just ahead of the game.
  2. The only thing that doesn't take in to consideration is how they tweak the search algorithm burying the imagery of some people and promoting others. IMHO those that are the flavor of the month will head right straight to the top level (or whole bean) right away at the beginning of each year while the rest are buried so deep no one will ever find your images.
  3. I have wondered if the next step is to pay to have a portfolio or gallery to sell here.
  4. Thanks Phil. I had many old old images. I don't plan to delete everything, yet. I'll start over if they come to their senses. I do not see that happening.
  5. I don't get the point in deactivating. Why not just start deleting? I've already removed over 1,000 images. Mostly old and never downloaded anyway.
  6. I stopped uploading to IS some time ago. I'm down to about $10 a month. I'm to the point if I don't see a payout this year then next time I get one I will close my account. I don't need the income. At this point it's pointless.
  7. Same here, contributor from 2006. I barely made it past $50 this month. It's been downhill for me for several years now. May just might be the worst month I've seen since I first started.
  8. It will be interesting to see how many contributors close their accounts. Many are saying they will be gone. I bookmarked the discussion about it in the Announcement section so I can go back and see if they actually followed through. I don't believe most of them will follow through. They will choke down that .10 return on their photos and hard work. I started with SS in 2006. It was a good run for a while. I've seen the handwriting on the wall for a couple of years or more now regarding my own content. I am aware my subject matter isn't what most buyers are looking for when they buy from SS, b
  9. Good one...tone deaf and #3. How do you opt out of all sales?
  10. I think I will just sit back and follow the discussion.
  11. Can't wait to see the discussion on this one.
  12. Do you have a link to the FB group? I didn't know one existed. Thanks.
  13. $0.17 is just awful. Just had one this morning go for .26 cents. In light of .17 cents I guess I can't complain but IMHO, nothing should fall below what we receive for a regular subscription sale. Might as well give them away :(.
  14. I figured it's been griped about in the past, but it didn't occur to me there was a gripe thread so recent. I just wanted to complain and didn't bother to look. 0.17 cents is insanely low. I don't recall my lowest paying download. Guess I'll go over there and gripe too LOL.
  15. I wish contributors could choose a base amount they receive for a download. Mine would be .38 cents, not .26 cents. What's next?? .10 cents?
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